Why Do Beagles Eat Grass And How To Stop Them?

If you are a new Beagle parent, there might be many surprises in store for you. These cute little canines have their own astonishing set of quirks – one of them being their fascination for grass and leaves. But why do Beagles eat Grass?

It is common among beagles to eat grass, leaves, and plants. Some reasons behind this behavior include boredom, instinctive nature, improving digestion, or liking its flavor. Beagles can also be doing it to force themselves to puke during an upset stomach.

Let’s learn more about this behavior and how you can stop them from doing so.

Reasons why Beagles eat grass and leaves

beagle puppy eating grass

Don’t worry; your beagle is not a cow. Infact it is very common for dogs to eat grass, leaves, and other plants occasionally.

To figure out the root cause of such behavior, one would have to look at their ancestry. These adorable little furballs descend from a species that was once categorized as wild animals.

The domestication of dogs took place thousands and thousands of years ago before the prevalence of agriculture. They used to survive out amid nature all by themselves. So, you could say that it is their instinct to eat grass!

Boredom can also be a reason why your beagle has been chasing after leaves and grass. Well, munching on grass and other plants are better than doing nothing, according to them.

Dogs sometimes eat grass to force themselves to puke and relive their upset stomach.

If your pet is frequently snacking on grass, then it could be a sign that certain nutrients are missing from your pet’s diet. It would be a good idea to visit the vet and update the diet plan.

Is its safe for Beagles to Eat Grass?

If your beagle is overall healthy and gets his parasite prevention medication regularly, then there shouldn’t be any problem with eating grass.

However, grass and plants with fertilizers and pesticides can be harmful.  Also, certain kinds of grass and leaves could be detrimental to your beagle’s health. So be cautious.

How to stop Beagles from Eating grass?

beagle eating grass

Even though it is an instinct for beagles to chew on plants – it should not be encouraged. Often, plants have many fertilizers and pesticides sprayed on them, which could be harmful to your pooch.

There are a few things you can do to stop this behavior:

Never leave them unattended

Whenever you take your beagle outside for a walk, make sure that you supervise their activities.

By doing so, you will be able to steer them clear of toxic plants and substances that they might encounter on their nature walks.

Ditch nature

Take your beagle out on a walk on the sidewalk. Avoiding greenery areas might be a good idea if your canine has a habit of eating grass, leaves, and other plants. This would help to reduce the temptation.

Hire a professional trainer

If nothing works, then it’s time to contact a professional dog trainer. He or she will be able to train your beagle to stay away from the greens growing in your lawn, in the park, or out on the streets.

Commands and Treats

An alternative to hiring an expensive trainer could be to teach your Beagle puppy a few commands to follow. Your pet can be trained to respond to commands like ‘leave it’ or ‘drop it,’ or ‘no.’

You could add a layer of positive reinforcement by rewarding obedience with treats. Give them their favorite treats if they immediately drop the leaf or blade of grass on your command.

Regulate your pet’s diet

A lack of fiber in your beagle’s diet could be what is motivating your pet to make a meal out of the grass growing in your backyard.

Switch to a higher quality dog food that can provide a well-balanced diet to your cuddle-monster.

Get new chew toys

As we discussed above, boredom can be the reason your beagle has been eating the grass. So get some good quality chew toys every now and then. Keep rotating toys one by one; this will keep things excited for your beagle.

Here are some chew toys for beagles.

You could also get puzzle toys for them with a wonderful treat inside as they keep chewing. These toys could keep them distracted and prevent them from eating grass and leaves.

Spend some time with your pet

You must spend some quality time with your beagle. Dogs require a lot of love and attention. As long as they are happy and content – they might not be tempted to feast on plants to abate their boredom.

You should also maintain an exercise routine for them. That way, you both get to spend some time together and, at the same time, pick up a healthy habit.

Here are 12 fun ways to exercise your beagle.

Final Thoughts

If you are still not sure about controlling your pet, you need not worry too much. Your pet can keep feasting on greens as long as the plants in your neighborhood are free of dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

You should keep your garden or lawn free of toxic products so that your pet can keep snacking on chemical-free leaves.