9 Reasons why your Beagle Stinks and How to deal with it

A couple of days back, we had a get-together at my place, and both of my beagles welcomed my friends. One of my friends, who is a dog-person, instantly started playing and cuddling with them. She addressed to me that they both have a weird smell. Well, I have been living with my beagles for nine long years now and hardly notice the smell. But it is true. Beagles are a little smelly. But why do beagles Stink?

Beagles were bred and trained for hunting in packs. That’s why, just like every hound, beagles have a distinct scent of their own to keep track of each pack member throughout the fields. Their distinct odor can be stinky for humans.

However, there can be other reasons why your beagle might be smelling. In this article, we will look into various reasons behind their smell and how to deal with it. Later on, we will also look into a few tips for making your beagle smell good.

9 Reasons why your Beagle Stinks

Beagles can smell bad for many reasons, and few of them can be a hint for a possible health concern. And who doesn’t want their pooch to smell good? So let’s look into nine reasons why your beagle might be smelly and how to tackle them.

Distinct Body Odor

Most Hound breeds, including beagles, have a distinct smell to help their pack track the whereabouts of their pack members. Some beagles have strong body odor, while some just have a hint of it.

It’s their natural body smell. No matter how many times you bath your beagle, its there to stay. Dog shampoos and conditioners may cover up their body smell for a couple of days, but its going to come back eventually.

One thing I can tell you is, sooner or later, your nose will get immune to your beagle’s odor, and it won’t bother you as much. Many beagle owners, including me, starts loving that smell.

Too Dirty

If your beagle is relatively active and has outdoor exercises regularly, dirt and its body oil will accumulate and starts to stink. They have a coat with thick and short hair. Your beagle may look perfectly clean, even if he is dirty and stinky.

Weekly brushing of your beagle’s fur will remove dirt and debris from its coat. It will also evenly distribute your pooch’s body oil. It is advised to brush your beagle at least twice a week.

To remove accumulated body oil, give your beagle regular baths with dog-shampoo and conditioner. Use ample shampoo and massage it throughout the coat. Rinse it with water properly.

Smells like pee

A beagle puppy who has not been crate trained might pee in his crate or on the bed and roll all over it. Puppies have a small bladder, and it gets tough for them to control it. Take your pup out more often. If you notice that he has peed on his body, then clean it with a wet tissue.

After peeing, the beagle may step on it, which makes their paw smell like pee. Wash your beagle’s paws with water after returning from every walk.

Wet Beagle

Have you noticed that the moment your beagle gets wet, he smells terrible? Well, we have all been there. This is more common in active beagles who go out regularly. When you take your dog outside, it invites numerous microorganisms, and they stay on your beagle’s coat. When these microorganisms come in contact with water, they dislodge and spread into the air. This gives out a strong stinky smell.

You cannot do much about the smell, except drying your beagle with a clean towel.

Skin Issues

Various skin-related issues can lead to the overgrowth of yeast and bacterias, making your beagle smell terrible. A few of the common problems are allergies, skin fungus, parasites, inflammation, infection, and hormonal imbalances. You should immediately take your pooch to a vet and have him checked. You can even chat live with a vet and seek advice.

Bad Breath

Bad breath in dogs is more common than you think. Dental care is essential. So many beagle parents have complained about their pooch’s bad breath. Well, if you don’t brush your dog’s teeth for years, plaque and tartar are going build up. Plaque and tartar can cause infection, which causes bad breath. To prevent this, it is necessary to brush your beagle’s teeth twice a day.

Ear Infection

Beagles have large and floppy ears that block airflow and sunlight, creating a moist environment inside the ears. This makes beagle more prone to ear infections. This causes their ears to emit a strong and stinky odor.

You need to clean your pooch’s ears and remove buildup wax regularly. It is highly recommended to clean his ears once a week with a clean tissue and ear cleaning fluid. You can go through this detailed guide of cleaning a beagle’s ears.


Occasional farts and burps of a beagle are normal. Gas is usually the result of indigestion caused by something your beagle ate. But if you notice excessive gas or super stinky farts, then it is a sign of concern.

You can avoid this by keeping your pooch on a strict diet. Do not feed table scraps or leftovers. If you are changing his food, then do it slowly and gradually. Introducing new food in your beagle’s diet should be done over a week in small quantities. Consult your vet and seek out proper medical advice.

Anal Sacs

This is a common cause of the bad smell among all the canines. Dogs have two scent sacs on both sides of their anus. If they get infected, they will excrete a smelly substance that will stick on the fur. If you notice that your beagle is trying to lick his anus or rubbing his bottom on the ground, then it may be because of the pain caused by impacted sacs. Visit the vet immediately and seek medical attention.

Tips to make your Beagle smell good

  • Bath your beagle with dog shampoo every month.
  • You can use dog waterless shampoo in between to keep him smelling fresh.
  • Take a tiny amount of baby powder, rub it on your hand, and run your hand through your beagle’s coat.
  • Regular grooming will prevent major causes of bad smell. You can go through this complete grooming guide for a beagle.
  • Brush your beagle’s teeth every day to prevent tar and plague buildup.
  • Brush your beagle’s coat twice a week.

Final Thoughts

If it’s just the natural body other of your beagle, then don’t worry about it, you will soon get used to it and won’t even notice it. Groom your pooch regularly and have him checked asap if you see anything irregular.