Why do beagles fart so much and What to do about it?

Fart of your Beagle can be funny and cute, but if it starts happening more often, then the foul smell can become problematic to deal with. It can not only be embarrassing for you but for your guests too. Excessive farting can also be a symptom of some health concerns. But why do Beagles fart so much?

Beagles can fart for many reasons; one of the most common among them is dietary indiscretion. A sudden change in diet or eating new food can make them gassy. Farting or flatulence occurs when there’s an expulsion of a mixture of byproducts gases in the digestive system. Occasional farting is perfectly normal.

Further, in this article, we will look into various reasons which are causing farts and how you can prevent it.

Reasons behind Beagle Farting

The smelly hydrogen gas formed by the byproducts of certain food items is released through the colon. Frequent farts are caused due to a bloated stomach or cramping. Let’s have a look at various reasons why beagles fart.

Particular Food Items

Change in the dog’s diet should be done gradually over the course of at least three weeks. A sudden or improper change in your Beagle’s diet can cause an upset and gassy stomach.

Apart from that, adding a certain item in your Beagle’s diet can cause indigestion, leading to gas. For instance, Broccoli is good for your Beagle as it is a rich source of vitamins, folic acid, calcium, potassium, and fiber. But this veggie can make your dog gassy and bloated. As it is a soluble fiber, it gets digested before it reached the large intestine, later making your Beagle gassy.

To avoid this, start with introducing new food in smaller quantities and mixing it with the old one.

Foods high in fiber should be avoided as beagles lack enzymes to break down these supplements and leads to fermentation and later gas.

Keep your Beagle away from trash cans and leftover food. Eating indigestible food can later cause gas.

Avoid Table Scraps

What may seem healthy for humans can be toxic for your Beagle. One mistake that dog parents do is feed the remaining table scraps to their pooch.

Human food is usually high in fats and contains sugar, which makes the food difficult to digest for your Beagle and leads to gas. Some of the dogs may even be lactose intolerant, and giving dairy products can cause an upset stomach, sometimes even worse.

Being a responsible parent, you should avoid feeding your pooch table scraps.

Eating Too Fast

Swallowing food at a faster pace can lead to the intake of air, which increases gases in the bowel system—swallowing of air while drinking or eating is called ‘Aerophagia.’  If you notice that your pooch is eating too fast, then this can be the reason why he has been farting so much.

To avoid this, serve him smaller portions of food throughout the day. You can even get a raised bowl, to make it difficult for your pooch to eat in large quantities. Feeding him in a kong can help too.

If you have one or more dogs, then the situation can be a bit more competitive. So make sure you don’t let your Beagle eat with your other pet. Each pet should have a designated eating place.

Bacteria in the Digestive System

Good bacteria and harmful bacteria play an essential role in humans’ digestive systems, and this applies to canines too. The bacterias break down the food, and the undigested carbohydrates create gas in the process. The build of harmful bacteria can lead to imbalance and later upset stomach.

This imbalance in the stomach can create gas. Also, it can cause diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.

They’re Overweight

Beagles are active and have a high energy level. Without daily exercise and proper diet, a beagle can quickly become overweight. Overweight and inactive beagles are more prone to a gassy stomach.

To avoid this, provide physical exercise to your Beagle daily and keep a check on his food intake. It will help to maintain a healthy digestive tract and decrease excessive gas production. Here are 12 ways to exercise a beagle.

Major Gastrointestinal Disease

Farting often can give a warning about your Beagle’s unhealthy gut. This can be an unhealthy gastrointestinal disease like inflammatory bowel movements. Beagles are prone to these types of diseases. Excessive gasses can lead to small and loose bowel movements and further to volvulus infections, which can even be fatal.

In such situations, consult a vet as soon as possible for a better solution.

How to Prevent Stinky Farts in Beagles

Beagle standing and looking up

Encouraging your Beagles to have a proper and healthy diet brings a difference to their lifestyle. You need to stop your Beagle to gobbling food and consuming unhealthy food items.

Other than just maintaining a proper diet, there are different ways you can help your Beagle reduce and prevent farts.

Maintain Active Lifestyle

Beagles love to play outdoors and are always ready for activities. Take your Beagle for a walk or some physical sessions to curb down bloating and gassy stomach.

A walk before or after dinner can also encourage better bowel movements. 30 to 45 minutes walk or any physical activity can work positively for your Beagle.

Beagles with an obese and sedentary lifestyle have a  higher risk of heart problems and chronic flatulence.


Pineapples can reduce flatulence and also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Pineapples contain bromelain; it is a protein-digestive based enzyme which helps in the decomposition of proteins in a Beagle’s stomach.

Most beagles love the tangy and sweet taste of pineapples. They are a wise option for a tasty and healthy mid-day snack.

Skip on canned pineapples. They have added sugars, making it harmful for your Beagle’s digestive tract.

Multiple Meals A Day

Feeding your Beagle two meals a day is much easier, but it can be a bit heavy on the stomach and the intestinal tract. Instead of 2 meals a day, divide the same amount of food in 3 to 4 meals a day.

Small meals won’t let the food sitting in the stomach. Less fermentation will lead to a reduction in the gas build-up.

Multiple meals a day won’t reduce the amount of food your pet consumes, but the calorie consumption will be distributed and manageable.

Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplements

Including probiotic supplements in your Beagle’s diet can reduce stinky farts. Adding good bacteria to your Beagle’s diet can increase the health of the gastrointestinal tract. Good bacteria can increase the overall health of the gut.

There are capsules and liquid supplements of probiotic available in the market. However, plain yogurt can work too. Plain yogurt has good bacteria and is a probiotic food item. Just make sure the yogurt is fat-free or is a low-calorie variant. Beagles love and enjoy the taste of yogurt. Opt for a fat-free plain yogurt product. Consult your vet before adding any supplements to your Beagle’s diet.

A common method to avoid excessive and stinky farts is to make dietary and lifestyle changes. Once you are aware of what food items work best for your Beagle, then the medical issues can be prevented easily. Curb on treats as they can easily upset your pet’s stomach and spike sugar levels.

Also, it is recommended to consult with a vet before adding any extra supplements to your pet’s diet. In some cases, you may need to have prescribed medications to solve your Beagle’s excessive farts.

Final Thoughts

Proper outdoor activities and a healthy diet can solve this issue. Opt for less processed food items, low-calorie variants, and quality products.

Exercising before and after meals can reduce a gassy stomach and also improve the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the intake of probiotic and probiotic supplements improves Beagle’s gut.