A beagle looking at a bowl of fiber rich food

Can Beagles have Fiber?

Beagles need to have a proper diet with nutrients and vitamins, according to their age and physical activities. They have high-energy levels along with many fun outdoor sessions. Therefore, it …


beagle seeing a mango

Can Beagles Eat Mango?

We all know how much beagles love human food, exceptionally bright, and colorful items like fruits. If it were up to them, they would literally eat every fruit and vegetable …


A beagle ready to eat honey

Can Beagles eat Honey?

Rich content in honey has some excellent medicinal properties. The anti-microbial property reduces the risk of infectious diseases. A spoon of honey can solve stomach ulcers and digestive issues. But …


a beagle looking at strawberries

Can Beagles Eat Strawberries?

We all become bored when eating the same thing each day. Unsurprisingly, your beagle is no exception. You may want to explore what foods your beagle can eat, either as …