Best Beds for a Beagle: My picks for 2020

I still remember how excited I was when I got Yoda, my first Beagle, in fact, my first pet ever. I was new to this and excited, so I bought a random, fancy looking dog bed for my Yoda. But he would just not sleep on it. I kept that bed around, thinking that sooner or later, Yoda would start using it. Instead, a few days, then he literally tore that bed. Beagles love to cuddle and snuggle, and they prefer a similar setting while sleeping too. Over the years, I have tried quite a few beds of different shapes, sizes, and materials. There are three beds I would like to recommend to you which are just perfect for a beagle.

These are the Top 3 Beds perfect for a Beagle

Things to look for in a Dog Bed for a Beagle

Buying a dog bed only to find out that your beagle hates it, is really frustrating. You can avoid it and find a perfect bed for your beagle in the first try. Keep a few things in your mind before buying a bed for your pal.

  • Size of the Bed: Most beagles prefer to sleep in a tight but comfortable space. You can find the right size for your beagle’s bed by measuring him in the position he sleeps. Moreover, if you have a puppy, which would grow every month, you can buy a medium to large size bed and roll up a blanket around the corner of the bed.
  • Cuddler or no-cuddler: The behavior of your dog could say a lot about what kind of bed he would prefer. While most beagles love to snuggle and cuddle, few like to be on their own. Beagles who like to cuddle usually prefer beds with nesting. Most beagles would love to get under covers. This makes them feel safe. If your beagle is a cuddler, then you can go with any of the first two options. And if your beagle likes to sleep in a spacious area, then you can go for the third one.
  • Smell and Fabric of the Bed: There are quite a few companies that sell eco-friendly Dog beds. They usually re-use old fillings, which might have the leftover smell of fabrics. Beagles have a powerful sense of smell. It is possible that your beagle ends up loving that smell and starts chewing. Or they might hate that smell and never use the bed. We don’t want that. You can look for Odor-resistant in the features list of the product.
  • It’s all about what their preference: We cannot really force our dog to like his bed, can we? So it’s more like a trial and error thing. Most probably, your beagle would like the bed from my list, but there are chances that he won’t.
  • Fillings of the bed: Few People say Memory foam is the best for dog beds, others say egg crate or standard foam is better. Well, the fact is all of them are great if you buy a good quality bed. But if your pal has joint problems, then consider a Memory Foam bed.

NOTE: Over time, your beagle’s preference might change, and he might just stop sleeping on his bed. At this point, you will have to buy a new one for him. 

Few Tips for Bed Maintenance

  • If you have a backyard, then high chances that your beagle would come home dirty and tired and lie on his bed. Once your pal is done with his sleep, wipe his bed clean with a damp cloth. Of course, it is not as effective as washing it, but a great temporary solution.
  • After a walk, clean your dog’s paw with a wet tissue.
  • Wash your pet’s bed every two-months.

Is One bed enough?

My beagle sleeps on two different spots, so I had to buy two beds. I also have one extra Bed (Amazon Basic one) for traveling. It is not necessary to have two beds. One bed is enough. But it’s good to have a backup just in case. You can even buy a Good Bed for regular use and a Cheaper bed for traveling and backup.

How long does a bed last?

It depends on a few factors like the quality of the bed, dog habit, maintenance of the bed, etc. Beds used by Adult beagles who are done with their chewing phase lasts longer than beds used for the beagle puppy who is teething. But from my experience, a good quality bed could last for years, until and unless your beagle suddenly decides not to use it anymore.