Do Beagle Have Whiskers?

You might have noticed large whiskers on some dog breeds like Border Collie and Havanese. But what about beagles? Do beagles have whiskers?

Beagles of all ages have whiskers. These sensory hairs provide them additional information by detecting objects or movements and help them have a better understanding of their environment. However, owners often trim the whiskers of beagles participating in dog shows to make them look more presentable. 

Whiskers are more important than we think. They play a significant role in a dog’s life. We will further look into why whiskers are so crucial for beagles and whether or not it’s okay to cut them.

How to spot Whiskers of your Beagle?

Whiskers of beagle

Almost all mammals (except humans) have whiskers, and they are quite easy to spot if you know where to look.

People often think that long hairs located near the muzzle are the only whiskers dogs have. But it’s not entirely true. If you look closely, you can spot whiskers on your beagle’s chin, cheeks, upper lips, and even near their eyebrows.

There are different names for whiskers located in different parts. Let’s have a look:

  • Interramal Tufts are whiskers located on your dog’s chin.
  • Suborbital Whiskers are found near the eyebrows.
  • Mystical whisker is originated from the French word mustache, and they are nothing but whiskers found on the muzzle.

Whiskers are also known as vibrissae, which simply mean ‘to vibrate’.

Why are whiskers important?

Whiskers play an essential role in your beagle’s day to day life. Let’s look into some reasons their whiskers help them.

Identify Objects and movements

Whiskers have neurons that transmit information to the sensory cells. Dogs use whiskers to identify objects and detect movements.

Whiskers can process airflow and estimate the shape, size, and speed of objects present in their surroundings. Whiskers help them have a better understanding of their environment.

Detect things located close to them

Beagles belong to the hound category, and they have a superpowerful sense of smell. But just like other dogs, their vision is not that great.

They are farsighted. While they can see things at a distance, they have difficulty seeing close objects. Whiskers help them monitor things located close to them.

Out in the open, whiskers help them dodge branches and keep their eyes and face safe.

See in Dark

Beagles can see in the dark. However, their near-sight becomes weaker. Their whiskers help them navigate things at night.

The neurons present in them constantly send information about the surroundings to the brain and keep them aware of their environment even in the dark.

It Describes their mood

Whiskers describe your beagle’s mood. Their whiskers will become pointy when they are in an unfamiliar surrounding or uncomfortable situation.

Where are, when they happy or comfortable, their whiskers will be relaxed.

Indicate their health

Whiskers can also indicate your dog’s health. If you notice a split or a drop at the end of the whiskers, that means your beagle is unwell. On the other hand, if the whisker has fallen out and doesn’t grow back in 4 weeks, your dog could be suffering from vitamin deficiency. In such cases, contact the vet immediately.

Can you trim Whiskers?

beagle's whisker

A simple answer to the question is YES, you can trim your dog’s whiskers, and NO, it’s not painful for your beagle. It is quite common in the dog show world to cut down whiskers to make their face look clean and more appealing.

However, your beagle doesn’t need to participate in dog shows to look clean. If you want, you can trim them and give your pooch a fresh look.

Usually, groomers won’t cut the whiskers without the owner’s permission. So you will have to request them beforehand.

Owners of dog breeds with big fur often cut their whiskers to dirt build-up, leading to bacterial infection. However, beagles have short fur, so we don’t need to worry about that.

There’s no other reason you should cut your beagle’s whiskers except to make them look good. Personally, I like whiskers on my beagle’s face. When I hold his ears back, it makes him look like a cat.

Downsides of Cutting their Whiskers

As whiskers play a vital role in navigation and identify objects, cutting them will cost something.

If you cut the whiskers, your beagle may feel a little disoriented. They may not notice objects located close to them.

There are chances that your pooch may start bumping into nearby items. They will also not able to see better in darkness.

Cutting down their whiskers may also affect their ability to track moving objects.

But good thing, those whiskers grow back. Your beagle will get all the abilities back as the whisker grows completely.

Should you cut it, though?

beagle laying down

Getting your beagle’s whiskers trimmed or cut is a personal preference. But never pluck their whiskers. It will be extremely painful for them. I would highly recommend keeping this task for the professional groomer.

And if whiskers don’t bother you, then let them grow. They are there for a reason and why become a cause to mess with evolution.

What’s not normal?

It’s okay for whiskers to fall out or break naturally from time to time.

However, if you notice a sudden fall of all the whiskers, it could be a sign of an underlying health problem. In such a case, contact your vet immediately.

Final Thoughts

Almost every mammal has whiskers, and it is an essential part of their life.  Whiskers are not just plain simple strands of hair but a navigation tool of your beagle. Cutting them is just a matter of personal choice. However, it is always better to keep things as they are meant to be.