Beagle as an Apartment Dog – Pros and Cons

Beagles are small-sized dogs with lots of energy. So can they adapt to the apartment lifestyle? The answer is Yes and No. I live in an apartment, and I have two beautiful beagles, and I can say that they can live in an apartment happily. However, there are some disadvantages worth mentioning.

In this article, we will go through various pros and cons of raising a beagle in an apartment.

Can Beagles Live in Apartments

Three Major Expectations from apartment dogs are: small size, less shedding, and friendly nature. Well, all these are the traits of this breed.

Beagles are small in size and fit well in apartment-lifestyles. They are social in nature, love being around people, and get along with kids as well as elders. With daily exercise and enough attention, beagles can happily live in apartments.

They are quite energetic and require daily exercise. The key to a happy beagle is exercise. You will need to make sure that your pooch gets all his energy out.

Lack of exercise can lead to destructive behavior. So to raise a happy beagle in an apartment, you will need to take your beagle out on walks and play with him every day.

Apart from that, beagles also need mental stimulation. You will need to train them or teach them tricks daily.

Things to consider:

There are a few things you need to consider checking before deciding to get a beagle, or in fact, any dog, so that you and your four-legged pal can have a safe and healthy environment.

Are Dogs allowed in Your Complex?

Every apartment complex has different rules regarding pets. Some are pet-friendly, some strictly do not allow pets, and some allow all pets except dogs.

So before even thinking about getting a dog, make sure to check whether or not dogs are allowed as a pet in your apartment complex. You ask about it on the front desk or the owners or landlord.

Some complexes only allow certain kinds of dog breeds. If that’s the case, then check if the beagle is whitelisted or not.

If your complex does not allow dogs, then you can appeal and ask them to make an exception for you. You can send the authority a letter explaining the friendly temperament of beagles and declaring that you will take full responsibility if anything goes south.

Is your place big enough?

Yes, beagles are apartment-friendly dogs, but you need to make sure that your apartment is big enough to fit both of you comfortably.

Your place needs to be spacious enough to fit all the appliances and furniture and both of you comfortably. 

Apart from that, you will need to puppy-proof one entire room to create a safe and secure resting space for your pooch.

Are your Neighbors okay with the barking?

If you don’t know this already, then let me tell you that beagles are vocally expressive. They express their emotions by making various noises like howling, barking, whining, and baying.

While most of the noises are low-pitched and tolerable, occasional barkings will be loud enough to reach your neighbor’s doorstep.

So get a box of cookies and ask your neighbors if they are okay with occasional barkings.

Pros of Raising a Beagle in an Apartment

beagle in an apartment

While a house with a backyard is an ideal place for a beagle, raising him in an apartment has some pros too. I raised Yoda, my elder beagle, in an apartment, and let me share some pros that I noticed.

You start exercising

You will need to take your beagle outside for walks every day. This will finally take you off your couch and encourage you to go out for walks.

For those living in a house can skip walks by letting their dog open in their backyard. But the apartment lifestyle won’t give you an option.

Long walks and runs with your beagle will keep you in shape for sure.

You will bond with your beagle better.

Raising a beagle in a dig house with a backyard keeps the dog busy all day long, which is excellent. But living in an apartment doesn’t give the dog many options, and hence he would interact with you more.

When I used to live in an apartment, my Yoda used to follow me around in the apartment, would sleep next to me, and sit on the couch right beside me. But after shifting to a house, he has been busier, which is excellent for my dog, but I do miss that closeness.

Helps to combat loneliness

Being alone in an apartment can make you feel isolated and lonely. So having an adorable little monster running around your house and licking your face can help combat loneliness.

Keeps you Mentally Happy

Studies have shown that having a dog can positively influence your mind. Beagles love to cuddle, and they can be your therapy dogs or emotional support animals. In fact, for the latter, if you get an ESA letter, you’ll be able to show this to your landlord to ensure there aren’t any problems with housing the dog in your apartment.

Cons of Raising a Beagle in an Apartment

beagle staring at rain

Well, of course, there are some cons of raising a beagle in an apartment. But each of them can be dealt with.

Lack of Backyard

Having a backyard creates an ideal place to raise a beagle. They just love to play around and create all the mess they want in the backyard.

Allowing your pooch to play in the backyard gives them good physical as well as mental stimulation.

However, many modern apartment complexes these days have pet-friendly play parks. If not, then you can fill the void by taking your beagle out in dog parks regularly.

Beagles are Vocal

As I mentioned before, beagles are vocally expressive. They can start barking at stupid things like a bird or a squirrel or when they want something.

This may not be a problem for you, but your neighbors may not tolerate this.

However, you can teach your beagle to stop barking at your command.

Potty training can be difficult.

Puppies have small bladders, and it can be difficult for them to hold their pee. Potty training may get difficult if you live on a higher floor. Your pup will most likely not wait for a few minutes in the elevator.

But once they grow up, they get better at holding their pee. So until then, you will have to be patient with their potty training.

They are mischievous

Beagles are naughty, especially when they are young. Living in a close quarter gives them more chances to display their mischievous side.

Your beagle will try to jump on tables, chew your furniture, eat food that he is not supposed to, and whatnot.

You can control this by beagle-proofing one of your rooms by removing all the potential opportunities and giving him just his toys. This will create a safe and secure play area where you can leave your pooch unattained. You can watch this video to learn about beagle-proofing your house:

Can become destructive without exercise

Not just beagles but most of the dog breeds require proper outdoor exercises for their well-being. You will need to take your pooch outside for walks daily. You will need to make sure that by the end of the day, he has drained all his energy.

Failing to do so can make a beagle destructive. He may start chewing on furniture or start running crazily from one end of your house to another.

Always remember, the exhausted beagle is a happy beagle. Here are 12 ways to exercise your beagle.

Increase the chances of Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

Beagles are prone to hip and elbow dysplasia. And climbing up and down a lot of stairs every day will just make it worse.

So do not use stairs as a way of exercising them and always prefer elevators.

Tips for Raising a Beagle in Apartment

beagle smiling

Okay, if you decide to get a beagle and raise him in your apartment, then here are few tips that will make your life easier:

  • Exercise, exercise, and more exercise. Take him down for walk twice a day. If you are busy and don’t have enough time, then hire a dog walker.
  • Teach your dog to pee in your toilet, at least until he is a year old. Puppies have a small bladder, and they will pee every two hours. So it’s better to teach them to pee in your toilet.
  • Start potty training as soon as possible. You don’t want your apartment to smell like poop.
  • Beagle proof a room.
  • Get a crate. You read this guide for crate training your beagle.
  • Socialize him as much as possible.