16 Reasons why Beagles are great dogs for first-time owners

Getting home, your first canine friend is an experience of excitement, emotions, and also can be a bit intimidating. A pup needs constant care, affection, and love. Having your furry companion can be a little tricky. As a first-time owner, you should have an idea about their temperament, grooming, nutrition, and socialization. Moreover, finding a pup who meets your personality and lifestyle is essential. However, we have your back in this case. Beagles can be the perfect choice for first-time owners.

Wasn’t Snoopy, the beagle from ‘Peanuts’ comic strip adorable and a ball of happiness? They are happy a little mischievous, playful, and will surely bring joy to your home.

Here are 16 reasons why Beagles are excellent dogs for first-time owners.


Happy beagle

You are about to have a best friend. Beagles as a pet are playful and friendly. They are mischievous and social, but their nature makes it easy to train them. They are desired to please and show affection to the people around them. Along with that, they are incredibly inquisitive and have a loving nature. Beagle’s love never ends for their owners.

This breed doesn’t have aggression, so they easily blend in with other breeds or any new faces in the house. Beagles don’t easily snap at any dogs, get possessive about their toys, or show aggression when they are hungry. Their playful attitude makes them the best companion around kids. Moreover, we can’t ignore those cute and priceless expressions. They can hypnotize you with those cute eyes! You would find them wagging their tail and barking wanting humans to play with them. Beagles will do something hilarious, which would make you laugh in a second.

Love Cuddles

Why do beagles cuddle so much

Beagles’ affectionate and loveable personality makes them the perfect cuddle partner. They are clingy; as a result, they show their adorable and tender side. They are socially comfortable. Beagles like to cuddle, sit on your lap, and have the best time with you. They highly appreciate human affection and companionship. Beagles won’t miss a single chance to sit beside you and nestle on your bed.

Beagles are distinctively known to have separation anxiety, which makes them irritated when they are left unattended. They show constant love towards you by being your cuddly partner. They love to cuddle like a spoon on a bed with some warm blankets. Beagles love to nestle under covers and enjoy their independent den-like space. You would have some extra cuddle time on your bed in the morning with your cute little pup.

Personality Package

Beagle Intelligence test

Beagles surely are a personality package. They can make you laugh with even the silliest thing they do. Moreover, they always find new ways to keep you laughing. Their big brown eyes, floppy ears, and bouncy paws will make you want them forever. You can’t resist their wagging tail and cute little paws.

Beagle’s only desire is to please their human when they are low or just to be around them. Even during your worst moods, they will always have your back and have a forgiving attitude towards their owners. Casually they would just give you a friendly lick, snuggle on your lap, and their doe-eyes will make you believe that everything is going to be okay.

Extremely Intelligent

identifying pure beagle

Beagles are extremely intelligent and have a curious attitude towards new things around them. According to researches, the beagle’s intelligence is similar to a 2-year-old baby. They are determined, have independent thinking, and making them excited about learning new things. This breed is included in the clever category of dogs. Beagles are smart enough to try out something in the apartment like they can crack how to open the refrigerator or a cupboard where the treats are stored. Their tracking ability is just commendable.

Beagles have some great cognitive abilities. There’s a perception about Beagles that they are stubborn, but that’s not entirely true. In contrast, they adapt to new surroundings and love learning new things. While training, a Beagle is focused and understands enough to perform the orders. Training them isn’t a big fuzz.

You can use this test to find out how smart are beagles.

Family Dog

Beagle as a pet

This breed has a cheerful attitude and is loyal to its owner. Beagles have a loving and playful temperament making them the perfect choice for a family dog. Other appealing reasons are they are convenient-size, easy to train, and have short to medium coat. They are kid-friendly and equally love to play with other dogs and cats too. They have a pretty good temper, and their energy levels match with kids. You will never worry about having a Beagle with your kids.

Just in case you are thinking of adopting an older Beagle or rescued one then, they will surely win your heart once they step in your family. They are extensively considered good with kids and adults. Beagles make the best watchdog, as they show affection and excitement towards their human. They are the fifth most popular breed in the US. Beagles adapt according to their surrounding environment. They can be happy in an apartment, a big house with a huge backyard, until and unless they have good physical activities.

Constant Love

Beagles are gentle, loving, and have a warm personality. Also, they are intuitive, so they know when you are sad or have some severe meltdown. They can melt your heart with those cute puppy eyes. Their eyes look so thoughtful. While looking at them, you would think they have an idea about everything going on in your mind.

Beagles are always excited to see people around them. They just love humans. You would be their biggest fan once they join your family. They will pour in unconditional love, especially when you have a treat with you. Beagles will continuously shower you with lots of love, affection and would ask the same from their owners.

Good Watchdog

beagle in an apartment

Beagles are the best watchdogs and the most popular breed in the US. They are very compassionate, loyal, and love their owners. They have a sense of humans approaching and can be very protective of their owners. This protective side makes them the perfect watchdog.

Beagles are known for their sniffing qualities, and this can help them to detect any potential threats around them. Their determination and intelligence can make them focus on for long. Beagles have deep howls and known for their musical noises. They make sure to guard their family with any threats. As soon as they sense a stranger coming towards their owner, they start barking. Also, watchdogs must socialize, and in this case, beagle’s happy and playful instincts come in handy. If your Beagle barks outside the window, you should appreciate him/her for alerting you and doing a great job.

Compact Size

Beagles weigh around 18-30 lbs and have an expected height around 13-15 inches. They are added in a small-to-medium-sized dog category. These measurements make them the perfect apartment dog especially, for first-time owners. As compared to their size, they have high-energy levels, well-built breed, and sturdier, though.

Beagles have good adaptability and hence settle down is a good apartment dog. Apartment owners find them the perfect choice for their lifestyle. Their compact size makes it easy to travel with. They can be taken to dog-friendly restaurants and cafes as they are easy to carry around in a special bag. It’s effortless to go around with them for long travel hours.


Beagle grooming - a complete guide

Beagles are easy-to-groom despite having such a pretty hound color coat. They have short and easy hair to wash and considered as low-maintenance pets. They have a smooth short coat, might be a little dense during winters. Beagles tend to shed low-to-moderately around the year. Their coat never gets too messy, muddy, and gross as they hardly bring any dirt on their body. To keep a check on their shedding, brushing once or twice a week can work for them. Brushing can promote hair growth and remove loose ends. It also produces oils and helps in maintaining a nice natural shine. Beagles enjoy being brushed, as they enjoy extra adoration and affection from their owners.

As they shed low, they are low maintenance and don’t need a regular run to the groomer. Beagles have sensitive skin; as a result, regular baths can make their skin rough and dry. Just a particular brush and shampoo are best, and you’re good to go! As prescribed by the doctors, shampoos should only be used once in six months. On the other hand, it’s essential to keep a check on their teeth for any germs, tartars, or bath breath.

Here is a Complete Beagle Grooming Guide.

Easy Training

Beagle sitting

Beagles are easy-going breed, although their training pattern is a little different from the other dogs. They need to understand that you are the pack leader, and then things would be smooth. Once they see their owners as their alpha dog, they are obedient and focused. Proper training and techniques will help your beagle to build a good foundation and enhance temperament. Early training can help them establish a new relationship with their ‘alpha dog.’

As an owner, you need to come up with creative ideas for training sessions, which boosts up their special qualities. Beagles always love training sessions that are fun and have some new elements every day. Try to train a few things on them with the help of a specific smell, as they are scent specialist. Ask them to smell a toy and then hid it. In this way, this enhances their scent senses and would be an excellent way to keep them fit.

Therapy & Service Dogs

Friendly Beagle

Beagles are popularly known as hunting dogs, but they are versatile in this case. They are also known as wonderful therapy dogs. Qualities like agile, curious, focused, and obedient can qualify Beagles as a service dog too. Beagles are appointed for sensing and observing various professions like depression, anxiety, to personal therapy. They can make a quick bond with humans, their intelligence and sniffing qualities can help them detect if there’s something wrong. They love human contact, are confident and high-spirited pets.

For the owner’s life is their credibility. During the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, a Beagle saved a man’s life who was buried under junk for over 100 hours.


beagle friendliness

Beagles love to be around people, and hence, this makes it easier for you to socialize with other dog breeds and cats too. They are easy-going and naturally social. They aren’t defensive or aggressive when it comes to playing with other dogs. They tend to get along and socialize. To have a dog-friendly environment, a dog park would be the best option. They would love to make new friends in the park.

Beagles always try and seek attention from people and especially, kids. They always love extra playtime with kids and see them as the most adorable playmates. They are caring and an inch more lovable towards them.

Inspector Beagle

owning a beagle

Beagles are called ‘Scent Hound.’ They are known for their noses and are exceptionally well following a scent trail. Their noses are always on the ground, sniffing each and everything. Right from the yard to the bed and sofa, everything is inspected. As well as, they can smell every single ingredient added in the pie. Impressive, isn’t it? You can have some endless fun with them while going on an adventure or for a scent trail hunt game. They are always up for treats involving scent trails.

We, humans, have around five million scent receptors; on the other hand, Beagles have roughly 220 million scent receptors. This would be a surprising factor, but Beagles are appointed as scent-detection at the US airports. Their friendly attitude allows them to have a thorough check for weapons and other illegal items, without making the passengers uncomfortable or nervous.

Excellent Hunters

Hiking with Beagles

This would come as a surprise to you all, but Beagles have some crazy hunting skills. This unquestionable quality has been developing by the pack of breeds for centuries. This hound is known as the most popular breeds for hunting. Beagles have been trained to hunt rabbits and gophers. The drive is an essential factor in a hunting dog, and in this case, the beagle has it all. Beagles can be a great companion in the field with their strong tracking game.

Hunting for prey can go for a long time, which can make hunting dogs tired and lack of energy. Although Beagles have high energy and they enjoy physical activities. Beagles are intelligent and have a sense of alertness, which makes the perfect combination as a hunting dog.

You can even train your beagle to hunt.

Dynamic Energy

Beagle jumping higher

Beagles are incredibly energetic and active. They are big-time enthusiast when it comes to outdoor activities. They love going outdoors and have a jolly time playing or getting trained. For good mental health, particularly like an energetic Beagle needs physical activities too. A lot of physical activities work best for a Beagle. They are happiest when they have a company for training or just a walk. They are excited to put in efforts, are agile and quick. Beagles are athletic and enjoy some sort of physical or outdoor activities most of the time.

As being a scent hound, their instinct nature makes them love going outdoors and sniffing around with their wagging tail straight up. An easy way to keep up with their personality and high energy is to take them for a walk. You would have the perfect fetch and run playtime with a Beagle.

Exercising Daily

Beagle Fetch

For a breed like a beagle, it’s recommended that they stay active and healthy by exercising at least 30 minutes to 1 hour a day. Beagles have a moderate exercise pattern. They enjoy an active and happy lifestyle. Daily walks can be the best exercise for your beagle to add up some backyard playtime works well. Taking them for a walk twice a day would be great. Their hunting personality makes it much easier for you to come up with outdoor activities. They won’t just lie around in the house.

Obesity can severely affect a Beagle’s personality. Their instinct makes them perfect outdoor companions. Having some sort of physical activity makes them stay calm and happy. Try to look out for signs when they are tired. Just like any other dog, you won’t have to struggle to take your beagle for a walk or exercise.

Beagles are the best and perfect choice for first-time owners as they have no experience or little experiencing this beautiful phase of their lifetime. Their exceptional sense of smell makes them the best hunters in town. Beagles are the best and smart home companions you can ever have.

Final Thoughts

They are cheerful and affectionate and would be your best companion. They are very friendly and can guard your home. Beagles adapt well to the family and, most importantly, are lovable and happy-go-lucky pups. Playing fetching and napping on your lap would be their favorite things to do. As well as they can be the perfect and adorable cuddly partner, you would ever have or wished for. They are loyal to their owners and trust me; after all, they will love you endlessly.