11 Things Beagles are Scared of and How to Deal with Them

No matter how courageous a breed is, there are always some things all dogs are scared of. This is no different for beagles. But what are beagles scared of?

Beagles are typically scared of sudden loud noises like fireworks and thunder. Apart from that, fear of being left alone is common in them. Their fear highly depends on how they were raised and acclimatized with their surrounding.

Every dog can have different fears based on their past experiences.

For instance, my beagle is scared of open umbrellas because when he was a puppy, an umbrella fell beside him and opened suddenly. He wasn’t hurt, but he developed this fear.

To find out some of the most common things beagles are scared of, I took it to a subreddit with over 12 million beagle owners and listed down 11 common fears among beagles.

1. Scared of Thunder


This is a very common fear among all dogs. A sudden and loud noise of thunder can scare your beagle. The level of fear can vary.

A thunderstorm can be scary for beagles, but they may get accustomed to the noise. In such cases, they may start barking.

For some beagles, this can be a severe fear. They may try to hide or even lose their bladder control and pee due to fear.

Try to calm your beagle by talking to them. Close all the windows to minimize the sound of thunder.

2. Scared of Fireworks


Similar to thunder, loud noises of fireworks can be scary for your beagle. Fireworks make various types of noises, and this can make beagles bolt run in fear.

The fear may affect some beagles more than others. They may try to hide behind things or bark or pee. They may show destructive behavior at such times.

Try to calm your beagle by sitting close to them. Close all the windows and cover them with curtains to block the sound and light.

3. Scared of Being Left Alone

Beagle sitting alone

Does your beagle start barking when you leave them alone in the room and don’t stop until you return? Well, that’s fear of being left alone or Separation anxiety.

Beagles were bred to be in packs, and that’s why they don’t like being alone. Separation anxiety is quite common in them.

A dog facing this fear will bark excessively or start chewing furniture. My neighbor’s beagle, who faces this problem, pees and sometimes even poop inside the house when left alone.

There are a few things you can do to overcome your beagle’s separation anxiety. Start slowly by leaving your beagle alone for a few minutes and give them a treat if they remain calm. A kong toy can be of great use too. You may even consider crate training your beagle.

4. Scared of Cars

Beagle in car

Some beagles hate raiding in cars. They don’t even go near your car. They refuse even to enter the garage. And when you pick them up and put them in your car, they get nauseous and vomit. Does all this sound familiar?

Your beagle is afraid of getting into the car because unknowingly, you have associated something terrible with it. He has had some bad experiences associated with riding in a car.

For instance, if you take your beagle to the veterinarian by car or your beagle might have car sickness, this will plant a seed of fear, and he will start hating the car.

They can even be scared of cars because they feel motion sick.

To drop this fear, try to associate good things with cars. Drive your pooch to the place he loves to go, like dog parks.

5. Scared of Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are big and make a lot of noise. This can be scary for your dog. It may come off that the vacuum is trying to attack them.

This occurs mostly because your beagle is not used to that thing. Other reasons for this phobia can be bad past experiences.

What you can do is introduce the cleaner slowly. Try putting it in your room while it’s turned off and let your pooch get used to seeing it. Then keep some of their toys near the cleaner. Gradually put a treat on it. Then try turning it on for few seconds and see how your beagle reacts. It may take time, but it will all be worth it.

6. Scared of Hair Dryer

hair dryer

Again, the sudden loud sound of a hairdryer can scare your beagle, especially when they are puppies.

Beagles already don’t like bathing, and drying them with a hairdryer can make things worst. They may bark or run or try to attack the hairdryer out of fear.

To remove this fear, you may want to introduce a hairdryer slowly. Put the turned-off hairdryer in front of them. Let them inspect it. Once he gets used to it, start the hairdryer at the lowest setting for a few seconds. If your dog remains calm, give him a treat. Gradually increase the time until he is comfortable with its noise.

7. Scared of Umbrella

beagle scared of umbrella

This is something my beagle is scared of the most. Open your umbrella, and Groot will start running in the opposite direction.

This is because he has had a bad experience with an umbrella when he was young. He was playing beside an umbrella that was kept standing. And suddenly it fell next to him and opened up. My puppy got so scared that he lost his bowl control and peed there.

I asked this on Reddit, and it comes out; it’s not just my beagle. There are so many dogs scared of umbrellas.

This is probably because of how the umbrellas work. To remove this fear, keep an open umbrella in front of your beagle and let him get used to it. Hold a treat in your hand, show it to your beagle, and open the umbrella slowly in front of him. If he stays calm, give him the treat. Keep repeating this for several days.

8. Scared of Vet

Beagle at vet

Just like humans, even dogs don’t like to go to their doctor. Many beagles are so scared that they refuse to even enter the clinic.

The whole experience of visiting the veterinarian can be traumatic for them. Think about it from their perspective. The clinic has weird smells, and there are other animals and new faces. Apart from that, getting physically checked by a stranger is not something they want.

To stop this fear, what you can do is take your beagle to the vet’s clinic simply for social visits. Ask the receptionist to give them some treats. If possible, ask the vet to just play with them.

This will make the clinic a little less scary for your cuddle monster.

9. Scared of Strangers


Some beagles are scared of strangers who are different than what they are used to seeing, like a person with long facial hair or wearing sunglasses or a hat. They may start barking at them.

This is the result of poor socialization. Every dog should be socialized properly right from their puppyhood. Failing to do so can lead to such problems.

To end this fear, take your beagle outside more often. Allow strangers to give treats and play with them. Introducing various people in your dog’s life can help reduce their anxiety.

10.Scared of Unknown Objects

beagle with a pumpkin

Big and unknown objects can seem like a treat to dogs. Some dogs may start barking at objects that they don’t recognize. Some may even attempt to chew it.

This is very common, and all you can do is give them time to get used to the object.

11. Scared of Other Dogs and animals

Beagle scared of other dogs

Beagles are a social and friendly breed to loves to interact with humans as well as other dogs. However, some poorly socialized beagles may have difficulty getting along with other dogs as well as animals like cats.

They may get anxiety by seeing other animals. A poorly socialized beagle can start barking at the animals and try to hide behind you.

To overcome this fear, you should introduce new dogs and animals to your beagle. Call all your friends and extended family who have dogs or other animals and ask them if they can visit you guys.

Final Thoughts

The above list consists of common things that beagles are scared of, and your dog may or may not have these fears. It highly depends on past experiences, training, and the environment.

If your dog has a severe fear of anything, please consult your vet or take help from a professional dog behaviorist.