10 Things That Make Beagles Happy

Our Beagles shower us with an unlimited amount of love and affection. I cannot tell you how happy I feel seeing my Groot after a long day at work. I often have this strong feeling to do something for my beagle in return.

So today, I decided to list down all the things that I do to make my beagle happier.

1. Stop and let them Smell

beagle sniffing

One thing beagles love is to Sniff things. They have a super-powerful nose, 10,000 times stronger than us. Sniffing different and new scents makes them happy.

Instead of pulling the leash when your beagle is sniffing something, just stop and let them sniff. Let them explore and discover new scents present in the surrounding.

2. Take them to Dog Parks

beagle out for his daily walk

Beagles are social creatures. They get along well with other dogs. If you have socialized your beagle well, he will love to go to parks where he can run and chase and play with other dogs.

We adopted Groot right before the pandemic hit. While we all got to spend our entire day with Puppy Groot, we didn’t get a proper chance to socialize him in his puppyhood. But better late than never. We take him to dog parks every week, and even though he is scared of big dogs, he loves it there.

3. Make their Meal interesting

Beagle food

If we cannot eat the same food every day, why do we expect our dog to do so? Beagles are foodies; they love to eat. However, if you feed them the same food every day, your beagle will soon refuse to eat it.

Simply adding a new ingredient to their food will make them happy. It will also keep them excited for their meals.

I usually add some fruits safe for beagles in one of the two meals of the day. This not only makes their boring, dry kibble tasty but is also good for their health. Apart from that, you can prepare a homemade meal with chicken.

4. Take them to Family gatherings

Socializing a beagle

As I said, beagles are social creatures. They don’t just love other dogs but enjoy the company of humans. So consider taking them to family gatherings or at your friend’s place.

Groot loves to be surrounded by people. More the people, the happier he becomes. I let him loose when I take him to a family gathering, and he goes to everyone and smells them and greets them with few licks. Once he is done smelling everyone, we find him wagging his tail and running around with kids.

5. Play Tug of War

playing tug of war

Most breeds, who are known for their high energy, love to play Tug of War. In this game, you hold one end of a rope toy and let your beagle pull and shake the other end with its mouth.

This simple game will not only make your beagle happy but also release some of their energy. Just make sure to get a rope toy that is long enough to prevent your dog from accidentally biting your hand.

6. Play Dates

beagle with golden retriever

As I said, beagles are social creatures. They love to interact with other dogs. One thing you can do is take your cuddle monster to a play date.

Ask one of your friends or family members with a dog if they come over for the evening with their pooch. Get some dog cupcakes, throw some toys and watch your happy beagle enjoy with his new friend.

Beagles can also be picky while selecting their friends. So set up dates with different dogs and observe which one your beagle enjoys the most.

7. Play various Games

Playing with beagle

Beagles are playful and energetic dogs. They are ever-ready to do fun activities with their companions. Play various games with them.

Here are few games you can play with your Beagle:

Apart from these games, you can also let them participate in your day-to-day activities like jogging. They don’t really care about the activities and games. They just want to do something with us. Aren’t they adorable?

8. Massage your Beagle the right way

Just like us, dogs love massages too. It not only relaxes them but also strengthens the bond between you two.

However, it is essential to massage your dog the right way, or else they may end up hating it.

Give them massage only when they are calm and not active, stressed, or fearful. Usually, the time after a long walk is ideal for giving massages.

Start with gently rubbing their ears in a circular motion. Gradually move to their shoulder, chest, and legs. Make sure the pressure you apply is light.

You can watch this video for better understanding:

9. Flirt Pole

This fantastic toy which I recently discovered, is now on must MUST HAVE list for beagle owners.

Basically, it’s a long pole with a rope and a toy attached to it. All you need to do is hold the pole and drag the toy attached to the rope on the ground. This will make your beagle crazily chase the toy.

Now beagles, being a hunting dog, love to chase things. This toy kicks in their natural instinct, making them super excited about chasing it.

You can buy it on amazon or even DIY at your home with a PVC pipe, rope, and a toy.

10. Give them a KONG Toy

Beagle Kong Toy

Kong Toy is a blessing to Dog Owners. Just fill the toy with dog food, cover the top with some peanut butter and freeze it before giving it to your beagle. It will keep your beagle occupied for at least 20 minutes.

And the best thing is beagles love it. They love to struggle their way in and eat all the food.

11. Hide a treat and let them track it

To find out what makes a dog happy, you must learn about the breed’s history. Beagles were bred to track down the scent of small animals. So by default, they love to sniff and track.

While hunting may not be possible, you can make them track things for rewards. You can hide their favorite treats somewhere inside the house and let them track it down.

This is something that your beagle will truly enjoy doing.

12. Exercise your Beagle

beagle exercise

Being a beagle owner, you must know one crucial formula:

One Exhausted Beagle = One Happy and Healthy Beagle

Beagles are like the powerhouse of energy. And if you fail to release all their energy, it could lead to behavioral problems.

You need to take them out for walks, make them run, and play with them. And over the top, they enjoy exercising. Here are some of the fun ways to exercise your beagle.

Final Thoughts

Your Beagle is really lucky to have such a caring and responsible parent like you who wants to do something extra to make them happier. I hope this list was helpful.