Black Labrador Beagle Mix – Everything You Need to Know

A Beagle and Black Lab Mix is also known as Beagador. As the name indicates, a Beagador is created by crossing a purebred Beagle and a purebred Labrador.

If you’re considering adding a delightful, smart, and highly trainable Beagle mix to your family, then the Beagle and Black Lab Mix is a wonderful choice. These highly energetic and oft-mischievous dogs are sure to keep you and your family entertained for hours!

Before bringing home a Beagle and Black Lab Mix, you must learn all that you can about them. 

In this guide, we discuss the Beagador’s physical and behavioral characteristics as well as everything else you need to know in order to raise one.

Origin of the Beagle and Black Lab Mix

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Since the Beagle and Black Lab Mix is not a purebred dog, we cannot accredit any person or kennel club with their creation. It may be that the first Beagador was created unintentionally. 

However, the popularity of the Black Beagador is on the rise since these dogs combine the traits of two of the finest and most popular American dog breeds. No wonder breeders are now intentionally creating Beagador puppies for sale.

Let us study the characteristics of the parent dog breeds of the Beagle and Black Lab Mix, so we can understand the offspring better.


Beagles are a British dog breed that was originally created to hunt in packs. These small-to-medium-sized dogs come in two sizes – under 13 inches and 13-15 inches weighing less than 20 lb. 

Beagles are known for their keen sense of smell. It is due to this gift that they are used extensively as police dogs, drug sniffer dogs, and search and rescue dogs. 

Beagles are also known for their unique bark. The bark of a Beagle is more of a high-pitched howl known as baying. Naturally, they need firm training to curb their excessive barking!

Beagles are also social, friendly, and loving dogs that need plenty of daily physical and mental stimulation. Without these, they easily get bored and even destructive. You can read more about the origin of beagle here.

Black Labrador

The Black Labrador is one of the most popular dog breeds not just in the USA but the world over. They are known for their solid black coats, which are a result of a dominant black gene that suppresses all other colors. Black labradors measure about 21 inches at withers and weigh around 60-80 lb.

Just like the Beagles, Black Labs were bred for hunting. They could hunt on land and in water. Today, Labrador Retrievers are used as search and rescue dogs as well as police dogs. They are smart, easy to train, and highly affectionate dogs.

Physical Characteristics of the Beagle and Black Lab Mix

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Since the Beagador is a mixed-breed dog, there is no Kennel Club that recognizes them. That is also why there are no set standards for the breed. 

Therefore, the Beagador’s height and weight aren’t fixed. In general, the height and weight of the Beagle and Black Lab Mix will depend on the Beagle and the Black Labrador Retriever.

You can expect your Beagador puppy to weigh between 30 and 60 pounds (13-27 kg) and measure about 13 to 22 inches (33-56 cm) at the withers. Naturally, some dogs may be smaller or larger than this range. It all depends on complex canine genetics.

Coat Type and Coat Colors

The muscular Beagador has a short, smooth, double coat that they shed seasonally. They can come in a variety of colors depending on the colors of the parent breeds. Beagles are available in several colors like tri-color (black-tan-white), as well as lemon, red, blue, white, brown, etc. 

Black Labs, as their name indicates, are only available in solid Black coats. On mixing the two breeds, you could get a Beagador in solid black color or a combination of black, brown, tan, lemon, white, fawn, red, etc. Your Beagador could even acquire tri-coloring like the Beagle parent.

Grooming Needs

Most Beagadors develop a short, dense, double coat like the parent dogs. The amount of grooming will depend on your individual dog’s coat type and length.

You may want to brush your pet weekly using a slicker brush or a comb. You can even use a pet grooming glove to rub your pet down. This will remove all the loose hair.

You must also brush your dog’s teeth daily. Your Beagador will also need monthly baths to prevent doggy odor. 

The Temperament and Personality of Beagle and Black Lab Mix

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As with their physical characteristics, the personality and temperament of your Beagle and Black Lab mix are not fixed; they depend on the temperament of the parent dogs. 

In general, Beagadors are friendly, affectionate, and extremely loyal dogs. They are also energetic and need a lot of daily physical activity to burn off that energy. 

Since both parent dogs are incredibly intelligent, your smart Beagador will need mental stimulation to keep them from getting bored. You could consider enrolling your pet in agility courses or arranging some obstacles for your pet to maneuver at home. 

Training your Beagle and Black Lab is one of the first things to do. Without training, your Beagador can get bossy and could misbehave. Thankfully, training these eager-to-please dogs is relatively easy, and with consistent efforts, you will see results soon.

Your Beagle and Black Lab mix is also independent, curious, and alert. They always want to explore their surroundings and investigate new sights, sounds, and smells.

They are also affectionate dogs and usually hate being left alone for prolonged periods. Many Beagadors are known to suffer from separation anxiety.

How Much is a Beagle and Black Lab For?

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In the United States, you could buy a Beagle and Black Lab mix puppy for $200-$800. Top breeders usually charge more as they also provide you with vet records and records of health tests and genetic tests conducted on the parent dogs. 

What to Feed a Beagle and Black Lab Mix?

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You can feed a high-quality commercial dog food that is free from preservatives and dyes. Alternatively, you could go for home-cooked meals made with brown rice, meat, and vegetables. Raw or BARF diet is also another option.

Always consult your vet when selecting a diet for your Beagador to ensure optimum and balanced nutrition.

Lifespan and Health Issues in Beagle and Black Lab Mix

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Beagadors are known to suffer from health issues like epilepsy, hip/elbow dysplasia, eye problems, heart-related issues, and thyroid problems. Most Beagadors live for 12-15 years.

Final Thoughts – Beagle and Black Lab Mix

The Beagle and Black Lab mix is a cross between a Beagle and a Black Labrador Retriever. Both parent dog breeds are intelligent, loyal, alert, energetic, and curious dogs. Therefore, the Beagador is also highly likely to be an interesting, smart, and highly trainable dog. 

If you’re considering adding a Beagle and Black Lab Mix to your family, we hope this guide helps you understand this hybrid dog a little bit in depth. If you already own one, please let our readers know more about your dog’s traits in the comments below.