Can Beagles eat Honey?

Rich content in honey has some excellent medicinal properties. The anti-microbial property reduces the risk of infectious diseases. A spoon of honey can solve stomach ulcers and digestive issues. But can your beagle eat honey?

A small quantity of honey is safe for beagles to eat. Raw honey can add on to numerous health benefits. However, it should not be fed to puppies younger than 12 months and adult beagles with week immunity as it may contain botulism spores.

Researches state that honey has natural sugar properties, which associate as an organic treatment for pet dogs. Introducing raw honey in your beagle’s diet can add on to numerous health benefits. As well as keeping a tab on how to feed and understand what are the benefits of honey is equally essential.

Is honey safe for Beagles?

Honey acts as a natural sweetener; therefore, it’s safe to feed your beagle a spoon of honey. It is full of minerals, anti-oxidants-oxidants, and great vitamins for a Beagle’s optimal health. Raw honey is a much better option than pasteurized, processed honey, or sugar available in the store. Processed honey won’t give the desired health benefits to your furry friend.

There are exceptional cases like dogs with compromised immunity that shouldn’t be recommended the intake of honey. Likewise, it’s inadvisable for obese or diabetic dogs. Hence, honey is safe for your beagle only if you feed them in proper portions.

Benefits of feeding honey to your beagle

Honey is packed with great beneficial components that can work best for your beagle.

  • Inclusive of Fructose and Glucose
  • Vitamin B Complex, D, A, K and C
  • Minerals like Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Sodium, Iron, and Potassium
  • Enzymes act as a catalyst for chemical reactions

Raw honey helps in absorbing calcium contents much faster than any other supplements. Feed your Beagle honey and milk so that the body can absorb the calcium of the milk. This helps in strengthening their bone density rate.

Honey is filled with anti-oxidants-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and flavonoids. The anti-oxidant properties can treat your beagle’s digestive issues also balances the gut bacteria.

Honey contains simple sugar properties, which can be easily digested by your beagle. Raw honey is a better option than starchy veggies, processed sugar, and other food items that contain complex sugar like disaccharides and monosaccharides.

If your beagle is suffering from any seasonal allergies round the year, raw honey can be one of the cures. Seasonal allergies like scratching, obsessive licking of paws, or hair loss are the most common ones seen in pets. Honey comprises the same pollens which are found in a dog’s environment. Thus the intake makes your beagle lessen the sensitivity over a while.

Kennel cough is an infectious respiratory disease that makes your beagle uncomfortable and sounding like he’s choking on. Particularly for kennel cough, Manuka honey works best. Manuka honey and its high anti-bacterial properties have soothing agents. It coats the throat with a layer giving instant relief and coughing.

Sugar gives instant energy, and so does honey. It can boost your beagle’s energy, just like other carbohydrates. It helps to regain immediate drive and spunk, especially during training sessions. As well as including honey to the diet can be the best option to increase endurance and vitality.

Side Effects of Honey

Incorporating honey to your beagle’s diet is a good option. Moreover, you should be aware of the side effects too. Similarly, precautions should be taken for puppies as they have a weak immune system and are prone to allergies.

If your pet is allergic to a bee sting, then honey possibly can be one of the allergic food items. Inadequate intake can cause oral ulcers or skin lesions.

Honey contains elements like bacterial spores, which can be unsafe for the beagle with a weak immune system. The usage of honey should be avoided in pets less than 12 months old. As a study reveals, they can fall ill due to bacterial spores causing gastrointestinal issues.

Diabetic beagles are at high risk while consuming honey. The high glycemic index can increase insulin and blood sugar levels, resulting in seizures. Ultimately, it is recommended to feed honey in limited quantities.

How much honey is safe?

Beagle waiting to have his spoonful of honey

Honey consists of specific sugar components, adding on to the high-calorie intake. Besides, the carbohydrate properties are also on the higher side. Honey isn’t considered as a toxic item for your beagle. As the bees predigest it, therefore, it is easy on a Beagle’s stomach.

To avoid the risk of diabetes and obesity, it is advisable to feed in limited quantities. Besides, excessive intake of honey can also lead to tooth decay.

According to my veterinarian, you can feed up to ½ to 1 teaspoon of honey a day keeping in mind your beagle’s age. A teaspoon of honey comprises of 70 calories, 17 grams of sugar. For younger Beagles, one teaspoon of honey per day is enough to keep them healthy. However, it’s recommended consulting your veterinarian and ask for a safe proportion for your pooch.

It is essential to consult a veterinarian before adding honey to your beagle’s diet. Also, you would have proper knowledge about what works best for your pet.

Incorporating honey into your beagle’s diet

If you’re concerned about your beagle’s energy, immunity system, and allergy issues, start adding honey to the diet. It’s better to stay away from processed sugars, and only stick to raw honey.
Rather than allowing your pet to lick off honey from a spoon, you can try some new ideas like:

  • Drizzle a spoon of raw honey on your beagle’s favorite treat
  • Bake a cake replacing sugar with raw honey on your pup’s birthday
  • Bake Manuka honey biscuits for a good source of nutrients
  • Adding honey to medicines before feeding your beagle is the best way to make them eat.

Offering raw honey to your beagle’s diet can be an excellent start for building immunity, proper digestive system, and boosting mobility improvements. Avoid feeding honey to your puppies as their immune system is still developing, and they can face deadly infections by botulism spores.

Final Thoughts

Given that honey should be fed in limited quantities. Honey can be the best and sweetest gift for your beagle. Next time you think of having cereals, milk, and honey, trying sharing it with your beagle too. It would be the best decision for both of you.