7 Best Dog Food for Beagles with Allergies

Allergies are a negative reaction caused when the body’s immune system rejects a certain ingredient. And Just like humans, your beagle can suffer from food allergies too.

A certain ingredient present in the dog food can trigger an allergic reaction in your doggo. While you cannot cure the allergy, you can definitely avoid them by switching to a less sensitive dog food recipe.

So today we will look into some of the best dog foods for beagles who have food allergies.

Quick Picks

  • Wellness Simple Natural [Best Over All]: This dog food is 100% grain-free and relies on a single source of animal protein.
  • Merrick Limited Wet Dog Food [Best for picky eater]: If your beagle prefers canned dog food, then you can go with this limited ingredient recipe.
  • Acana Singles [Best for Active beagles]: If your beagle is active and gets proper exercise daily then you can go with ACANA’s singles which are high in proteins.

Common Allergic Food

Food allergies occur when the immune system of your dog responds negatively to a certain food ingredient. However, food allergies are not that common in canines. Only 5% of dogs are allergic to a specific food.

Owners often confuse an allergic reaction caused due to environmental allergens with food allergies. So it’s advised to consult your vet before you come to a conclusion.

If your beagle has a food allergy then some of the most common food allergens are:

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Lamb
  • Fish
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Yeast
  • Dairy
  • Wheat
  • Egg

You can commonly find these ingredients listed in the majority of dog foods. That’s why you will need to switch to a dog food recipe with limited ingredients.

Best Dog Food for Beagle with allergies

Let’s look into some of the best dog food with fewer ingredients and healthy recipes.

Wellness Simple Natural Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

As the name suggests, this dog food has very few ingredients to lower the chances of an allergic reaction.

Food allergies are most commonly caused due to animal proteins. Commercial dog foods have various types of animal proteins in their recipe. Wellness Simple Dog Food relies on a single source of animal proteins which drastically decreases the chances of an allergic reaction.

Apart from that, it contains prebiotics that helps with digestion. It also has antioxidants to boost the immune system of your beagle.

Other common allergic ingredients are grains, and this food is totally grain-free.

Key Highlights

  • Relies on Single Animal protein
  • Natural ingredients
  • Contains prebiotics, antioxidants, glucosamine, and omega fatty acids.
  • Grain-Free. No Fillers.
  • Made in the USA.

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Taste of the Wild PREY

Taste of the Wild is a well-known brand for providing high-quality dog food. Their Taste of the Wild PREY is a limited ingredient premium dog food with added antioxidants and probiotics.

The primary ingredient used is Real trout and does not contain meat meal or animal by-products.

Key Highlights

  • Well Balanced diet
  • Limited Ingredients
  • With added micronutrients and omega fatty acids.
  • No Grains
  • No added artificial colors flavors or preservatives.

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Purina Pro Plan Hydrolyzed

Purina Pro Plan Hydrolyzed is a hypoallergenic formula that can help reduce the risk of allergic reactions in your beagle.

It is a Veterinary Diet, which means you can only get it with your vet’s prescription. Consult your vet, he or she will tell you if your pooch requires hydrolyzed protein and prescribe the dog food.

Key Highlights

  • Hydrolyzed Chicken Flavor Dog Food
  • A single low-allergen carbohydrate source
  • Highly digestible
  • Prescribed by the vet.

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Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Wet Dog Food

If your beagle prefers gravy food or he is a picky eater, then you can go with Merrick Limited Ingredient Wet Dog food. It is 100% grain-free and contains real chicken stew.

It has limited ingredients for beagles with allergies and a sensitive stomach.

Key Highlights

  • Grain-Free
  • Good for beagles with a sensitive stomach
  • Real deboned chicken as the primary ingredient.
  • Well balanced recipe

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Venture Smoked Limited Ingredient Dog Food

Another great option for dry dog food. Venture Smoked Limited ingredients do not contain any type of grain, gluten, and by-products. It is free from all artificial preservatives.

It has very few ingredients. The primary three ingredients of this dog food provide 95% of proteins; turkey meal (70%), chickpeas (14%), and squash (11%).

Key Highlights

  • Grain-Free
  • No gluten, no potato, no egg, no by-products.
  • The primary ingredient is Turkey Meal
  • Eco-friendly package

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Acana Singles Limited Ingredient Dry Dog Food

ACANA is a reputed dog food brand known for its premier ingredients and high in protein recipes. It has come up with 8 limited ingredient recipes.

All these recipes rely on a single animal source for protein. Apart from being high in protein, it also contains taurine, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to boost immunity.

Key Highlights

  • 6 Different Recipes
  • High in animal proteins.
  • Added Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Help support digestion.

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Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo’s limited ingredient wet dog food relies on real turkey for its protein source. It is made with premium quality ingredients and does not contain any grains.

Key Highlights

  • High-quality ingredients
  • Added vitamins and minerals.
  • Does not contain by-products and artificial preservatives.
  • No poultry products

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Final Thoughts

Please consult your veterinarian before making any dietary changes to your beagle.