Why are Beagle Puppies so Expensive?

So you have finally decided to get a beagle puppy. But when you give a call to the breeder and ask for its cost, he gives you a jaw-dropping price, which is way out of your budget. But why are beagle puppies so expensive?

The price of a beagle puppy depends on quite a few factors. When a beagle puppy is purebred and has a superior bloodline, its cost can get expensive. Other factors like location, breeder, and lineage can drastically influence its price. 

Further, in this article, we will look into various factors that affect the price.

Pure Breed vs. Mixed Breed

Mix Breed vs Pure Breed Beagle puppy

Bloodline of a beagle can be categorized into two groups: Pure Breeds and Mixed Breeds.

  • Pure Breeds: Purebred beagle puppy will have ancestors of beagles only.
  • Mixed Breeds: Mixed bred or cross-bred beagles puppies are a combination of breeds.

There has been a considerable debate going on for over a decade regarding which one is better. One side of the argument believes that mixed-breeds are healthier and show better characteristics than purebred dogs, whereas the other half believes that pure breeds are healthy and have a less genetic mutation. More scientific research needs to be done on this until then you choose whatever you find more reasonable. Both have their own advantages, though.

With purebred beagles, you will know what you are getting into. You will have an idea of their general personality and traits. Whereas, mix bred beagles can have qualities and characteristics of two breeds. They do have an extraordinary look adding to their cuteness.

In most places, purebred beagle puppies are expensive than mixed ones—Heres how you can identify a pure beagle puppy.

Lineage of the Puppy

Lineage can be a significant factor in influencing the price. If a beagle puppy has a superior lineage, then it can literally cost a fortune.

When a pedigreed beagle puppy who has been registered and has a record of its entire ancestry, and one or more than one of its ancestors were termed champion in the dog show, then this means that the puppy has a superior lineage. The ancestors in this lineage have shown less negative health traits.

If both or one of the parents of the beagle puppies has participated and become a champion in the dog show, then the beagle puppy can become super expensive.

However, if you are looking forward just to get a pet, then it’s okay if you buy a standard puppy, just make sure you get it from a professional breeder.

The Breeder

The cost of a puppy also depends on where you get it from. Let’s have a look at three main places where you can get a puppy.

Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are the worst place to get a beagle puppy from. These places mass breed dogs with the sole purpose of profit.

Dogs are kept in overcrowded cages for their entire lives and used only for breeding. The enclosures are unhygienic and full of insects. They are fed low-quality dog food to increase the profit margin. They hardly get any kind of medical care.

Puppies born here are not appropriately vaccinated. They are fed high in fat food to make them chubby and look healthy, which they are not. You can see how wrong these places are in this video:

The chances are high that puppies born in such places have inherited genetically passed health complications. Apart from that, they could have trouble in socialization.

You will surely get a beagle puppy at the lowest price, but will it be worth it? We highly discourage supporting such places. Please do not buy any pets from puppy mills.

Pet Shops

Petshops do not usually breed their own dogs. They buy it from puppy mills. Puppies are shipped from these puppy mills when they are as young as five weeks. Puppies need proper time with their mother and littermates to learn necessary social skills. If failed to do so, it can be tough for them to interact with humans, they can get defensive and uncomfortable when someone tries to touch them.

If you are buying from a pet shop, you are indirectly supporting puppy mills.

Dog Breeders

It is highly recommended to get your beagle puppy from a professional breeder. They might charge you more for the puppy, but they take excellent care of the puppies as well as their parents. They provide top-notch quality dog food the dog when she is pregnant and provide proper medical care. Due to this, the price of a beagle puppy can become expensive if you buy it from a professional breeder.

However, stay away from breeders who are irresponsible and careless. You can easily judge a breeder by testing his knowledge. Ask him a few questions regarding the puppies and see how comfortable he is answering them.


Price of beagle puppies changes with location. You might be able to get a puppy cheaper in small towns and cities. However, breeders in big cities charge their puppies much more.

Unique Features

If a beagle puppy has some unique features like different color patches or blue eyes(which is rare in beagles), then the puppy can become super expensive.

Final Thoughts

I hope all your queries are solved, and you have a proper answer to why beagle puppies are expensive. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me.