9 Best Beagle Mixes better than Pure Beagles

Last year Beagles were listed as the 7th most popular dog breed in the USA by American Kennel Club. And for all the good reasons. They are smart, social, playful, affectionate, and kids-friendly dogs.

Beagles are perfect family dogs, but what if I tell you that they can become even better. There are various mixed beagle breeds that are even better than beagles. So let’s get started with the 9 best beagle mixes.

1. Boggle (Beagle – Boxer Mix)

Boggle - Beagle boxer mix
Instagram: @the_beagle_babes

Boggles, aka Beaxer, are a mix of Beagle and Boxer. They get their coat color from the beagle and the physique of Boxer. The ears of Boggles are long and droopy like their beagle parent.

Boggles are playful, energetic, and cheerful like beagles, and extremely loyal and calm like Boxers.

2. Borkie (Beagle – Yorkshire Terrier Mix)

borkie - beagle and Yorkshire Terrier Mix
Instagram: @romeo.borkie

Borkie is a mix of Beagle and Yorkshire terrier. The color of their coat is similar to beagle’s but they have long fur like Yorkshires. They often have droopy ears like beagles. Usually, they are smaller than beagles but slightly larger than Yorkshire terriers.

They are calm, bold, and independent like Yorkshires and playful and energetic like beagles.

3. Beaski (Beagle – Husky Mix)

beaski beagle and husky mix
Instagram: @mickythebeasky

Beasky is a designer mix of Husky and Beagle. As both the parents are active, Beaskys are incredibly energetic. Usually, they are as big as huskies and have a wooly or plush coat. They usually inherit the colors of a beagle. Due to the genetics of Husky, Beasky has a higher chance of getting blue eyes.

Beaskys are intelligent, friendly, and energetic. However, they can be difficult to train as both the parent breeds have a stubborn and independent temperament.

4. Poogle (Beagle and Poodle Mix)

poogle beagle and poodle mix
Instagram: @poogle_turbo

Poogle a mix of a Beagle and a Poodle. Other popular names for Poogles are Beadle, Beaglepoo, and Beapoo. They are one of the most popular beagle mixes and also my favorite on this list.

With the colors of beagle and a long coat of poodles, they look incredibly adorable. They inherit the best qualities of both breeds.  They are extremely smart and intelligent like poodles and, playful and energetic like beagles.

They have a high drive to please their human companions, thanks to the poodle parent. This makes them less stubborn and much easier to train, unlike beagles.

5. Beagador (Beagle and Labrador Retriever Mix)

beagador beagle and labrador mix
Instagram: @lonobeagle

Beagador is the mix of two of the most popular breeds on earth: Labrador and Beagle. Beagador has a multi-color coat like beagles, but their ears are often smaller, like labradors.

When it comes to personality traits, both breeds are very similar. Just like both of them, Beagadors are playful, energetic, and loyal to their owners. They are social and friendly with everyone. They do well with other pet animals too.

Usually, they are larger than beagles and slightly smaller than labradors.

6. Reagle (Beagle and Rottweiler Mix)

Reagle - beagle and rottweiler mix
Instagram: @cleothereagle

Reagle is a crossbreed of Rottweiler and a Beagle. The two have completely opposite personalities. While beagles are small and docile, rottweilers are muscular and protective dogs.

Reagles are more muscular and stronger than beagles. They have a strong drive to protect things, just like rottweilers. But they often inherit the nose of beagles.

7. Shigle (Shiba Inu and Beagle Mix)

shi beagle - shiba inu and beagle mix
Instagram @brinkmannjoerg

Shigle is a designer cross of Shiba Inu and Beagle. Shigles or Shi-beagles have a multi-color coat like beagles but they usually inherit the fur of Shiba Inu. Their face is similar to beagles but their lower body, as well as tail, matches Shiba Inus.

As both the parent breeds are scent-tracking dogs, Shigles are incredibly skilled hunting dogs. Due to their vocal nature, they also become excellent watch dogs.

Shi-beagles can be a little stubborn but they are quite friendly and social in nature.

8. Beago (Beagle and Golden Retriever Mix)

Instagram @pennythelabskypup

Beago is a cross mix of Beagle and Golden Retriever. Beagos inherit the best qualities of both breeds. They are playful, energetic, and social like beagles and they are gentle and docile like Golden Retrievers. They are larger than beagles standing at around 17 to 20 inches at the withers.

They may not be golden in color but they have a long and gorgeous coat like Golden Retrievers. They often have the large droopy ears of beagles.

9. BeagleBulls (Beagle and Pittbull Mix)

beagle Pitbull mix
Instagram @bentleythecutepit


Beaglebull is a designer cross of friendly beagles and muscular Pitbulls. They have a sharp nose of a beagle and the strong physique of a pitbull. They are friendly, social, and energetic. With training, they can become perfect family dogs capable of guarding the house.

Final Thoughts

So this was my list of beagle mixes that I think are better than pure beagles. However, every mixed breed can have a physical appearance as well as personality traits. It depends on what qualities the puppy has inherited from both the parent breeds.

If you have a unique Beagle Mix, feel free to email me about it at [email protected] and also send some images. I will definitely add them here.