Do Basset Hounds Drool?

We all have seen some dog breeds, like bulldogs and bloodhounds, drooling in movies and tv shows. But what about Basset Hounds? Do Basset Hounds Drool?

Basset Hounds drool a lot. They have sensitive salivary glands that produce more saliva than other dog breeds. Additionally, their droopy, folded skin around their lips and muzzle cannot hold the drool they produce. That’s the reason why Basset Hounds drool excessively.  

Further in the article, we will understand more about why basset hounds drool so much, whether it’s healthy or not, and learn how to reduce it.

Why do Basset Hounds drool?

Most people will falsely assume that all dogs drool and it is simply a dog thing; that’s not true at all. In fact, most dog breeds don’t drool as much as we think.

But Basset Hounds drool (A LOT). That’s because they have a super powerful sense of smell and sensitive salivary glands. 

Odors for bassets can generate saliva, which is usually too much for them to swallow, so it begins to build in the jowls and leak out of their mouths. 

These dogs are aware of drooling, which is why they constantly shake their head to rid themselves of the extra saliva. There is no practical purpose for the saliva, but it is more of an indicator of the state the dog is in. If you see your dog drooling, it could mean one of several things, which brings us to our next segment:

When do Basset Hounds drool the most?

Now that we know why Basset Hounds drool, we must understand when they drool. 

Basset Hounds may drool due to one of the following reasons: 

  • Anticipation: For instance, You will see them drool when you are preparing their meal.
  • Odors: Basset hounds are scent hounds, and smelling new and tempting scents and make them drool like anything. 
  • After drinking water: Water often gets trapped in their folded skin around their lips, and start drooling once they are done drinking their water. 
  • Stress: Stress can also be a factor, for example, my Basset hound starts drooling whenever we are in our vet’s clinic. 

Is drooling good for hounds?

Drooling is not an immediate issue that should cause you to take a dog to the vet. It is normal for basset hounds to drool, and the only immediate worry you should have is when they shake their heads inside your house. Splattered drool along the walls could cause irreversible damage to the wall. 

However, there is such a thing as excessive drool. If the hound is drooling more than you usually expect, this may indicate something deeper, and the dog may have to be brought to the vet. Some of the deeper issues that could bring on the excessive drooling could be the dog’s flu, dental issues, or stomach problems. 

So be sure to pay attention to the hounds’ drools regularly, so you know what normal and abnormal levels of drool are. 

How to minimize your hound’s drooling

While drooling is expected for hounds, that does not mean you simply need to accept it. However, there are things to help minimize their drooling. 

  1. Bath your Basset hound regularly – This should go without saying that a dog should be bathed regularly but also remember not all the drool a hound has ended up on the floor or the wall. Some of the drool remains in the mouth and becomes crust within their jowls. During the bath, emphasize the dog’s oral region, and clean within their flaps. This oral hygiene should prevent drool from forming in the dog’s mouth for a little while. 
  2. Clean the Jowls – Look toward the hound’s mouth; the dog accumulates drool and gets it at the source. Aside from during bathes, the jowls should get cleaned once a day. More specifically, after they eat or drink, as this is the time they produce the most drool. Try using a wet wipe for this cleanup, not just a regular towel. 
  3. Wipe their mouth with a clean cloth right after they are done drinking water and after their meal.
  4. Make sure to brush them regularly with canine toothpaste. This may not help reduce drooling, but it will keep their gums healthy and prevent tooth decay and well as infections.


When your basset hound drools, you should not consider it a bad thing. To have a cute, loyal dog drooling as they anticipate their food coming is the cutest thing ever. But it can still be a hassle to deal with. However, as long as you keep on top of their hygiene and wipe their mouth every now and then, it should be manageable. 

But always be on the lookout for anything that looks excessive. Drooling is typical for hounds, but if you see that the drool is more than normal, this could mean something serious is taking place. Immediately take them to the vet to get their expert opinion on what to do next.