How to Teach your Beagle to Jump on Command

You might have seen in dog shows or dog movies where a dog jumps over obstacles and through hoops on command. Well, with training and patience, you can teach your beagle to jump on your command too, and it’s easier than you think.

To give you an overview, we will start by introducing the ‘Jump’ command to your pooch and gradually teach him to jump on the objects and then over obstacles.

Level 1: Basic Jump on Command

It will be easier if your beagle already knows the concept of following commands. If not, then consider teaching him some basic tricks and commands.

Step 1: Using Treats

While training, use two types of treats: special treats and normal treats. To teach a new command, you need to give your beagle a high motivating factor. Use special treats like pieces of banana or cheese or even peanut butter while teaching new tricks. Use normal treats like its own dog food for practicing old and already learned tricks and commands.

Remember to break down special treats into small pieces to stop your beagle from gaining extra weight. Treats should not constitute more than 10% of their daily food intake.

Step 2: Make your beagle Sit

Beagle sitting

Before teaching your pooch to jump, make him sit. If he doesn’t know this command, then this is how it works:

  • Grab your beagle’s attention and show him the treat.
  • Move the treat above his head and say ‘sit.’
  • To track the treat, your pooch will sit down and lookup.
  • As soon as your pooch sits down, praise him and give him the treat.
  • Practice this for a couple of days before teaching him to jump.

Step 3: Introducing the ‘Jump’ command

Beagle trying to jump

When your beagle is sitting, hold the treat a few inches above his head and say ‘Jump.’ Your beagle might not understand what to do at first.

One thing you can do is, get the treat near his nose, and move it up immediately. Do this a few times. It will entice your beagle to reach the treat by jumping.

While holding the treat, you can even try jumping yourself to show your pooch what he is supposed to do. It may sound bizarre, but it works.

Step 4: Reward your beagle

As soon as your beagle jumps, praise him, and give him treats. You will have to do it a few times until your beagle starts associating jumping with the command.

Step 5: Increase the Height

Beagle jumping higher

Once your beagle gets the hang of this command, you can increase the height at which you hold the treat. And see if your beagle is able to jump on all fours. Make sure you don’t push your beagle’s limit.

Step 6: Practice makes a man as well as a Dog perfect

Practice his for 15 minutes every day for a week. Soon your beagle will be able to follow the Jump command consistently.

Level 2: Jump on Objects

Now that your beagle knows to jump, its time to teach him to jump on objects.

Step 1: Use a stable object

To begin with, use a stable object. You can use a stool, study table, or even an ottoman. Just make sure that the object is stable and of low height.

Step 2: Introduce the object.

Beagle and an object

Introduce the object to your pooch. Allow him to analyze it. Try to make him sit on that object, so he feels more confident while training. Command your beagle to sit and place the object right in from of him.

Step 3: Hold the treat above the object

beagle jumping on object

Now hold the special treat above the object and say the command ‘Jump.’

Most likely, your beagle will jump on that object to get the treat. As soon as he jumps on the object, praise him and give him the treat.

If he doesn’t jump, then you can ask someone to physically guide your beagle to get up on the object and reward him with a treat. This will help your beagle understand the process a little better.

Step 4: Switch to a Taller Object

Once your beagle is comfortable with jumping on low-level objects, it’s time to switch to a taller one. Repeat the same process.

Step 5: Practice is the key

Practice, practice, and practice. Make it a routine to practice this daily until your beagle consistently follows the Jump command.

Level 3 Jump over a bar

For teaching this, you can either get an adjustable agility bar or create something similar at home. Agility bars are quite useful for daily exercising your beagle. You can adjust their levels and gradually teach your beagle to jump over higher bars.

However, you can use a stick or plank and place it on two objects. Just make sure that it’s safe and secure for your dog. You can even use a rope and tie it to two objects.

Step 1: Start with a small height

jumping bar

The first step is to give your beagle a general idea that if he jumps over the bar on your command, he will get a treat.

Make your beagle sit on one side of the bar and place the treat on the other. Say the ‘Jump’ command and let your beagle get over the bar to get his treat.

In the beginning, keep the bar to its lowest height. You don’t want your pooch to get under the bar.

Step 2: Slightly increase the height

Now slightly increase the height of the bar and command your pooch to jump.

Your beagle needs to look forward while jumping over the bar so he can land properly. So always keep the treat on the floor.

Step 3: Keep increasing the height

Keep increasing the height slightly every time your beagle starts consistently jumping over the bar.

If your beagle goes around the bar or from under the bar, do not let him have his treat.

Step 4: Jumping over a high bar

Jumping over a bar with a good height will require your pooch to run before he can jump over it. Make him sit and command him to stay at a distance from the bar. Say Jump loudly to make your beagle excited and run before jumping over the bar.

Step 5: Practice

As I said, practice and patience is the key to dog training.

Level 4: Jump through hoops


Teaching your beagle to jump through the hoops can be an impressive trick. After you have taught him to jump over the bar, it will be a piece of cake to teach him to jump through the hoops.

Step 1: Get the correct hoop.

Do not get a small size hoop, at least not in the beginning. It’s better a get an adjustable hoop. I think this one is perfect for training. I am not sure how to create a hoop at home, but if you know a technique, please email me.

Step 2: Get Set Go

Make your dog sit. Ask someone to hold the hoop in from of your pooch. Keep the treat and command your beagle ‘Jump’.

Start with a lower height and gradually increase the height.

Step 3: Keep Practice

Keep practicing your beagle to jump from hoops. Once your beagle gets consistent with the command, you can use a smaller hoop.

Beagle Jumping Safety

If your beagle is just a puppy, then it’s not the time to teach him to jump. Beagle puppies growth plates close when they are around 12 to 16 months old. Jumping can put a strain on a puppy’s joints and ligament, causing them long term damage.

While jumping, it’s safer to have a light surface like grass, mud, or a rubber mat.

No matter how well trained your beagle is, never make him jump over unsafe objects like fences or sharp objects.

Jumping without your command can be dangerous for your beagle as well as you. Every time your beagle jumps on you without your command, say ‘No’ and do not motivate it.

Benefits of Jumping

Regulated and safe jumping can help a dog build its muscle and strength. It is an excellent full-body exercise for a beagle.

Apart from that, it helps build trust and strengthen the bond between you two.

Final Thoughts

Always make sure to follow the safety first. And again, do not make your beagle jump until he has matured.