Basset Hound Colors – Various Combinations, Markings, and Types

Basset Hounds make wonderful pets. They get along with kids and other pets and are relatively laid back and easy to care for. If you are looking to welcome a Basset Hound into your family, chances are that you want to know more about the colors they are available in.

The good news is that these medium-to-large-sized dogs are available in a variety of colors so there is always a Basset Hound for you.

In this article, we will discuss the different Basset Hound colors, markings, and types of Bassets and also look into some of the rarest combinations.

Basset Hound Colors

You can find basset hounds in a huge variety of colors. They can have one solid color, bi-colors, or even tri-colors. The most common colors of Basset Hounds are black, white, and tan, and lemon and white. 

The American Kennel Club or the AKC recognizes the following Basset Hound colors:

Basset Hound ColorsRarity
Black and BrownCommon
Black and whiteCommon
Lemon and whiteCommon
Red and whiteUncommon
Black, Brown & WhiteCommon
Black, white, and tanCommon
Black, white, and lemonRare
Black, white, and redRare
Black and tanUncommon
Brown and whiteUncommon
Blue and whiteVery Rare
Brown and tanRare
White and orangeRare
White and redRare
White and blueVery Rare
BrownVery Rare
OrangeVery Rare
RedVery Rare
Blue, Tan, and WhiteVery Rare
BlueExtremely Rare
Mahogany & WhiteRare

Black & White

Black and White Bassets usually have black ears, white bellies and chests, and black patches on the back. Sometimes, the entire back may be completely black with a white belly. There may be a piebald pattern in these dogs. Piebald refers to unpigmented (white) spots on a pigmented background. Black and white Bassets have dark brown eyes.

Black Brown & White

This is one of the most well-recognized Basset Hound colors and the classic Hound dog color. These tri-colored Bassets usually have brown ears, white chests and bellies, and black and brown backs.  Their faces are usually brown and white.

Black Tan & White

These tri-colored Bassets have tan ears and patches of tan on the face around the ears. Tan is fawn color. The belly and chest are white while the back is tan and black either with or without white patches.

Lemon & White

The lemon color in Bassets can be described as a light blonde or pale yellow color. These Basset puppies are born lighter but their coats darken as they age. The lemon coloring is present on the ears and in patches along the back and on the face. The belly, paws, and chest are white.

Red & White

Red and White Basset Hounds usually have the entire back red. The tails may have white tips. There is also a white band around the neck and the belly, chest, and paws are all white. The Red is a richer brown often confused with mahogany described below. These Bassets are often called ‘Rare Reds’. Red Basset pups often have black markings which fade as the puppy grows.

Mahogany & White

Mahogany is a deep brown color with reddish undertones. It is darker than the red or lemon/tan color seen in the breed. Mahogany Bassets also have dark or black hair on the body and face. Often people confuse red and mahogany and one way to distinguish between the two is that mahogany Bassets usually have black-tipped hair.

Basset Hound Markings

Image from @grumpy.gus.the.basset

Basset hounds can have a variety of markings on their coat, let’s look at some of them:


The Ticked marking comprises flecks or spots on a white base. It is only acceptable if the white is true white.

White Markings

A gene called MITF (Microphthalmia-Associated Transcription Factor) causes the white marking usually on the brown/red/black/tan base color. It may be present on the dog’s belly and back.

Black Markings

Black markings are fairly common in the breed. They are typically seen on light-colored Bassets. Tan or blonde Bassets usually have black markings on the belly, back, etc.

Black Mask

These Bassets literally look as if they are wearing black masks! The mask surrounds the dog’s eyes and may extend from its nose to its forehead. It is seen in tan, white, brown, mahogany, and red Bassets.


You may find dark strips on their coat. It’s most commonly seen on bassets with lighter-colored coats.


A pattern where the dog has dark spots on their white coat. Domino patterns are rarely seen on basset hounds.


Breeders often cross-breed their basset hounds to get unique colors and markings. However, it is important to note that different kennel clubs have different guidelines for markings that are considered standard.

So if you plan to register your pup in competitions and shows, make sure to first check what kind of markings and colors the kennel accepts.

Photos of Basset Hounds with different Colors

Solid Black Basset Hound

Image from @bugstheblackbasset

Solid Black Basset Hounds are really rare to find. Most bassets with black color have some sort of pattern or markings of a lighter color. But that’s not the case for Bugs. He is solid black in color, he just has a small white mark on his neck.

White and Lemon Basset Hound

Image from @snicket.the.lemon

The bi-color of White and Lemon is one of the most common color combinations of Basset Hounds.

White and Tan Basset Hound

Image from @bassetbaybees

Again, very common but looks super beautiful.

White and Red Basset Hound

Image from @barneygizmo_bassetbrothers

White, Blue, and Tan Basset Hound

Image from @basset_baebees

Many people have a misconception about Basset Hounds with blue color. Blue as in not the color of the sky, blue as in light grey with a slight hint of blue.

White, Black, and Brown Basset Hound

Image from @maple.thebasset

White, Black, and Brown is one of the most common color combinations found in Basset Hounds. This does make them look like Beagles, doesn’t it?

Black White and Tan

Image from @bassethoundbruno

White Black and Red

Image from @winstonthehound_

White and Mahogany Basset Hounds

Image from @babybassets

Solid Brown Basset Hound

Image from @major_basset_girl

Basset Hounds with Solid Colors look entirely a different breed. Just like all the solid colors, Solid Brown basset hounds are pretty rare.

Photos of Basset Hounds with different Markings

Basset Hound with Black Mask

Image from @major_basset_girl

A black mask is exactly what it sounds like. Basset Hounds with Black masks have black spots around their eyes and it may seem as if they are wearing a mask.

Basset Hound with Ticked Markings

Image from @stacks_thelongboi

Basset Hounds with Ticked Markings have spots on their body.