21 Best Gifts for a Beagle Owner

So it’s your friend’s birthday who owns a beagle, and you have the most challenging task: Finding a Gift. Well, I come to the rescue. Being a beagle parent, I have made a list of 21 amazing things that you can gift a beagle owner.

1. Beagle Soft toy

Everyone loves soft toys, and a soft toy of a beagle is just so cool. You, as well as your beagle, can cuddle this plush toy. It is an ideal gift for a beagle owner and even for someone who loves beagles. This can be a great sorry gift or even a thank you gift.

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2. Beagle Throw Pillow

A throw pillow can be a fantastic house warming gift for a beagle owner. This pillow can add fun to the decore for sure.

Another part of being a beagle owner is finding dog hair everywhere. A beagle owner will definitely love this quote.

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3. Beagle Necklace

Aren’t necklaces cute and pretty? For your special someone who loves to have cute things, gifting them a piece of jewelry with a beagle on it does all the charm. It goes on with most of the outfits letting them flaunt their love for their beagle wherever they go.

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4. Beagle Salt and Pepper shaker

This is my personal favorite. A Salt and Pepper shaker holder that too in the shape of a beagle. How cool is that?

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5. Beagle themed Calendar

In today’s hectic life, a wall calendar comes in very handy. And what better way to start a month with a new photo of cute beagles. This is a unique New Years’ gift for beagle lovers.

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6. Beagle Christmas Ornament

Christmas happens to be my favorite festival. It is all about spending time with your loved ones decorating the Christmas tree and watching movies, and having hot cocoa. While we use angles and lights to decorate the tree, why not make your pet’s miniature a part of the decoration too? Beagle themed Christmas ornament on the tree is just a delight to the eyes.

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7. Beagle Wall art

My girlfriend is just obsessed with wall art with quotes. And she gifted me one couple of days back, and I couldn’t be happier. I love this minimal style, and the quote is just too relatable. I think it’s because of their innocent cute eyes that spoil them.

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8. A Paw themed Tie

This paw themed tie gives out a loud and clear message of ‘Professional’ as well as ‘I love my dog to the core.’

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9. Beagle themed Wine glass.

This wine glass has the perfect quote, and I couldn’t agree more. Give this to a beagle parent who lives alone and loves to drink, and they will love you even more.

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10. Beagle wine bottle holder

I don’t drink, and I still have this cool wine bottle holder. Just look at it; how can someone not buy this. This can be an ideal gift on any occasion for a beagle owner.

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11. Beagle Tote bag

Tote’s bag has become one of the essential things in our lives today.  And even though you cannot carry your beagle everywhere you go, or can you? Maybe not, but you indeed can carry a beagle printed tote bag with you and flaunt your love for your furbaby.

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12. Beagle printed T-shirt

Printed T-shirts with quotes is one of the best ways to portray our thoughts and likes. I went through quite a few beagle t-shirts, but I love this one the most.

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13. Beagle Pop socket

I seriously cannot imagine how I use to hold my phone before pop sockets were invented. Anyway, I found this fantastic pop socket of a beagle. I think this can make a good gift.

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14. Personalized Beagle Phone Cover

Giving a personalized gift shows how much you care about them. You can take their beagle’s picture and print it on a phone cover. How cool would it be?

15. Best Beagle Dad Mug

Raising a beagle is not easy. It takes so much effort to care for these little cuddle monsters. So remind your friend how great of a dad he is with this BEST BEAGLE DAD EVER mug.

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16. Beagle Socks

Okay, now, this one is really cute, socks printed with little beagles. These are for women, but I have no guilt of confessing that I use them. They are so comfortable and warm, plus they have beagles on them.

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17. Beagle-Opoly Game

Okay, who doesn’t like board games? This one is a classic monopoly but with a pinch of beagle twist. It’s a perfect gift for an entire family.

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18. Adult coloring book featuring Beagles

I swear, an adult coloring book is a thing. My neighbor is totally into them. In fact, she gifted me with one featuring beagles. I did thought it was kidding, but it turned out to be really fun. I spend my weekend doing it.

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19. Beagle picture frame

Adding their dog’s picture on the family picture wall has become more a popular trend, because why not? You can frame a picture of their beagle and gift it. And this frame has the quote, “When I needed a hand, I found your paw,” making it perfect for a beagle owner.

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20. Beagle Cap

If your special someone wears a cap, then this vintage looking cap with a beagle is perfect.

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21. Beagle Printed Shoes

Last but not least, beagle printed shoes. They are cute; they are comfortable, they have beagles, they are perfect.

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Final Thoughts

Let me know which one is you decide to go with. And if you have any suggestions, then feel free to contact me.