How to Teach your Beagle to be Quiet on your Command

Beagles are vocal dogs. They love to express their feelings by barking and whining. And no matter how much we love our pooch, we often get frustrated by their constant barking. This might make you wonder, can beagles be quiet?

Beagles can be taught to be quiet on your command. However, it is essential to understand that being vocal is in their nature. While you can control their barking, you cannot completely stop your beagle from doing it.

So I am sure I am not the only one to wish to have a switch to turn of their barking. While you cannot have a switch, you can train a beagle to be quiet on your command. I know this seems impossible, but trust me, it works.

Things to Remember

beagle barking

Before moving on, it is essential to keep some basic rules in mind while teaching your dog to be quiet:

1.Yelling isn’t a solution

If you’re yelling at your dog while they bark inappropriately, it pretty much sounds like you’re joining them too. So don’t rush; just make sure you don’t yell at them.

2.Keep it cheerful

Don’t forget to have an optimistic approach towards the training session, as being sanguine can make a lot of difference.

3.Consistency is the key

Be it training your dog or achieving a target, all that matters is how consistent you are.

4. Ignore until it’s normal

Your dog might be quirky sometimes, and to catch your attention, they might bark a lot. Be patient and just ignore them. Don’t even look at them or go near them. Instead, if you give them even the slightest of attention, it’d make them bark more.

Finally, when they’re tired, they’d slowly retire to rest, and this is when you can show a little love by giving them their favorite food. Slowly, they’d understand that being quiet can get them rewards, which would ultimately have a positive influence.

If you have any problem training your beagle, you can get this Dog Training course. I personally bought this course when my first got my Groot and trust me it worked like a charm.

Teaching the ‘QUIET’ Command

beagle listening to command

Having a beagle can bless you with some of the happiest days in your life. You can always come back to your dog’s warm hugs and cuddles after a long and tiring day.

They often warn us if they sense danger. But if your dog is making too much noise, it’s time to fix it up and teach them to quiet down when told.

Step 1: Brace yourself

Before you start teaching them, make sure you are well prepared for this and decide things in advance. You need to understand what makes your dog bark and note it down.

Step 2: Make them speak first

This might seem a bit weird, but to make your dog quiet and obedient, you have to make them bark at your command.

Get to know what makes your dog bark instantly. For example, it might be the sound of your car, doorbell, or the notification sound from your mobile phone. By understanding this, you can command ‘speak’ and reward them when they do so.

Practicing this for a few days can help your dog analyze the situation and bark upon your commands. You have to keep trying till you see the change.

Step 3: Teaching them to be quiet

Now once they’ve mastered the technique of listening to your commands and barking, it’s time to teach them to be quiet. This can be tough, but with patience, you can do this too.

Start by commanding ‘speak’ to which your dog would start barking and suddenly command ‘quiet’ to which your dog might not respond quickly or even ignore it. Then, by offering their favorite treat, they’d calm down, and once they’re quiet, don’t forget to praise them and show some love.

This will help them understand that being quiet upon your commands can win them rewards too.

Step 4: Distractions for the win

Once you start following the instructions mentioned above, your dog falls in the line and now responds to your commands accordingly. Now it’s time to bring in some distractions and see if they’re still able to respond to your command with the presence of anything that distracts them.

It can be an object, a sound, or even a guest that you have called at home. Distractions can be anywhere. If you’re taking your dog for an evening stroll, it can get distracted upon seeing or hearing anything.

This is the time to bring your ‘quiet’ commanding skills to action and make sure they obey you without any reluctance.

Step 5: Eliminate treats…gradually

Treats can be an excellent source of motivation for your dog to obey your commands. But overfeeding your dog can lead to many health hazards. All the extra pounds may even strain the dog’s joints, and it is always advisable to keep a tab of the calorie intake of your pets. Ultimately, you’d want your dog to obey your commands even without treats.

Training, grooming, and socialization are some of the pivotal needs of your dog. It can seem pretty overwhelming initially, but it’s a huge responsibility and requires a lot of consistency. A step-by-step process that inculcates good behavior in your pets. A well-trained dog can be a blessing.

Final Thoughts

Beagles are mischievous, but we all know that dogs can always light up our world. They are the active and lovable companions we need in life.

Beagles can be a lot louder than other dogs. And guess what they are super talented in vocalizing and tend to have different barks for different occasions.

But with patience and enough training, they can be taught to be quiet on your command. Well, if I can do it, then anyone can. If you still have trouble teaching this, feel free to email me, and I will be happy to help.