5 Best Leash for Beagles (Puppy and Adult)

A couple of days back, my neighbor told me that her beagle almost ran away, breaking its leash while on a walk. That’s not the first story I have heard about a beagle running away. Beagles are energetic, curious, and over the top, a hound dog. They have a strong sense of smell, and when they catch an unknown scent, they try to follow it and find its source. It is necessary to put them on a good quality leash when outside.

We will look into what kind of leash works best for beagles and how you can train them to be on a leash. In the end, I will also give you 5 of my recommendations for quality leashes for beagle dogs as well as puppies.

Types of Leashes

There are various types of leashes available in the market. So let’s have a look at them and find out which one works best with beagles.

Regular Leash: Conventional and most commonly available leashes that you find in petstores. These are made up of nylon, plastic, or leather materials. They have a twisted handle and clipping on the ends. These types of leashes are inexpensive and suitable for puppies and trained dogs that don’t pull much. You can use them for daily walks.

Retractable Lease: Retractable lease is useful in dog parks where your beagle needs a little more freedom to wander around.

Adjustable Lease: As the name suggests, you can adjust the length of these types of leashes. They are an excellent option for leash training.

Chain: It’s a standard leash made with metal. It is useful for adult beagles who are extreme pullers. People usually use it to tie their dogs outside. Well, we discourage using it for puppies as it can be distracting and cumbersome on their neck.

Heavy Duty Leash: These leashes are made of super durable materials. They are for energetic beagles who pull on their leash.

What to look for in a Leash

beagle on a leash

If your beagle is just a puppy, then consider getting a regular and short leash. You don’t require a heavy-duty chain leash to train your pup. Select a lightweight but durable one. While teething, puppies may bite and chew on their leash, so make sure to check the leash’s security before taking your pooch out for a walk.

For adult beagles, it depends on their energy level and how disciplined they are. A poorly leash-trained beagle will pull on the leash and try to escape, for which consider getting a heavy-duty leash.

Some unique but equally adorable beagles are hyperactive and get over-excited easily, and they will need a durable leash too.

If you and your beagle go to dog parks regularly, then consider buying a retractable lease along with the normal one. It will give your beagle a little more freedom in the park while still keeping up with his security.

If you keep your pooch outside, in the yard, which is poorly fenced, then you will have to get a long chain leash too.

Best Leashes for Beagles

Well, choosing a good quality leash can be difficult and would require research. And there’s not an option for trial and error. To make things easy for you, I have made a list of six amazingly sturdy leashes perfect for a beagle dog as well as a puppy.

However, always remember no leash is 100% secure and has a chance to break off, so it’s advised to check the lease for cracks or tears every time before taking your pooch outside.

For Beagle Puppies: Petsafe Dog Leash

I used it when my Groot was a puppy, and it worked perfectly fine. It is quite essential yet durable. It has a handle on one end and a universal clipper on another.

It is manufactured by Petsafe, which is a good and established brand. They are in this industry since 1991. Talking about this product, it is available in six colors. It has 2 two size options: 4 ft. and 6 ft. I think 6 ft is the right length for training a puppy.

Well, they also have three width options: 1 in., 3/4 in. and 3/8th in. 3/8 in. is just too thin, so choose from the other two.

You can get it on Amazon.

For well-trained beagles: Kurgo Dog Leash

Kurgo Hands-Free Dog Leash is a good quality leash for well-trained beagles. The product is surprisingly versatile, and you can use it in various ways. It has a carabiner on its end, which you can use to wrap it around your waist or shoulder and go hands-free.

One thing I liked about this is its light-reflective body. It’s useful, especially if you are like me, who prefers to take the pooch out during the night.

Kurgo even provides a lifetime warranty on it. How cool is that?

You can get it on Amazon

For Energetic Beagles: BAAPET Strong Dog Leash

This is truly a heavy-duty leash for beagles who are energetic and continuously pulls on their leash. It is made up of rock climbing rope, so you can expect high-grade durability.

It has a well-padded handle, which is surprisingly comfortable to hold, and it is also reflecting for night safely. It is 5 ft. long and available in six different colors.

I am using this leash on my beagle for more than a year now, and its as good as new. And with respect to its quality, the price is reasonable. I highly recommend this one; it’s worth the price.

You can get it on Amazon.

Retractable Leash: TUG Retractable Dog Leash

As I mentioned before, retractable leashes are perfect for running and playing in parks. Beagles are infamous for running away from their owners. There have been cases where well-trained beagles have run away. To make things worst, they are prone to obesity. To keep them healthy, they need physical exercises like running and playing with other dogs.

Retractable leashes are a great way to provide much need exercise to your beagle while keeping them on a leash. This product is 16 ft. long, and the company claims it to be tangle-free.

It is comfortable for holding and has a quick local and unlock feature. It is available in four colors and three sizes. For a beagle, you can choose small or medium according to his weight.

You can get it on Amazon.

Adjustable Dog Leash: Dogs My Love Leash

This is a 45′ to 78′ adjustable leash made up of cotton. I don’t suggest this for puppies as they can chew and tear this with their small pointy teeth. However, it is durable and robust.

It has clips on both of its ends, making it a two dog leash. You have got five different color options.

You can get it on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

I hope I was able to help you select an ideal leash for your beagle. From my experience of raising two adorable beagles, I will advise you to make it a priority to leash train your pooch as soon as possible.