Collars and Harnesses

Beagles are adventurous dog plus pro escape artist. Never, I said NEVER trust your beagle outside. He would just catch a scent and go running behind it. So it becomes necessary to put them on a leash outside. You would need a collar and a harness to attach the leash. So here are my top recommendations for collar and harness.

What’s ideal for a beagle: Collar or Harness?

There have been many arguments for what’s best. Few suggest collars and few suggest harnesses. Well, I have tried them both, and I would suggest getting a Harness for a beagle. Let me explain why. As you already know, beagles are quite active. They see through their nose, and they think through their nose. They would just catch a scent and run away, ignoring all your calls and commands. There will be a lot of pulling on a leash, at least until they are trained. And all the pulling increases the risk of a neck injury. Your beagle would just want to run, ignoring the pain caused by the collar, whereas harness provides better control over your dog without hurting them. Personally, I think the harness is just perfect for a beagle.

My Top 3 Harness Recommendations for your Beagle

Beagle wearing a harness

NOTE: Use a harness when you take your beagle out for walks. But make sure your four-legged pal always has a collar on with an identification tag. Beagles are adventurous and high chances that he might run away somewhere. The collar on your dog will help people identify that he’s not a stray dog, and the identification tag with your phone number on it will help people contact you.


My Top 3 Collar Recommendations for your Beagle

Beagle Collar

As I said, use a harness for walks and collars for identification.

  • Bowtie Dog Collar (click here to check the price on Amazon): This is my favorite collar right now, in fact, one of my beagles is wearing this right now. It looks really classy. Go for it if you are like me, who likes everything fancy. Apart from looks, the collar is safe, durable, and comfortable.
  • Blueberry Pet (click here to check the price on Amazon): One more great option for your little pal. Quality is good. If you have a color preference, then the good news is, this collar comes in more 20 different colors. It’s an ideal collar if you are getting it just for ID tag and occasional walks. I would not recommend this for daily use.
  • Black Rhino (click here to check the price on Amazon): If you decided to go with the collar for daily use instead of a harness, then go for this one. The collar is sturdy, durable, and comfortable. It has soft padding on the backside, making it an excellent option for daily walks.

Personalized Identification Tags to attach the collar

Best Dog ID Tags

Most of the collars that you buy these days have an attached ID tag. Personally, I don’t like that tag. They are just dull and boring. Here are my few recommendations for cool Personalised ID Tags that you can attach to the collar. The best thing about these personalized ID tags is that the seller himself will engrave your given contact details on the metal tags.

Things to put in an Identification Tag

Put the information depending on the size of the tag you get. You don’t need to over provide and make it tough to read. Here is the list of things you should put on the tag as per priority.

  1. Your Contact Number (Most Important)
  2. Your Address (You can if you want but keep it short)
  3. Your Name (not essential)