13 Sneaky Ways to Get Your Dog to Eat Vegetables

Ever tried to feed your dog vegetables, but they just won’t eat them? I know, it’s tough! But don’t worry, I’ve got some cool tricks to share with you.

Here are 13 super smart ways to get your dog to eat vegetables.

1. Play Pretend with the Veggies

So, let’s say you’ve got a piece of broccoli, and your dog just doesn’t want anything to do with it. You know how sometimes you see people pretending to enjoy something just to get others to try it? That’s what you’ve got to do here.

Grab that broccoli and make a big deal about it, like it’s the most delicious thing ever. You can even pretend to take a bite (or actually take one if you like broccoli) and make yummy noises.

Dogs are super smart and often look to us to figure out what they should be interested in. If you look like you’re enjoying it, your dog might think, “Hey, if they love it so much, maybe I’ll give it a try.”

It might seem a little silly, pretending to feast on veggies with your dog, but it’s all in good fun. You’re just trying to get them curious enough to take a bite.

2. Use Peanut Butter

You take the vegetables you want your dog to eat, like maybe some carrot sticks or pieces of cucumber, and you put just a little bit of peanut butter on them.

I mean, who can resist peanut butter, right? Your dog probably won’t even notice that they’re eating a vegetable.

Just be careful with the peanut butter you choose. You’ll want to find one that is plain and doesn’t have anything harmful to dogs, like xylitol. That stuff’s a no-go for pups. And don’t overdo it with the peanut butter; just a little dab will do the trick.

3. Add Chicken Broth

You know how when you add chicken broth to soup or stew, it makes everything taste so much better? Well, turns out, it can do the same thing for your dog’s vegetables.

Here’s what you do: take the vegetables that you want your dog to eat, and then you pour just a little bit of chicken broth over them. You can either cook the vegetables in the broth or just pour some over the top. Just make sure it’s cool before giving it to your pup, so you don’t burn their tongue.

I tried this with my dog, and it worked like a charm. The chicken broth adds a flavor they already like, so it makes the veggies way more interesting for them. No more pushing the bowl away or turning up their nose.

Just be sure to use a chicken broth that doesn’t have stuff like onions or garlic, ’cause those can be bad for dogs. And don’t use too much; you don’t want it to be all soupy.

4. Dehydrate the veggies

Remember those apple chips or dried bananas from the store? That’s basically what dehydrating is, but you can do it with vegetables for your dog.

It’s not all complicated or anything. Just takes a bit of time, and it’s totally worth it.

Here’s what you can do: if your family has a food dehydrator, you can slice up some veggies like sweet potatoes, carrots, or green beans, and put them in the dehydrator.

If you don’t have one, no big deal, just ask your parents to get one or find other ways to dry the vegetables out slowly.

Once you put them in the dehydrator, you just have to wait for a bunch of hours. When they come out, they’ll be these chewy treats that dogs usually go crazy for.

The best part? They’re all-natural and don’t have any of those weird preservatives you can’t even pronounce.

And guess what? My dog, who wouldn’t touch a carrot before, now loves these dehydrated veggie treats.

5. Hide Veggies in Their Regular Food

Take the vegetables that you want your dog to eat, like carrots, peas, or broccoli, and chop them up into really small pieces. You want them to be so small that they just blend in with their regular food.

Then, all you do is mix those tiny veggie pieces into their regular kibble or wet food. Just stir it all together, so it’s nice and blended, and your dog won’t even be able to tell there are veggies in there.

It’s sort of like when your mom hides veggies in spaghetti sauce or something, so you eat them without realizing it. But this is for your dog, and it’s really easy to do.

What’s great about this is that your dog gets all the good stuff from the vegetables, like vitamins and fiber, without you having to make them eat something they don’t like.

My friend tried this with her dog, and it totally worked! Her dog was happily munching away, and she didn’t have to worry about him not getting the nutrients from the veggies.

6. Wrap Them in Meat

Grab some of their favorite meat, like chicken or beef. You don’t need a lot, just enough to wrap around the vegetable. You can use sliced meat or even ground meat, whatever your dog likes best.

Then you take the vegetable and wrap the meat all around it. Kind of like you’re making a little present for your dog, but instead of a gift inside, it’s something healthy!

Once it’s all wrapped up, you give it to your dog just like you would any other treat. They’ll smell the meat and get all excited, and then they’ll eat it right up, not even noticing the vegetable inside.

It’s like a two-for-one deal: they get a tasty treat, and you get the satisfaction of knowing they’re eating something good for them. Plus, it’s pretty fun to make, sort of like you’re a chef creating a special meal for your furry friend.

7. Make Veggie Popsicles

Instead of just giving these vegetables to your dog the normal way, here’s what you can do. Take the veggies and blend them up in a blender with some water. You’ll want it to be kind of like a smoothie, but for dogs.

Once you’ve got that all blended up, grab some ice cube trays or even those popsicle molds if you’ve got them. Pour the blended veggies into the molds and put them in the freezer.

It’ll take a few hours for them to freeze, so maybe do this in the morning, and by the time it’s hot in the afternoon, they’ll be ready.

When it’s all frozen, you can take one out and give it to your dog like a treat. It’s especially good on a hot day because it’ll help cool them down. And since it’s made of veggies, it’s healthy too!

The best part is, your dog will think they’re getting a special treat, and they won’t even realize it’s something good for them. My dog loves these, and I bet yours will too!

8. Try Different Types and Cuts

you don’t have to stick to just one kind of vegetable. Carrots, peas, cucumbers, broccoli… there’s a whole world of veggies out there. Just like us, every dog might have their favorites and things they don’t like so much.

So maybe one day you could give them a little bit of carrot, and the next day, try some peas. Who knows, your dog might surprise you with what they like!

Now, here’s the other part that’s kind of fun: you can cut the vegetables in different ways. You know how some people like their sandwiches cut into triangles and some like rectangles?

Dogs might have preferences too! You could slice the vegetables into rounds or cut them into sticks. Maybe your dog likes to crunch on long carrot sticks, or perhaps they prefer small round pieces that are easy to chew.

You could even make a little veggie mix with different types and shapes all together. It’s like a little party in their food bowl!

The whole idea here is to experiment and see what your dog likes best. If they turn up their nose at one type or cut, don’t give up. Just try something else next time.

9. Cook Them in Different Ways

So, here’s the thing. Raw veggies might not always be a dog’s favorite. They can be hard to chew or just taste bland to them. But cooking them might change things up.

You could steam some green beans, for example. Steaming keeps the veggies soft and moist, which might be easier for your dog to eat. It also keeps most of the vitamins and nutrients, so it’s still a healthy option!

Or how about roasting some carrots or sweet potatoes? Roasting can bring out the natural sweetness in vegetables, so they taste yummier. Just chop them up, toss them in a little oil, and pop them in the oven until they’re soft and golden. Your dog might love the taste.

Boiling is another option. It’s simple and quick. You could boil some peas or broccoli until they’re soft enough for your dog to chew easily. But be careful not to overcook them; you don’t want them to turn all mushy.

You could even mix and match! Maybe your dog likes roasted carrots but steamed green beans. You can experiment and see what they prefer.

10. Bake Veggie Treats

you don’t have to be a master chef to bake some tasty treats for your pup. We’re talking simple stuff here. You can find recipes online, but the basic idea is to mix some healthy veggies with stuff that dogs usually love, like whole wheat flour, eggs, and maybe some peanut butter.

You can use veggies like carrots, sweet potatoes, or peas. Just mash them up, and you’re ready to roll.

So, grab a mixing bowl and mix your mashed veggies with the other ingredients. Stir it up until it’s all blended together, and you’ve got your dough. You might want to get your hands in there and knead it a little. It’s kinda fun, just like when we make cookies or play with Play-Doh!

Next, roll out the dough and use some cookie cutters to make fun shapes. You can use bone-shaped cutters or whatever you have handy.

If you don’t have any cookie cutters, just use a knife to cut out some simple shapes. No big deal, your dog won’t mind if they’re not perfect!

Put your treats on a baking sheet, and bake them in the oven. Follow the recipe for the right temperature and time, but it’s usually around 350°F for 20-30 minutes. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t burn.

Once they’re done, let them cool down. Your kitchen will probably smell awesome by now, and you’ll have a batch of homemade veggie treats for your dog. How cool is that?

11. Use Carrots as Chew Toys

Some dogs love to munch on stuff like bones or chew toys. But instead of giving them something they can’t eat, why not hand them a carrot? It’s crunchy and fun to chew, just like a regular toy.

You can use whole, raw carrots, and you don’t even have to do anything fancy. Just wash it off to make sure it’s clean, and then hand it over to your pup.

You’ll probably want to supervise them, though, just to make sure everything’s going okay. If you notice any big chunks breaking off, you might want to take it away, so there’s no choking hazard or anything.

What’s cool about using carrots as chew toys is that they’re healthy and full of vitamins. So while your dog thinks they’re just having fun chewing on something, they’re also getting a tasty and nutritious snack.

It’s like a sneaky way to make sure they eat their veggies.

12. Make Veggie Gravy

Well, here’s a cool idea that might help you out: veggie gravy. You can choose the veggies your dog likes or maybe ones that are good for them. Carrots, peas, spinach – those kinds of things. Just chop ’em up into small pieces.

Now, here’s the fun part: cooking them. Grab a pot, put in the chopped veggies, and add some water. You’ll want to boil them until they’re nice and soft. This could take like 10-15 minutes or so.

Once the veggies are soft, you’ll want to blend them up. You can use a blender or a hand mixer if you have one. Just be careful because they’ll be hot. You want to get a nice, smooth mixture.

But wait, it’s not gravy yet. You’ll want to put the blended veggies back in the pot and heat them up again. Add a little salt or some chicken or beef broth if you want to give it more flavor.

You can also add a little cornstarch if you want it thicker. Just keep stirring it and cook it for another few minutes.

And there you have it: veggie gravy! Now, you can pour it over your dog’s regular food, and they’ll probably gobble it right up without even noticing the veggies. Cool, right?

13. Veggies as a Reward System

So you know how your dog loves getting treats when they do something good, like sit or stay? What if we switch those regular treats with veggies? You might be thinking, “No way, my dog won’t fall for that!” But trust me, with a little patience, it can work.

First, you’ve got to find a veggie your dog doesn’t totally hate. Maybe it’s carrots or green beans or something like that. If you’re not sure, you can try giving them a tiny piece and see how they react. Just make sure to chop it up small, so it’s easy for them to eat.

Next, you’ll want to use that veggie every time you’d give a regular treat. So, if your dog sits when you tell them to, reward them with the veggie. If they come when you call, veggie time!

Now, here’s the key part: You’ve got to act like this veggie is the best thing ever. Get super excited when you give it to them and use a happy voice. Your dog will probably be like, “Okay, if you say so…” and give it a try.

It might take some time, and not every dog will be into it at first. But if you stick with it and keep making a big deal out of it, they might start to see veggies as a yummy reward.