Do Beagles Run Away?

Some dog breeds prefer being with their owners in the open, while some equally adorable breeds have a curious and impulsive mind, which makes them react and run away, leaving their owner. You are probably here because you love your beagle and have a question that’s concerning you, do beagles run away?

Beagles do run away from its owner when given a chance. They are independent in nature and do not entirely rely on their owner’s company. Beagles are hound dogs, and it’s their instinct to follow a trail of scent. They can easily get distracted by unknown scent and run away to find its source.

Reasons why Beagles run away

There are so many situations that can trigger your beagle’s curiosity and make them want to run. To prevent this, it is essential to be aware of such situations. Let’s have a look at some common reasons why beagles run away.

Catch the scent

Beagles are scent hounds, and they were used as hunting companions. In the past, beagles were used to track the scent of small animals like rabbits. Their role was to chase the prey once they catch its scent.

Even after being petted for many generations, beagles still have the natural instinct to chase a smell. While on a walk, if a beagle catches an exciting scent, his instinct will kick in and would just want to find its source. He will be so keen on chasing it, that he won’t listen to your commands.

To prevent this, always keep your beagle on a leash, even if you think that your pooch is well training. Beagles have an independent mind, and they cannot be trusted without a leash. You should consider getting the best leash for your beagle for proper security.


Beagles are playful and energetic. They prefer running and jumping and doing various physical activities rather than being a couch potato. They are affection driven and love attention from their owners.

Boredom can make a beagle do nasty things. He will start finding ways to escape from his little world and fulfill his wanderlust.

There have been so many cases in which a beagle ran away from a tiny open window. So something to take care of.

Wonder Lust

Beagles are expert escape artists. If you have a backyard, never keep him there unattained. Beagles are known to escape even from well-fenced yards. Here a real story of a beagle parent as well as one of our early readers:

Lucas Miller: We have a well-protected backyard where I use to let my beagle play around in the evening. I had never allowed my beagle to play there alone, except for this one day, well not even a day just for a moment. So my phone rang, and my wife was not home, so I went in to pick up the phone. The call hardly lasted for 5 minutes, and he was gone when I came back. After searching for 3 hours, we found him a mile away from our house.

I think this gives you an idea of how skilled beagles are when it comes to escaping.  So do not trust your beagle alone in an open backyard.

To Mate

While on a walk, if your beagle sees another dog and feels like mating, then it can run away behind the other dog. This is, however, more common in male beagles. To prevent this, you should consider to neuter your pooch.

Chase a small animal

As I said, beagles were hunting dogs, and they have a natural instinct to chase its prey. This instinct may kick in when a small animal like a squirrel passes by your beagle while on a walk. Your beagle will go craze and would want to chase the squirrel.

Preventing your beagle from Running Away

beagle on a leash

We all have heard the famous say, Prevention is better than cure. It actually is. Let’s have a look into a few things you can do to prevent your beagle from running away:

Keep him on a leash when outside. Always keep your beagle on a leash when you take him out, unless and until you have trained him well and are 100% sure that he won’t run away. If you think dog parks are safe, then let me tell you that they are not. Beagles have run away from the dog parks. You can get a retractable or a long length leash for park playtime.

Crate Train your beagle. If you live in a ‘HOUSE’ house, then your beagle may get out of the window and try to escape. It is just not possible to keep an eye on your beagle 24×7. So crate train your beagle and keep him in it when you are busy, and he is in a playful mood. This will keep him away from jumping of windows.

Do not leave beagle unattained in a backyard. You heard the story, didn’t you? So do not leave your beagle unattained in your yard. And if you do, then first make sure that your backyard is well fenced and protected. Also, regularly inspect those fences and check for any possible ways to escape.

Train Train and train. Train your beagle not to run away and stick by your side even without a leash.

Give him proper exercise. Boredom sucks, and everyone just wants to escape it. Spend time with your beagle, play with him, do various activities with him. Don’t give your beagle a chance to get bored and attempt to escape. Give your beagle regular exercise. A tired beagle is a happy beagle. They need it, and it’s good for them. Here are 12 different exercises for your beagle.

Train your beagle not to run away

A beagle runs away from his owner because he finds something else more interesting. One effective way to train your beagle not to run away from you is by making him understand that you are the best thing around him. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Take your beagle to a new place, where he has not been before. But the area should be confined and protected. One of your friend’s backyard can work perfectly.
  • Keep him on a leash. Do not pull the leash. Just stand still in one place.
  • Every time your beagle looks at you, say the marker word (‘good dog’ or ‘yes’) and give him a treat.
  • Once your beagle learns that he gets a treat every time he looks at you, stop giving him treats and wait for him to come to you. Treat him whenever he comes near you.
  • This time get the most delicious treat for your beagle. Now put the leash down and let your beagle lose. He will, at some point, look at you. As soon as he looks, say the marker word and give him the treat.
  • Be consistent with this training. Train your pooch every day at different places. This will change the perception of your beagle and make him believe that you are the most exciting thing in the environment.

This has worked for me as well as for many other beagle parents. However, you will have to be consistent with this training for months.

If your Beagle Runs Away

Life lesson: Prepare for the worse. Never believe that your beagle won’t run away ever. If it has happened to others, it can happen to you too. Every dog owner should be prepared and know what to do if his pooch runs away or goes missing.

  • Call Local Animal Service and let them know that your beagle has run away. They might ask you to email your pooch’s latest photo.
  • Contact each and every dog shelters in your area.
  • Call all your friends and family members and ask them to help you look for your dog.
  • Create posters with your beagle’s photo and your phone number. If possible, keep a reward. Beagles change their color, so make sure you print the most recent photo of your pooch. Put them in your area. And don’t be shy to ask your friends for help.

Final Thoughts

Try to take your beagle to dog parks and new places regularly. This will help him get used to various environments and scents and make him less likely to attempt to escape. Train him every day to stick by you and not run away.