Best Crates for a Beagle Puppy

I cannot explain how pleasing it is to see my little beagle play and roam around my house. But that’s not always possible. Beagles are cutest little monsters who would chew everything from a shoe to a sofa when left unsupervised. And that’s why a crate becomes a necessity for a beagle owner. Crate also provides a safe and comfortable place for your beagle to rest. The crate is a one time purchase so it is essential that you buy the right one. I had to go through 3 different crates before I found the correct one for my first beagle. So to help you skip all the hassle I have recommended 3 crates which are just perfect for a beagle.

My Top 3 recommended Crates for Beagle

  • AmazonBasics Double-door Crate 30-inch (click here to check the price on Amazon): This is the crate I am using for both of my beagles right now. It is an Amazon Basic product making the price more reasonable. The quality of this crate is really good, in fact almost as good as some of the high-end and costly crates. They even give you a divider which makes it ideal for puppy’s crate training. The crate is available in various sizes (Crate Size guide is given below). There are 2 options: Single door and a double door. A double door crate is what I prefer. The only downside is that the crate is a little heavy and not an ideal option for traveling but excellent for home use (but you can always fold this crate).

  • Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel (click here to check price on Amazon): I have this crate but I use it just for traveling. If you travel with your dog more often then go with this crate. The crate is lightweight and made up of heavy-duty plastic. 

  • iCrate Double Door Crate (click here to check price on Amazon): I haven’t tried this crate, but it seems like a decent option. Quite a few of my subscribers are using this crate and have told me that the quality is excellent. 

What is the right Crate Size for a Beagle?

Beagles prefer an enclosed space in which they can feel safe and secure. You need a crate in which your beagle can stand up comfortably and can turn around easily. You don’t need a big crate in which your pal has a lot of space, he will probably end up peeing and pooping there.

The average height of adult beagle is 18 to 22 inches and body length is 20 to 25 inches. is 30-inches is the perfect size for a pure-bred Beagle‘s crate. So make sure to select the crate with dimensions of (30 x 19 x 21) or anything close to it.

Do I need a different crate for Puppy Beagle?

No, a crate is a one time purchase. So buy a crate for an adult beagle initially. All the modern crates come with partition. You can easily adjust the length of the crate according to your puppy’s size.

Is a Crate necessary for a Beagle?

Yes. You need to get a crate and start crate training your beagle as soon as possible. A crate provides a safe and secure place for your beagle to rest. A crate also helps to keep your pet away from getting into danger.

When should I get the crate?

Get it before you bring the pup home. The sooner you start crate training your pet, the better.