Best Clothes for Beagles to make them look Cooler

Dogs wearing clothes are in fashion. If you are looking for cool cloths to make your beagle look 10 times cuter and gain 100 times more likes on Instagram, then I can totally understand you. I do this too. I think my beagle is gonna need his own wardrobe soon enough.

Anyway, so I have made this list of 10 best cloths for beagles to keep their fashion game up.

Note: Every product listed below has a size chart. Make sure to measure your beagle and select the size that can fit the best.

1. Fitwarm Striped Dog T-shirt

This striped t-shirt is made of 100% cotton and will give your beagle a casual look. It is soft and comfortable. You can even use this t-shirt in winter to keep your fur-baby warm.

The product comes in a pack of two. You get two t-shirts in different colors.

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2. Cowboy Rider Costume

If you are in a mood to make your beagle look funny, then put this dress and let the cowboy ride your pooch.

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3. InnoPet Dog Hoodie

If you are looking for a casual outfit for daily use, then this one is perfect. It comes in two colors and six different sizes.

While I am writing this article, my beagle is sitting next to me wearing this exact hoodie.

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4. SILD Pet Clothes

This vest can give your pooch a stylish denim look. It even has a lapel collar and button closure. How cool is that?

It is available in 6 different sizes and three cool colors. The company claims that it can be used in all seasons.

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5. Hooddeal Soft Casual Shirt

This sleek looking, stylish blue shirt with a wedding tie can make the beagle stud of the house. It is made with 100% breathable cotton. It is soft, comfortable, and has a white button closure.

This can be an ideal dress for your beagle for parties, weddings, and travels.

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6. Kuoser Dog Tuxedo

Why, because why not? This tuxedo can be the perfect outfit for weddings and playdates. This dress comes in two pieces: tuxedo and bandana. If your dog is not in the mood of tux, then put on the bandana.

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7. Fitwarm Cow Velvet Coat

This coat cum jumpsuit is the cutest thing. Cosplay your beagle and make him a cow for this Halloween.

It is made with velvet, and its comfy enough for your beagle to wear it all day long.

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8. LovinPet Pajama

These lightweight polyester pajamas can give your beagle a funky look that he demands. These PJs are made of stretchy material and comes with an elastic waist.

However, they are made of large breeds so that you can get the smallest size for a full-grown beagle. If your beagle is a pup, then keep them in your wishlist for now.

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9. Mogoko Shark Costumes

I cannot miss adding cool costumes on this list. This cool shark costume hoodie will make your beagle puppy 100x more adorable.

The outer side is made of velvet, and the inner consist of microfiber material to provide comfort to your pooch.

They are available in small sizes, so it may not fit an adult beagle.

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10. Meihejia Pig Puppy Hoodie

This is a super cute sweated which will make your puppy a pig. It is made with soft cotton and keeps your pooch warm.

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11. Rubie’s Princess Costume

I wish I had a female beagle to put this princess costume on her. But you can surely turn your female beagle into a princess on Halloween and other parties.

The costume comes with a hat, dress, and cuffs. It may not be available for puppies, but you can surely find a size perfect for an adult beagle.

Check it out on Amazon.

12. Dog Bow Tie

If you are not into costumes or dresses, you can get this bow tie collar for your beagle. It comes in 6 different patterns, and each bow is hand-sewn.

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Final Thoughts

Writing this post made me even more excited, and I already ordered that cowboy outfit, lol. I need to stop this compulsive buying. Anyway, let me know which clothes did you buy for your adorable beagle.