Should you let your Beagle Sleep with you on your Bed?

What’s better than waking up to your beagle’s adorable and happy face in the morning! Quite a few dog parents allow their pooch to sleep with them. But is it okay for you and your pooch? Should you let your beagle sleep with you?

You can allow your beagle to sleep with you on your bed until neither of your sleep is getting disturbed because of each other. It can also reduce anxiety. However, all dogs carry allergens, and co-sleeping with your dog may aggregate your allergy.

Further, in this article, we will look into various benefits as well as the dangers of letting your beagle sleep with you.

Reasons why you SHOULD let your beagle sleep with you

a beagle sleeping on a bed

They can help de-stress and ease anxiety

It is a well-known fact that sleeping next to a loved one helps de-stress humans and calm anxiety. And who wouldn’t love their adorable four-legged pals? Letting your beagle sleep next to you will help you feel relax after a long day.

They are cuddle monsters

Humans are not the only one who loves cuddling. Beagles are affectionate, social, and friendly dogs who love to cuddle. Letting your pooch snuggle inside your blanket while you scroll through your phone is the best thing in this world.

You will feel safe

According to our history, Humans have been sleeping with dogs so that they can alarm them of threats during the night. It’s our instinct to feel safe when a dog sleeps with us.

Even now, your beagle will alarm you if he senses something unusual. True story: I let both of my beagles sleep next to me, and this one-time, they started barking at around 2 in the morning. Later, it turns out a raccoon had entered our house.

It will make the bond stronger

Beagles prefer sleeping next to their owners too. It makes them feel safe and comfortable. Beagles are pack animals, and they have an instinct to sleep together.

Letting your pooch sleep next to you will create a strong bond between you and your dog.

It can be beneficial to your sleep

As per research done by Mayo Clinic Proceedings, 56% of pet owners allow their pets to sleep with them in the bedroom. Out of which, 41% of the owners find it unnoticeable and even beneficial to their sleep if their pet sleeps with them.

They are Coozy

In winter, you won’t find anything cozier than snuggling your beagle. They will keep your bed warm with their natural body heat.

Reasons why your Beagle SHOULD NOT sleep with you

beagle sleeping on a chair

Might disturb your sleep

Beagles look adorable while sleeping, but they may not be a perfect sleeping partner. They tend to roll and stretch their body while sleeping, and it might disturb your sleep. Not just beagles but almost all dogs twitch, snore or even talk while sleeping.

Your beagle might wake up in the middle of the night to drink water or pee. He may even start digging the bed or the pillow to make their spot more comfortable. All these things can wake you up and disturb your sleep cycle.

I think I just got lucky that both my beagles know their area in the bed and hardly disturb my sleep. However, sometimes my younger beagle, Groot, starts talking in his sleep, which wakes me as well as Yoda (older beagle) up.

Might aggregate some Allergies

Even if you are not allergic to dogs, sleeping close to your beagle can aggregate some allergy in you. All dogs contain numerous allergens on their body. When you take your beagle outside of your house either for a walk or potty break, his body is exposed to an environment full of allergens. Allergens can stick to the dog’s paws and fur.

These allergens, like pollen, dust, and debris, may trigger one of your other allergies. To minimize the risk, you can consider wet sponging your beagle’s paws and brushing his fur.

It’s a commitment

Once your beagle gets into the habit of sleeping on your bed next to you, it will be hard for him to sleep on the floor or in his crate. Well, no dog will want to leave the comfort of the soft mattress and pleasure of sleeping next to his favorite person. So remember, if you allow him to sleep with you, then it will be a lifetime commitment.

Can make your sheet dirty

It’s not unnatural for beagles to play with their own poop if given a chance. The poop might stick to their paws and mouth. Also, after peeing, the pooch may step on his pee. Allowing your dog to sleep with you will surely make your bed dirty.

So make sure to wash your beagle’s paws every night before allowing him to step on your bed. Make this a routine and develop a habit for your pooch. In winter washing his paws can make them dry and develop cracks. So make sure to apply Paw balm to avoid this.

It can get congested

You might be single, and letting your beagle sleep with you would be fine for now. But the bed can get congested once your relationship status changes. And your pooch might not like it if you suddenly decide to make him sleep alone outside.

There’s a risk

There is a minor risk that your beagle can transmit the disease to you. In some rare cases, your pooch can pass diseases or infections like MRSA to their owners.

On the other hand, your beagle is also at risk. Humans can pass some diseases to their dogs too.

What Experts Advice

According to Cesar Millan, the famous Dog whisperer, it is perfectly normal to allow your dog to sleep with you, and it helps create a powerful bond between the two.

I called our vet and asked if its okay if owners allow their beagles to sleep with them. She said, ‘Dog parents can allow their pooch to sleep with them after the initial vaccinations have completed.’

Final Thoughts

It’s totally natural if your beagle sleeps with you. It depends on what you prefer and what’s more comfortable than you. I would suggest you sleep with your dog for a couple of days and see how it goes.