Happy beagle

10 Things That Make Beagles Happy

Our Beagles shower us with an unlimited amount of love and affection. I cannot tell you how happy I feel seeing my Groot after a long day at work. I often have this strong feeling …


things beagles love to do

10 Things Beagles Like to Do

Every dog breed is different. For example, while some breeds like German Shepherds prefer to be independent, other breeds like Golden Retrievers want to be with their owners all the time. But what about beagles? …


bad beagle

Why are Beagles so Bad? The Harsh Truth

While beagles are known for their adorable eyes and cuddly nature, they are infamous for being naughty and mischievous dogs. But why are beagles so bad? Beagles are usually coined as bad dogs due to …