5 Best Deshedding brushes for Beagles

While beagles shed moderately all round the year, they shed the most during spring. In this season, you can expect to find doggy hair everywhere.

Even though you cannot stop them from shedding, you can manage it. A de-shedding brush helps you to collect the dead hair off your beagle before they scatter all over the floor and furniture.

However, it is essential to get a good quality brush that can remove loose hair without causing any damage to the coat.

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Quick Picks: Best Deshedding Brush for Beagle

  • FURminator Deshedding Tool [Best Overall]: A well-known brand for providing high-quality de-shedding brushes. It’s the best option to remove and collect loose hair of your beagle.
  • Pas & Pals Dog Brush [Best Budget-Friendly Option]: A great budget-friendly option to manage dog shedding.
  • Pet Grooming Gloves [Best Glove Brush]: If your beagle is not comfortable with brushes, then you can use this glove brush to remove and collect his dead hair by sliding your hand on his coat.

Best Deshedding brushes for Beagles

Over the years, after testing out various dog brushes on my two adorable beagles, I find these 5 de-shedding brushes worth recommending.

1. FURminator Deshedding Tool

FURminator is a well-reputed brand known for providing high-quality de-shedding brushes. In fact, my friend, who is a pet groomer, recommended this.

It has stainless steel edges that can remove loose hair from the upper coat as well as an undercoat.

The best part is it also collects all the dead hair which can be released by a button. In this way, you don’t need to go out in your backyard to brush your dog. You can do it inside your house without worrying about cleaning hair.


  • Collects all the hair.
  • Effectively removes all the dead and loose hair without damaging the coat.
  • It is specially made for dogs with a short coat.


  • You need to use this carefully without applying a lot of pressure while brushing. There is a slight chance of cutting your beagle’s skin.

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2. Paws and Pals Dog Brush

This de-shedding brush will effectively remove most of the dead and loose hair from your beagle’s coat without damaging it.

I have been using this one for over a year now and the results have been impressive. It does not cause any tugging and helps remove hair without any pain to your adorable pooch.

I think it’s the best brush to manage all the hair during the shedding season. However, I do not recommend using this all year round.


  • Professional Quality Brush
  • It also helps to reduce dandruff.
  • Effectively removes loose hair without damaging the coat.

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3. Pet Grooming Gloves

The list would be incomplete without mentioning grooming gloves. These are quite popular among dog owners because of how easy they are to use.

If you are beagle doesn’t like it when you brush his coat then you should consider getting these pairs fo grooming gloves.

It has 260 soft bristle tips that not only help to collect all the dead hairs, but it also massages your dog’s body.


  • Each glove has 260 soft bristle tips.
  • Easy to use.
  • An efficient way to collect all the dead hair off the coat.

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4. Pet Grooming Kit

If your beagle sheds his entire coat more often, then you should consider getting this kit which contains a pair of hand glove brushes and two different types of grooming brush.

It is a complete kit that you need to manage shedding and groom your beagle’s coat.

  • It will help to reduce shedding by up to 95%
  • A complete kit with a pair of hand glove brush and two different types of brushes.

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5. Hertzko Slicker Brush

Last but not the least, this brush by Hertzko is a popular choice among dog owners. It’s bend wires can go deep inside the undercoat and remove loose hair without scratching the dog’s skin.

The brush collects all the dead hair stores inside it. One done brushing, you can release the hair with a button.

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Tips for Brushing your Beagle

Shedding is part of the beagle’s life and all you can do is try to reduce it by brushing him. Here are a few tips for brushing your beagle while he is shedding.

  • Use a diversion. Keep your beagle occupied by giving him a toy or a chew bone before your start brushing. Whenever I use to try to brush by beagle, he would instantly try to grab the brush. So now, I give him a chew toy and I start brushing when he gets busy chewing it.
  • Brush him outside. If you select a brush that does not collect loose hair, then brush him outside in your backyard. You don’t want all the loose hairs to end up on your furniture.
  • Have more than one type of brush. Have two different types of brush: one Deshedding brush and a normal brush for general use.
  • Brush him regularly. During his shedding season, brush him every day. And when he is not shedding that much, brush him at least 2 times a week.
  • Make the session fun. Try to make it fun for your beagle. Do not forcefully grab him for his session.