Beagle Colors – Various Combinations, Markings and Types

Beagles can be found in many colors with different combinations. The most common color combination is white – black – brown.

According to AKC, beagles can be found in 25 color combinations with ten different colors.

We will further look into various color varients of beagles and understand how rare they are. We will also look into some unique color markings that can be found on the beagle’s coat.

AKC Approved Colors of Beagles

According to American Kannel Club (AKC), beagles can be found in 25 color combinations:

Color CombinationRarity
Black – TanCommon
Black – Red -WhiteCommon
Black – Tan -BluetickCommon
Black – Tan -WhiteCommon
Black – White – TanCommon
Blue – Tan – WhiteCommon
Brown – WhiteCommon
Brown – White – TanCommon
Lemon – WhiteCommon
Red – WhiteCommon
Tan – WhiteCommon
BlackVery Rare
Black – WhiteRare
Black – Fawn – WhiteCommon
Black – Tan – RedtickRare
BlueVery Rare
Blue – WhiteVery Rare
RedVery Rare
Red – BlackRare
Red – Black – WhiteRare
TanVery Rare
WhiteVery Rare
White – Black – TanCommon

Even if the ten colors make up all the registered combination, there are many more color combinations that we can find in beagles because the ten listed colors come in various shades.

For instance, beagles can be found in light red, almost orange, as well as in a dark red (reddish-brown). But both the shades are considered ‘red.’

Also, the above-listed colors are of pure beagles. Mixed-breed beagles can have different colors and patterns.

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Beagle Markings

Beagles can be found in various markings. AKC has recognized six different markings of a beagle’s coat.

  • Ticked
  • Black Markings
  • Brown Markings
  • Spotted
  • Tan Markings
  • White Markings

These markings can be found in different types of color combinations, creating endless possibilities. It’s not surprising if you say that No Two Beagle Looks the Same.

Types of Color Combinations

There are two types of beagles: Tri-colored and Bi-colored. Let’s look into them.

Tri-Colored Beagles

Beagles with a combination of three different colors are termed as Tri-Colored Beagles. They are usually born with a darker shade of black and white coats, and the third color shows up they mature.

According to AKC, there are ten tri-color combinations of beagles:

  • Black-Red-White
  • Black-Tan-Bluetick
  • Black-Tan-White
  • Black-White-Tan
  • Blue-Tan-White
  • Brown-White-Tan
  • Black-Fawn-White
  • Black-Tan-Redtick
  • Red-Black-White
  • White-Black-Tan

Bi-Colored Beagles

Bi-colored beagles have a combination of two colors on their coat. Two of the most popular bi-colors of beagles are lemon-white and brown-white. When they are born, they are either completely black, completely white, or black and white. The color starts forming as they mature.

According to AKC, there are 10 Bi-color combinations of beagles:

  • Black and Tan
  • Brown and White
  • Lemon and White
  • Red and White
  • Tan and White
  • Black and White
  • Blue and White
  • Red and Black


Ticks are basically spots or patches of different colors on the beagle’s coat. A beagle can have bluetick or redtick.

Bluetick Beagles have bluish-black colored spots on his body. And redtick beagles have either dark red or light orangish-red spots on their body.

The AKC has recognized two tick combinations:

  • Black-Tan-Bluetick
  • Black-Tan-Redtick

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Beagles with Different Types of Colors

While all the beagles look adorable, some color combinations are preferred the most due to their rarity or uniqueness.

Let’s look into some of the popular choices of color combinations of beagles.

Silver Beagles

Beagles with a bluish and light grey coat are often called Silver Beagles. When they are born, their upper head and ears are of silver color. However, with age, most of the silver color starts turning into dark grey.

It is not an official color recognized by AKC. But beagle with a shade of light blue may seem like silver. However, it is extremely rare.

In some incredibly rare occurrence, the Silver beagle can have a genetic problem called Blue Alopecia, which may cause itchy skin.

Chocolate Beagles

Beagles with darker shades of brown color on their coat are termed as Chocolate Beagles. They commonly have a red or brown colored nose instead of a black one. Chocolate is not recognized as the official color of a beagle by the AKC. They usually come under tan, fawn, or brown categories.

Chocolate Beagles can be found in various color combinations like white, tan, and black.

White and Tan Beagles

Tan and white beagles are bi-colored and do not have any shade of black on their coat. During early puppyhood, the tan color may seem very light and faded, but it becomes darker as the beagle matures. Beagles with a darker shade of tan are often called Orange Beagles.

Warfield Red Beagles

In the modern age, Warfield Red Beagles are tri-colored beagles with dark red as one of the colors. It is not an AKC recognized color and usually falls under the category of red.

The Warfield Red Beagles are named after the tri-colored beagle named Warfield Red, who was the Field Champion between 1940 and 1950. His dark red color coat really popped out and became a popular choice among dog lovers.

Red Beagles

Beagles who have tri-color or bi-color coat with red as one of the colors are referred to as Red Beagles. The shade of red is usually very dark and often called mahogany. They can be found in various combinations like Black-Red-White, Red-white, and Red-Black.

Blue Tri-color Beagles

Blue Tri-color Beagles have a very dark shade of blue in their coat. The blue color is so deep that it may seem like a black. However, it is more visual in bright sunlight. The lips, nose, and paw pads of blue beagles are blue in color too. They come in two color combinations of blue-tan-white and black-tan-bluetick.

Orange and White Beagle

Orange and white beagles have a light shade of red on their coat. While orange is not recognized as the official color of red by AKC, it falls under the red color categories.


Colors, combinations, and marking in beagles do not matter as such. All the beagles are equally adorable and cute.