7 Dog Breeds Similar to Beagle

Last week my brother from another mother called and told me that he was planning to gift her daughter a beagle on her birthday, but he cannot find a good breeder in his area. He wanted a suggestion of some other breed with similar looks and personality of a beagle. So I decided to spend a couple of hours researching and calling out my friends who are passionate about dogs. In fact I even called my dog trainer to give some suggestions. So what are some dog breeds similar to Beagles?

Some dog breeds that are similar to Beagles and have a lot in common are:

English Foxhound

Three english foxhounds

Just like beagles, English Foxhounds were used as hunting dogs. They were bred to hunt foxes in the countryside of England.

English Foxhounds are medium-sized dogs with high energy levels. They can be a fantastic companion for someone who likes to jog and run daily. They are friendly, do well with kids, and not at all aggressive. However, they are rare to find these days.


  • Both the dogs belong to the hound group.
  • Both have a strong sense of smell.
  • Just like beagles, English Foxhounds are an active and energetic breed.
  • Foxhounds are also medium-sized dogs.
  • They look a lot like beagles. Infect foxhounds also have long, floppy and droopy ears.
  • They are intelligent.
  • They are friendly, gentle, and have high social skills too.
  • Both are low in maintenance as they have short fur.


The most notable difference between the two is the size. English Foxhounds are bigger and heavier than beagles. While the average size of an adult beagle can be around 33 to 41 cm (12.9 to 16 inches) at the withers, Foxhounds can be as tall as 50 to 60 cm (20 to 25 inches) at the withers.


While beagles and foxhounds, both are stubborn, foxhounds are more independent in nature. They are not aggressive, but they can be more suspicious of strangers. English Foxhounds make better Watchdogs than beagles. However, neither of them is capable of being a good guard dog.

They may not be as affectionate as beagles, but they have a strong sense of pleasing their owner.

Exercise Requirements

Both the breeds are known for their high energy level. However, due to their size, Foxhounds have even higher energy levels and hence requires much more exercise daily than beagles.


Beagles are slightly more clever and intelligent than English Fox Hounds. However, training a Fohound can take time and more patience. But with proper positive reinforcements, these dogs can make fantastic pets.

In my opinion, beagles are better for first time owners, whereas a Foxhound will thrive with an experienced dog parent.


Harrier dog

The most similar breed to a beagle is Harrier. They have a similar personality and temperament as beagles. In fact, they even look like beagles. Harriers are humorously known as “Beagles on Steroids” and even “Beagles after joining a Gym Membership.”

Although Harriers are a little healthier and more energetic, they are affectionate, friendly, and gentle, just like beagles.

This breed is not that rare but not popular either, so it may take some effects to find it.

Fun Fact: Harriers are older than beagles.


  • Both are Hunting dogs.
  • Both of them belong to the hound group.
  • Both have a high sense of smell.
  • Just like beagles, the Harrier has a short coat of fur and requires less grooming.
  • Harriers are active, friendly, and playfully dogs too.
  • Both of these are pack animals and hence have excellent social skills.
  • Due to their friendly and affectionate nature, beagles, as well as harriers, do not make good guard dogs.
  • They are not aggressive.
  • Both breeds have a curious mind and are likely to escape when not on a leash.


Harries looks like ‘Beagles with Gym Membership.’ Harriers are larger than beagles. Their average height is 19 to 21 inches (48 to 50 cm).

While an average adult beagle weighs around 21 pounds (10 to 15 kg), the adult harrier weighs almost double, 50 pounds (22.5 kg).


Harriers have somewhat similar characteristics as beagles. They are active, playful, and independent. Both have a slightly stubborn personality, which makes them a little challenging to train. Harries has an independent and curious mind, which makes them great escape artists.

However, as compared to beagles, harriers are less sensitive. They are also less affectionate than compared to beagles.

As we all know, beagles are known for their vocally expressive personality. Harriers do not bark as much as beagles. They have a very selective bark, which is usually reserved for strangers. Due to this, Harriers make better watchdogs than beagles.

Exercise Requirements

With bigger size, comes higher energy levels. Harriers have more energetic than beagles, and comparatively require more exercise.

If you decide to get a Harrier, you will have to make sure that he gets a lot of exercises daily. You will have to take him for long walks at least once a day. If you are into jogging and running, then harriers can become great companions.


Both of the breeds are not the brightest in the class but intelligent enough. But due to their stubborn nature, training them can get challenging at times.

Labrador Retriever

A labrador sitting

Labrador retrievers were bred to be a family dog. They are intelligent, hard-working, and friendly dogs. They love to be around humans and can adapt to almost all lifestyles.

Even though labs do not belong to hound groups like beagles and others in this list, they make a great family dog. And that’s why it was worth mentioning them as an alternative to the beagle.

Labradors are high in demands due to their friendly and playful personality. They are quite easy to find. I am sure your area will have many lab breeders.

Fun Fact: Labradors are most popular breed in the USA.


  • Both of them are friendly and playful
  • Labradors are affection and love to cuddle their owners too.
  • Both of them have a high sense of smell.
  • Just like beagles, labradors are gentle and good with kids.


Labradors are much larger than beagles. The average height of an adult lab is around 22 to 25 inches ( 55 to 63 cm).  They weight about 55 to 77 pounds (25 to 35 kgs).


Just like a beagle, labradors are affectionate and make fantastic family pets. Labradors are social but not as much as beagles.

Even labs have a tendency to bark, but its less than beagles.

Unlike beagles, Labradors get pleasure in pleasing their owners. While beagles are more independent, labradors are more dependent on their owners. They are not stubborn and hence highly trainable.


Labradors and beagles, both of them are intelligent dog breeds. However, beagles are much more stubborn. On the other hand, Labradors love to please their owners, and this makes them quite easy to train.

That’s why Stanley Coren ranked Labradors 7th in his list of brightest dogs, while beagles were ranked somewhere in bottom ten. The list was made in consideration of the ease of training a breed.

Exercise Requirement

Labradors are slightly less energetic than beagles. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t require exercise. Just like beagles, labradors are prone to obesity, and they need regular daily exercise to flourish.

Basset Hound

Basset hound on a beach

Just like beagles, Basset Hounds were bred to hunt small animals like rabbits. They are much more relaxed and equally affectionate to their family.

They adapt well to most lifestyles and have an easy-going personality. Basset hounds can be fantastic pets for experienced as well as new dog owners.

This breed is quite popular and easily available in most areas.


  • Both belong to the hound group.
  • Basset hounds too make affectionate and loving pets for modern families.
  • Both have a short coat of fur, making them easy to groom and low maintenance.
  • They adapt well to apartment living too.
  • Both have a high sense of smell.


Basset hounds have short legs and are slightly smaller than beagles. They are around 11 to 15 inches in height.

However, they are much heavier than beagles. An average basset hound weighs between 40 to 70 pounds.


Basset hounds are loyal, affectionate, friendly, and social dogs. They are gentle and good with kids. They are comparatively easy to train than beagles. However, they can be stubborn from time to time.

Beagles are naughty and mischievous. Basset hounds are the opposite of that. They are well-behaved and not that energetic.


Many experts measure a breed’s intelligence with its obedience and capability of following commands. This is not at all a reliable way to measure intelligence. Many other factors should be considered, like instinctive intelligence, empathy, problem-solving skills, and many more.

Basset hounds are quite intelligent. They may not have great working intelligence, but they are instinctively smart.

Exercise Requirement

Basset hounds are more relaxed. They are less energetic when compared to beagles. However, this does not mean that you can get away without exercising them. Basset hounds require a moderate amount of exercise.

As I mentioned in the earlier section, basset hounds have high instinctive intelligence so physical exercise won’t be enough for them. You will need to provide mental stimulation like teaching a trick and training them.

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Basenji originated from the African country of Congo, was used for trapping small animals into the traps laid by hunters. This gentle and affectionate breed makes a great companion and a fantastic family pet.


  • Basenjis are friendly and social too.
  • Just like beagles, they are gentle and make an amazing pet for families with kids.
  • They are social towards humans.
  • They are stubborn but affectionate.
  • They are energetic and have high exercise requirements.
  • Low grooming requirements.
  • Low Maintenance.


Basenjis are slightly larger than beagles, standing at 16 to 18 inches. However, they have a leaner body and weigh almost as beagles.


Basenjis are friendly and have high social skills. Even though they are amazingly friendly with humans, they may not open up to other dogs and animals as much as beagles.

Basenjis are affectionate, but they may not prefer snuggling and cuddling as much as beagles. Although they are very loyal to their owners, they enjoy being in their own space.

One more good thing about them is that they do not bark as much as beagles.


Basenjis are an intelligent breed. But due to their stubborn personality, they may not always follow your commands. But with proper training and patience, they can be obedient.

Exercise Requirements

Basenjis are energetic and have high exercise needs. They can even require more exercise than beagles.


Dachshund playing

Dachshunds are scent hounds, and they were bred for hunting too. Their gentle and affectionate personality allows them to be a great companion. They are playful and loyal to their owners.


  • Just like beagles, dachshunds are scent hounds and were used for hunting.
  • They have low grooming requirements.
  • They are low maintenance.
  • Dachshunds have a tendency to be vocally expressive and bark a lot.
  • Not aggressive.
  • High potential to run away chasing a scent.


Dachshunds are way smaller than beagles. While beagles are medium-sized dogs, dachshunds are considered to be toy-sized breed. They are just about 8 to 12 inches in height.

An average Dachshund weighs around 8 to 10 pounds (3.5 to 5 kg).


Dachshunds are playful dogs. They are surprisingly courageous, even after being small in size. They may not be as affectionate as beagles but are more obedient.

One characteristic that both breed share is stubbornness. Dachshunds have a stubborn personality, so you will need to be patient with their training.

Dachshunds are friendly dogs. They are gentle and even-tempered, which makes them excellent family dog.

They love to express themself vocally. They are less stranger friendly. This makes them better watchdogs than beagles.


Dachshunds might not be the brightest dogs, but they are still quite smart. They have high obedience intelligence; due to this, they are slightly easier to train.

Exercise Requirements

Dachsunds have a moderate energy level. However, they are prone to obesity. So regular daily walks are highly recommended to keep them healthy and in good shape.


Greyhound dog

Greyhounds are hunting dogs, bred for hunting foxes and deers. They are really fast and made themself popular as Racing Dogs. They are active and compete in many dog sports around the globe.


  • Both belong to the hound group
  • They are affectionate too
  • They are gentle and kids friendly.
  • Greyhounds are social and friendly even to strangers
  • Just like beagles, they have higher energy levels and require daily exercise.


Greyhounds are a giant breed. On average they are 25 to 30 inches tall. They weigh around 65 to 75 pounds. They have an athletic build.

They are way larger than beagles. Due to their giant size, they may not be a good choice for apartment living.


They are very affectionate and gentle, making them good family dogs. Just like beagles, greyhounds are playful.

They are very sensitive to irregular sounds, and this makes them great watchdogs.

They are loyal to their owners and not at all aggressive.


They are very clever and easy to train.

Exercise Need

Greyhounds have a very high energy level. They need regular exercise.

Final Thoughts

If you ask me, I would prefer beagles over any other breed. I grew up with an adorable beagle (RIP Lola), and I am a parent of two beagles right now (Groot and Yoda). I am sorry if I am biased right now, but beagles are just a perfect breed, at least for my family and me. However, I get a dog with personality and character traits that suit you and your lifestyle. But if you decide to get beagle anyway, I would love to hear about it.