Help your naughty, mischievous Beagle Puppy become the best Dog Ever!

Complete Step-by-Step Blueprint to Raise your Beagle Puppy into the Best Friend you've Always Wanted
From Potty Training, crate training, command training to fixing/preventing unwanted behaviors like biting, chewing, jumping and barking, we have got it all covered...
Raising a beagle puppy is not as easy as it seems, especially if it's your first time and you have no idea how to raise a puppy.
Yoda, our first beagle puppy was peeing on the carpet, even the bed. He was chewing things, and constantly biting me and my wife...
I thought I knew how to raise a puppy because I grew up with a Labrador in my house... But Yoda proved me wrong.
We let-go things thinking it was just a phase, but as Yoda grew up a little, the problems started getting out of hands. We realized that his behavioral problems were the outcome of the mistakes we made with him as a puppy.
He used to love destroying things.
After consulting with atleast five professional dog trainers and behavirist, and spending a huge amount of time and money we were able to fix those problems.
Soon after, we even decided to add one more beagle to our family. And we were prepared this time. We made a list of things to do and to not do while raising a beagle puppy.
One thing I have realized is that all of the mistakes I made were easily preventable!
And everything went fantastic with Groot, our second beagle puppy.
The first time was really, really tough and I really don't want you and your new beagle puppy to go through the problems and difficulties we did. So I have put together the Beagle Puppy Handbook.
It's based on all the conversations I have had with veterinarians, trainers, dog behaviorists and other Beagle Owners about how to raise a beagle puppy.
It also covers crucial topics like, what mistakes parents are likely to make, and how to avoid them, and some important tips about their well being.
1 year old beagle puppy love and affectionate
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