Can Beagles have Blue Eyes?

While all the dogs are equally adorable, we have to agree that dogs with blue eyes look splendid. It’s quite common for Siberian Huskies and Dalmatians to have blue colored eyes, but what about beagles! Can beagles have blue eyes?

Beagles can have blue eyes due to a genetic variation, but it’s incredibly rare.

Purebred beagles can not have blue colored eyes as it’s not in their genes. However a genetic variation or a mutation can give blue eyes to a beagle, but it is extremely rare.

Beagles do not have genes to have blue eyes. Which means a pure beagle can never have blue colored eyes. However, there are some ways a beagle can have blue eyes:

Mix breed

If a beagle is crossed with a breed that possesses genes of blue eyes, then there is a slight chance that their puppy can have blue colored eyes.

It’s quite common for dog breeds like Husky and Border Collie to have blue eyes. If a beagle is mixed with one of such breed, then the chances of having blue eyes increases.

Genetic Mutation

Mutation doesn’t always mean to have superpowers like X-men. In simple terms, genetic mutation is an alteration in the DNA. The level of the alteration can differ. You can read more about it here.

Genetic mutation can give any dog breed blue eyes. This makes it possible for a beagle to have blue eyes. However, it is extremely rare.

By the way, I know a guy, who knows a guy whose cat has eyes of two different colors. Well, that’s because of genetic mutation.

Merle Beagles

Merle is a gene pattern of coat color that any dog breed can have. It is more commonly seen in dog breeds like Australian Shepherd, Collies, and even Great Dane.

Merle gene can affect the color pigmentation in the body. It can turn the solid color of the coat into patches. It can also give the dog blue eyes.

Merle is not a standard color of beagles. But they can get merle genes. Merle Beagles can have color patches on their coat with blue eyes.


Albinoism is a genetic condition in which the color pigmentation is absent. Albino beagles will lose colors from their coat, nose as well as eyes.

Due to the lack of pigmentation, an albino beagle can have blue eyes. However, this is not something you would want for your beagle. Albino dogs have lots of health complications. This condition can even contribute blindness to them.

Seller often markets albino puppies as some kind of designer dogs and ask for a higher price. And before getting one, you should have proper information about taking care of an albino dog and be aware of all the added expenses on health care.

Young Puppies

When beagle puppies are born their eyes can appear to be blue in color. However, as they mature, their eye color develops. The change can be noticeable every week.

Infact not just beagles, but the majority of dogs have blue eyes when they are born. The true color of their eyes develops as they grow.

White Fur around the eyes

The white part of the dog’s coat is caused due to lack of pigmentation. If the white fur of the beagles appears around the eyes, there are chances of a lack of pigments in the eyes. In such a case, the beagle will have light blue eyes.

While it is not impossible, it is extremely rare for a beagle to have white-colored fur around their eyes.

And even if you manage to find one, remember that beagles change the color of their coat throughout their life. So it likely that their eyes will gain color after a few months.

Eye Disease

Having blue eyes by birth is fine, but if your adult beagle’s eyes suddenly lose pigments and turn blue then this can be a sign of eye disease. In such a case, you should consult your veterinarian immediately.

Final Thoughts

So now you know that beagles can have blue eyes, but does it really matters? NOT AT ALL. I feel all the beagles are equally adorable in their own ways.

To find a beagle with blue eyes is extremely rare, and even if you stumble upon a breeder who has a blue eye beagle puppy, then be ready to pay a hefty price.