Do Beagles Drool?

Dogs are famous for drooling saliva from their mouth. Breeds like a bulldog and bloodhound drool a lot, whereas breeds like chihuahua and dachshund hardly drool. But what about beagles, do they drool?

Beagles do drool. When their body temperature rises, they start breading heavily to cool down. Due to heavy breathing, their saliva starts dripping down, causing them to drool. The amount of their drooling can be described as moderate. 

Further, in this article, we will look into various reasons why behind a beagle’s drooling and also see when drooling can be a sign of health concern.

Why do beagles drool

The most common reason why beagles drool is because of panting to cool down their body. They might also drool when they see some delicious treat or food coming for them. Sleeping and excitement can also make them drool.

Drooling is part of every dog’s life. Many people think that dogs drool some different liquid, well they don’t. Drooling is just saliva or spit coming out of their mouth. Beagles are moderate droolers, and excessive drooling can be a sign of health problems, which we will talk about later in this article.

Drooling Before Eating

Remember the last time when you saw your favorite food on a TV show, and your mouth started the water. Well, something similar happens when your beagle sees his food.

If you don’t know this already, let me tell you that beagles love to eat. Give them anything, they will eat it like it’s their last meal, and I am not exaggerating this. When a beagle sees food, his body starts anticipating him eating that food, and his mouth starts excreting saliva to help with digestion. You know beagles have four salivary glands. Anyway, so due to their jaw structure, the saliva starts dripping out of their mouth, causing them to drool.

You might have noticed your beagle drooling the moment you put his food in his bowl, now you know why.

Drooling after Exercise

Heavy exercises like running can increase the body temperature of beagles. To cool their body, they will start panting while keeping their mouth open. This heavy breathing can make their saliva come out of their mouth, causing them to drool.

If you notice that your beagle is panting heavily and drooling excessively during an exercising session, then it’s a signal to take a break, get your pooch under a shade, and give him some water. Allow his body temperature to cool down.

Drooling while Sleeping

Drooling while sleeping is relatively rare in beagles. It usually happens when your pooch is deep in sleep with an open mouth. His relaxed jaws cause saliva to drool out of his mouth.

It’s normal, and there’s nothing you can do about it except wiping it up when your pooch wakes up.

Other reasons for drooling

Excitement: You might have noticed your beagle starts drooling when he sees you or one of the family members after a long day, or when you take out his park leash. This type of drooling is caused due to excitement.

Motion Sickness: Some beagles start drooling when they are in a moving car. This is due to motion sickness. Alonge with drooling, your pooch may start whining or even vomit in the moving car. This is more common in puppies.

Stress: Stress can be a reason for drooling too. A noisy environment or facing aggressive dogs or separation anxiety can cause a beagle to stress out and drool.

Unhealthy Drooling

Usually, drooling in beagles is quite reasonable, but if your pooch drools excessively then, it might be a sign of concern. Let’s look into some health problems connected to excessive drooling

Dental Problem: Tooth infection, gum infection, tooth decay or plaque buildup can make your beagle drool excessively. If you notice that your pooch is having difficulty in chewing his food and toys, then it could be a sign of a dental problem. Consult your vet immediately.

Throat Infection: If you notice that your pooch is unable to swallow food, then it could be a throat infection. In a throat infection, a dog avoids to swallow his saliva and starts drooling out of its mouth. Consult a vet immediately.

Upset stomach: In some rare cases, indigestion can cause excessive drooling too. Your dog might have eaten something wrong or toxic. Keep an eye on your beagle’s bowl moments. If you notice watery motions, then consult your vet about it. If you suspect that your beagle has eaten something poisonous, call your vet immediately. In such situations, you can even call Animal Poison Control Center Hotline: (888)426-4435, it is available 24×7.

Heatstroke: Exercising on a hot summer day can make your beagle breathe heavily and drool. This can lead to heatstroke too. To avoid it, avoid taking your pooch out on hot days. Always keep water with you while on a walk, take small breaks regularly in an exercising session. Never over-exercise your dog.

Final Thoughts

I hope you have all the answers regarding your beagle’s drooling. Usually, drooling is natural and part of a dog’s life. But if it bothers you, you can put a bandana on your beagle, and wipe off it’s drooling every time you see it.