Fi Smart Dog Collar Review – Pros and Cons of this Smart Collar

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fi smart collar review

I have a dog who is a little more stubborn and curious than other dogs. He loves to run in the open, chase small animals and play fetch. I use to allow him to be on his own without the leash and have fun until the day when he ran away, chasing a rabbit.

After spending six stressful hours looking for him, we finally found him somewhere in the wood chewing a stick.

After browsing on the web for a possible solution to avoid such unfortunate events, I stumbled upon a SMART dog collar.

Apparently, Fi has come up with a high tech solution for this exact problem. Their Fi Smart Dog Collar has revolutionized the dog collars by adding GPS tracking, activity tracking, and tons of other features.

In this article, I will give you my honest review after using Fi Smart Dog Collar on my beagle for a month. We will also discuss some pros along with the cons of this product.

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How does Fi Smart Collar Works

Fi Smart collar unbox

The Fi Smart collar comes in a sleek box that contains a collar, Fi base, USB charging cable and adapter, and an instruction manual.

Once you unbox the product, you will have to download the Fi mobile app, available on Google Play Store and iPhone’s App Store. But there is no web version where you can access the data. You will have to have a mobile app for it.

Then you will have to create a new account in the app and connect it with the collar. You will need to allow the app to access your phone’s location. Then connect the collar with Bluetooth. It’s relatively easy. All you need to do is follow the on-screen instruction.

Fi Smart Collar has a GPS with which you can track your dog’s location. The collar even tracks and stores the daily activity of your dog. We will look more about its features in the next section.

Features of Fi Smart Collar

I have tried quite a few smart dog collars for my beagle, and I can say that this one is by far the most advanced and feature-rich product.

Gps Tracking

The primary reason why I bought this collar is to track my dog’s location. As I said, my dog is quite notorious, especially when he is outside the house.

The Fi Smart Collar uses three constellations of satellite that helps to track the dog quite accurately.

The collar uses the AT&T signal to share the GPS location even when your dog is away from your home’s wifi. However, the collar won’t be that effective at communicating the location if you take your dog to a place with a poor network.

LTE-M Network

The Fi Smart Collar uses LTE-M Network, which is an advanced version of LTE and 3G. It provides an extended range and helps you to track your dog better.

Create a Safe Zone

I think this is the best feature of this collar. You can create a safe zone for around the house and the backyard. Then the collar will detect if your pooch escapes from the safe zone that you set and notify you instantly.

This comes handy when you have a breed like a beagle who is infamous for their escapades.

Long Battery Life

A common problem among smart collars is their low battery life. But I don’t think that would be a concern with this collar. While other smart collars provide a battery life of 5 to 10 days, Fi Smart Collar can last up to 3 months, depending on your usage.

Other Smart Collars Fi Smart Collar
Wifi Mode 15 to 30 days up to 3 months
Wifi & GPS Mode 5 to 10 days up to 2 months
GPS Mode  3 to 5 days up to 3 weeks
Lost Dog Mode 6 to 9 hours up to 2 days

For dogs who are mostly in the range of the wifi, the collar can last for up to 3 months. For dogs who go for regular walks, the collar will use wifi and the GPS and last for up to 2 months.

If you have an active dog who spends most of the time outside and majorly uses the GPS, the collar can last for up to 3 weeks.

LED Light

It also has led light, which can be customized as per your favorite color. This feature will come handy if you walk during night time.

Great Outdoor Collar

It is perfect for active dogs like mine who loves to run, get wet, get dirty. The collar is IP68 waterproof and dirt proof.

Pros and Cons of Fi Smart Collar

fi smart collar for beagles

After using it for a month, here are some of the things I really like and some that I don’t:

Things I find great

  • The GPS tracker does a fantastic job of sending the accurate location of the dog.
  • The battery life is just amazing. I charged it on day 1, and even after a month, the battery is still more than half.
  • The collar sends you a text notification.
  • It works on wifi as well as GPS.
  • The safe zone feature is just a blessing.
  • Durable.
  • 1 Year Warranty.


  • It requires an annual Subscription for GPS. But I personally think that for all the services that the collar provides, it’s worth the cost.
  • You need to have the app on your phone to access the data. You cannot access it over the web.

My Honest Opinion

Some dog breeds like beagles are more curious and independent. They are more likely to escape your backyard or even the leash and chase a scent. In such cases, getting a good quality GPS tracker becomes necessary.

I have tried a couple of different GPS trackers only to be disappointed with their performance until I found Fi Smart Collar. I think there isn’t a better option for your dog than this collar.

It has some great features that can minimize the risk of dog escapades. I highly recommend this collar to all the parents looking for a smart GPS dog collar.

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Raaj Mehta

I am a parent of two adorable beagles and I share everything I learn about them, along with lots of tips, tricks, and advice.

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