7 Best Types of Fences for Beagle Proofing your Yard

Beagles are a breed of curious dogs. They like to be independent and wander around on their own. Due to this, beagles are infamous for escaping and getting themselves in trouble.

The most common contributor to beagle escapades is poorly fenced backyards. If you live in a house with a backyard, you need to make sure that it is adequately fenced and well protected.

Further, we will understand how beagles escape from backyards and look into various types of fences for beagle proofing your yard.

Benefits of Well-Fenced Yards

I always say a house with a well-fenced backyard is an ideal place to raise a beagle. There are so many benefits for the dog as well as the owner; let’s look into some of them:

Fenced yards make housebreaking more convenient.

Puppies have a small bladder, and they poop and pee various times a day. It can be tough to take them out multiple times a day.

Having a backyard makes it easier. You can simply train your beagle puppy to go and do their business in the yard.

By having a well-fenced yard, you can give them free access without worrying about them escaping.

Fenced yards can keep them entertained.

Do you know what happens when beagles are bored? They turn into a destruction machine. They can start chewing furniture, tearing pillows, and whatnot. This is more common when they are puppies.

Having a backyard gives them a place to play around. It gives them a space to run, jump, and be close to nature.

Fenced yards can give them extra exercise.

You can release your dog in a well-fenced backyard and allow them to play around. Infact, you don’t even need to be there. Just throw some of the toys and look how playfully they get.

Allowing your beagle to play in the yard can provide them extra exercise. However, it cannot replace daily walks.

Ways Beagles can Escape Fences

beagle escaping fence

Having a fenced yard is not enough. You need to make sure that it is well protected and secure.

Beagles can become surprisingly smart when it comes to being mischievous. They can come up with different types of strategies to escape if the yard is poorly fenced.

Let’s have a look at common ways they escape yards.

Jump or climb over the fence

If your fence is too short, then your beagle might easily jump or climb over the fence and escape. You can solve this problem by increasing the height of the fence.

Usually, 6-foot tall fence is enough to prevent beagles from jumping over. But if your dog is jumpy, you can make it 8-foot tall.

Some equally adorable beagles can become expert climbers. To stop them from climbing over the fences, you can put rollers at the top. So whenever your pooch climbs and puts his paw on the top, it will spin over. You can use PVC pipes and mount it on a strong metal wire or a bar. Here’s a video of how you can install them:

Dig under the fence

There have been many cases of beagles digging their way out from the backyard. Yeah, they are that good.

To prevent this, you will have to put the fence that extends at least 15 inches below the ground. For this, you will have to buy a fence which is big enough to stand 8 foot tall even after installing it 15 inches below the ground.

This may take more time, effort, and material. But it is for the safety of your cuddle monster.

I would recommend you do this even if your dog doesn’t have a habit to dig because prevention is always better than cure.

Open the Gate

Beagles are smart dogs. If you have a normal, open-up, and close-down gate latch, then it’s just a matter of time before your beagle figures out to open it with their nose.

To prevent this, you may want to add a child lock or a bike lock to your gate.

Burst their way out

Beagles are quite stubborn. If they want to go out, they will do whatever it takes to get out of the fence. I have read a couple of emails from beagle owners, where their dogs managed to broke the fence.

You will need to make sure that your backyard fence is secure and well protected. You may want to opt for fences made with good quality and durable materials.

Best Types of Fences for Beagles

I have ranked various types of fences from best to worst based on how effective they are at securing the yard for beagles.

Chain Link Fence

chain link fence

Chain Link fencing is the best option to keep your beagle safe and secure in the yard. They are tall enough to stop them from jumping over. You can even put them some inches inside the ground to prevent your dog from escaping from below.

They are quite durable, require minimum maintenance, and long-lasting. However, they can be a little expensive.

They are see-through and do not block the view of outside. But if you want privacy, then you can add Fence Privacy tape to the chain link.

Wooden Fence

wooden fence

If you wish to create a private space in your backyard without compromising on the safety of your dog, then you can go with a wooden fence. However, they dig a bigger hole in your pocket.

They are sturdy but require regular maintenance. This type of fencing blocks the view of outside if that’s what you want.

Wrought Fences

Wrought Fences

These types of fences do a great job. They are durable, long-lasting, and require minimum maintenance.

But before buying them, make sure they don’t have spikes on the top, and the gap between two metal bars is not big.

Invisible Fence

Invisible Fence

In Invisible fences, you install a wire inside the ground, creating a border. And attach the receiver to the beagle’s collar. Whenever the dog crosses the border created with wire, they get a mild shock on their neck. You can get an Invisible wired fence on Amazon.

There are wireless options available too, which work on radio frequencies or GPS. You can set the radius around your house, and the collar will shock the dog whenever they try to cross it. You can get this Wireless Invisible Fence on Amazon.

Even though many people have seen success with such fencing, I personally do not recommend using such things. Even though the shock is mild, I feel it is an inhuman way to train a dog.

Apart from that, these types of fencing won’t restrict other dogs from entering your backyard.

Snow Fence

Snow Fence

Snow fences are the best budget option for keeping your beagle in the yard. While chain links are made with heavy wires, snow fences are made with low-quality wires. However, they are sturdy enough to provide a safe place for your dog. They are a great option if you have a large open yard.

They are comparatively cheap and require minimum maintenance. However, they are not as much long-lasting as chain links.

They may stop a dog from going out; they are not safe enough to keep intruders out.

Picket Fence

Picket Fence

If you are looking for a fancy option, then you can go with traditional picket fences. They are strong enough for beagles.

There are some cons worth mentioning. They usually come in small sizes, so if your beagle is a jumper, then it can be a problem.

Along with a beagle, if you have a large dog, then a picket fence may not be an ideal option. Large dogs can easily escape them.

Split Rail Fence

A traditional split rail fence won’t hold your dog. You will have to install chain links on the split rail fence. You will also need to extend the chain links below the ground to stop them from digging their way out.

Final Thoughts

The fences can either be installed by the owner or from a professional. But you will need to make sure that proper measures are taken to secure the area around your house correctly.

No matter what fence you install, check them regularly for any cracks, breaks, or loose ends.