Beagle chewing a toy

7 Best Chew Toys for Beagle Puppies

Teething can be tough for beagle puppies as it causes irritation and discomfort in their gums. To ease the pain, they start chewing on anything they can fit in their mouth, and this can be …


Beagle with a collar and a leash

7 Best Collars for your Beagle Puppy

Walks are not a WANT, but a NEED for active dog breeds like beagles. But due to their curious nature, you cannot just let your beagle walk by himself when outside. He will most probably …


Beagle puppy standing and whining

Why do Beagle Puppies Whine?

Beagle puppies need the utmost care and attention, right from providing them nutritional diet to understanding how are they trying to communicate with us. Whining, growling, and howling are the forms of communication they use. …