Why do Beagles Howl so much and How to Stop Them

The common problem for every new beagle parent, including you, is the constant howling of the dog. To find the solution to this, you first need to understand the problem. So why do Beagles Howl so much?

Beagles are known to be very vocal about their feelings, and howling is one of them. The most common reason for a beagle to howl is to grab your attention and proclaim its presence. They also howl when they are alone and bored.

Common reasons why Beagles Howl

Grab your attention

Beagles love to play with humans. And when they get bored wandering around and playing with toys, they will come for you. As I said, the most common reason for the beagle’s howling is to grab your attention.

My beagle cannot see me sitting and not doing something else. He would do anything to grab my attention. He usually howls and jumps.

Express Separation Anxiety

If one day, your neighbor comes to you with a complaint that your dog howls every day when you are at work, then this is due to separation anxiety. In the past, beagles used to hunt in packs. They have always been a social breed. And they don’t do well if left alone for a long time. Your beagle might start destroying your furniture due to separation anxiety. Consider leaving him at a friend’s place when you are at work. You can also hire a dog-walker who would take your dog on a long walk on your behalf.

Express Pain

Your dog might be howling because he is in pain. Howling could be his way of vocalizing pain. If you notice excessive howling, then take your pal to the veterinarian and have him checked.


Fear triggers beagles to howl. Beagles do get scared, but they are no cowards. They will face their fears and start howling. They also respond to loud noises like thunder or siren.

Just for Fun

I have noticed that my four-legged friend sometimes howls while playing with his favorite toy. I created a poll on Instagram, asking other beagle owners if they have seen something similar. Quite a few parents have noticed their beagle howling when playing.

How to Stop a Beagle from Howling?

It is necessary to train your beagle not to howl in different situations. You don’t need a trainer. Beagles are clever. You can teach them yourself. It will also strengthen the bond between you and your pal.

Stop your beagle from Howling for Attention.

My Beagle trying to grab attention

Suppose you are watching Netflix, and suddenly your dog looks at you and starts jumping and howling. He is not angry; he is just trying to grab your attention.

It is prevalent for beagles to howl when they are bored and want your attention. It’s not something to be entertained. You need to prevent this kind of behavior. Let’s go through this step by step and find out how to stop your beagle when he is howling for your attention.

Step 1: Ignore when your Beagle howls

You have to clarify that howling is not the right way to grab your attention. So ignore your little pal. DO NOT respond to his howling. Do not even look at your dog. Any type of reaction from your side will encourage this habit.

NOTE: Even scolding or punishing is a type of reaction and could encourage the beagle’s behavior.

Step 2: Reward when the dog gets quiet

Once your dog is silent for more than 5 seconds, reward him. During the initial period, keep your beagle’s treat close. You will need them more often while training him. Sooner or later, your dog will figure out the connection between being quiet and getting a treat.

Do not treat him immediately after his howling; wait for 5 to 10 seconds. Slowly and gradually increase the wait time.

Step 3: Quiet your dog on command

You must teach your beagle discipline. Train him to follow your commands. Train him to howl when you say “speak,” and train him to stop and be quiet on a “hush” command.

Training your Beagle to howl on your command:

  • When you think your dog is about to make any noise, say “speak” and let him howl.
  • When he starts howling on your ‘speak’ command, praise him and give him a treat.
  • And when he howls without a command, ignore your little pal, do not even look at him.
  • This will stop your beagle’s howling without the command.

Training your Beagle to be quiet on your command:

  • When your dog stops howling, say “quiet,” and praise him, reward him with a treat.

NOTE: Be patient and don’t give up. It might take more than a few tries to train your beagle to these commands. But he will learn eventually.

Stop your beagle from Howling when he is lonely.

Lonely Beagle, Separation anxiety

If you find out that your beagle howls when you are away, then this is due to separation anxiety. As I said before, beagles are social animals. They are used to living in packs, and they might not deal with loneliness properly.

The best method to help your dog overcome separation anxiety is by associating good things with separation. For instance, give your beagle a toy right before you leave. Give him a Food puzzle toy, the best thing for my beagle when he is alone. You can stuff some healthy and delicious food in a Food puzzle toy and give it to your beagle before you leave. The toy will keep him occupied for 30 minutes easily. Make sure you take the toy away as soon as you return home. Be consistent and repeat this for a while. And gradually, your beagle’s separation anxiety will disappear.

If your beagle’s separation anxiety continues, consult a vet, dog behavioral expert, or a certified dog trainer. 

Over the top, spend quality time with your beagle when you are back home. Take him for a walk, play with him, and teach him some tricks. It will surely help your beagle overcome separation anxiety.

Stop your beagle from Howling when he is afraid.

Environmental triggers such as thunder can also cause your beagle to howl. During such a situation, sit next to your dog and calm him down. Try to distract him by playing fetch or some other game.

If your beagle is sensitive to some specific noises (for instance, the sound of a hairdryer), then it is necessary to teach him not to react to it. You can play that particular noise purposely and let him howl, and once he is calm and quiet, reward him with a treat. Do it consistently, and your dog will get used to that sound.

And if your beagle is sensitive to environmental triggers like thunder, then what you can do is Youtube ‘scary thunder sound’ and play it at low volume. He most probably won’t react to that slow sound; reward him with a treat. Gradually increase some volume and teach him to tolerate it. Do is consistent until your beagle gets used to unpleasant sounds.


Don’t Yell at your Beagle

Never yell at your beagle, especially if he is a puppy. Puppies are not familiar with the concept of yelling. Your yelling will give the wrong impression that you are joining him, making him more excited. It may encourage him to howl more.

Don’t use Shock Collars.

NEVER USE shock collars or any other type of remote shock punishment. Not just are they inhuman, but they will scare your beagle mentally for life. Such punishments could make your dog more aggressive. They will create fear in your beagle and make him act formally. DO NOT EVER USE ANY SHOCK PUNISHMENTS.

Some Final Thoughts

Beagles are the lovely bread of dogs, and they love to vocalize their feelings. Sometimes beagle would just howl out of joy. Sometimes I feel like, I and my beagle are singing some song together, not even kidding (btw, will be uploading a video of us soon). Love your beagle and sometimes let him howl and sit there and enjoy his howling.