10 Things Beagles Like to Do

Every dog breed is different. For example, while some breeds like German Shepherds prefer to be independent, other breeds like Golden Retrievers want to be with their owners all the time. But what about beagles? What do beagles like to do?

Bark, howl, whine

beagle barking

If you didn’t know this already, the Beagles are super vocal. They make various noises to let you know about their feelings.

My Groot barks at us every time he wants attention. He stares at the door handle and makes a squeaky noise when he wants to go out. He whines if he wants to eat what we are eating. He makes high pitch bark when someone rings the bell.

It’s like they have their own language, which only beagle owners can understand.

Sniff things

beagle sniffing outside

Beagles are sniffer dogs. They were bred to track down the scent of small animals and chase them for their owners.

It’s their natural instinct to sniff. Beagles have got one of the most powerful noses with 225 million sense receptors. To put that in perspective, human noses just have 400 sense receptors.

Just like every other beagle, Groot is obsessed with smelling things. He would sniff everything he finds outside, even the poop of other animals.

Eat, eat and eat more

Beagle eating a frozen carrot

Beagles are foodie dogs. They love to eat. Put something in their reach, and they will gulp it in just a few seconds.

Their love for food can be dangerous. Not all human food is safe for beagles. Food items like garlic, onion, sugar, spices are toxic for them.

Last month Groot climbed on our dining table and ate leftover brownies.  We had to take him to an emergency room and keep him under observation for two days.

So make sure to keep all the food, except dog food, away from your beagle’s reach.

Chew things

This, I think it’s universal. Not just beagles, but all dogs LOVE to chew. It’s something that relaxes them.

Chewing is not bad. In fact, it helps to keep the dog’s jaws healthy and teeth clean. But, it is essential to teach your beagle what’s okay to chew and what’s not. Or else you will find the mascara of your couch and furniture every time you come home.

You can offer your pooch a bone or a chew treat every now and then. Here is a list of some of the best bones for your beagle to chew on.


Socializing a beagle

Beagles are extroverted dogs. They love to be around people as well as other dogs. They don’t shy away. Instead, they will jump on a person to shower them with licks and kisses.

Every time guest comes to our house, Groot would greet them with a wagging tail. Then, for some reason, he always gets one of his toys and offers it to the guests.

Not just people, but they are friendly with other dogs too. You must see Groot in a dog park. He gets super excited to interact with other dogs.

However, their social skills highly depend on how well a beagle is socialized in his puppyhood.

Jump on others

Beagle jumping higher

Beagles are jumpy dogs. They often start jumping when they are excited. They may even jump to get something from your hand.

This is not something you should promote. Jumping can be dangerous for your beagle as well as you. Your pooch can get his feet fractured. In the long run, it can increase the chances of joint problems.

So if this is something your dog does, try to control his impulse and train him not to do it.

Cuddle you

Why do beagles cuddle so much

For my family and me, this is the best feature of beagles. They are love to cuddle.

While some dog breeds prefer to be alone and independent, beagles can’t live without human affection.

Every morning, I find Groot curled up in my blanket, resting his back on my feet. He also loves to take a nap in my girlfriend’s lap when we are watching movies.

In most cases, all beagles love to cuddle. However, if your doesn’t, then here’s how you can make your beagle cuddle friendly:

Sleep on your bed

a beagle sleeping on a bed

Beagles just love to sleep next to their loved ones. So it’s either that or they find our mattress much more comfortable than ours.

I have tried so much to train my Groot to sleep on his bed. But in the middle of the night, when I am asleep, he hops on the bed and snuggles in my blanket. I am a deep sleeper, so I find my little monster snuggling inside my blanket right next to me.

First, I thought it’s just my beagle. But when I asked a Reddit community of beagle owners, so many of them told me that they are facing the same thing.

Run In circles

We all know how much beagles love to run. But for some reason, they love to run in circles.

I tried to find the reason behind this behavior, but apparently, quite a few beagles do it, but no one knows why.

Please email me if you happen to know the cause.

Play Tug of War

beagle playing tug of war

Beagles love to play tug of war. Get a rope toy, hold one end and give another to your beagle and let him pull.

This brings out their predatory nature. But, it’s also a great way to release their energy.

Ninja Tip: Your beagle may even growl while playing tug of war. It’s totally normal and healthy.

However, it is essential to set some basic rules to ensure your safety. Before start playing, teach your beagle the LEAVE command. Your pooch must leave the toy at your command. Start with a  long rope to avoid any accidents.

Final Thoughts

So these were some of the most common things beagles like to do. If there is a particular behavior you think should be on this list, then feel free to email me.