9 Reason to Neuter or Spay your Beagle

Being a responsible beagle owner, you will need to make crucial decisions about your furry friend’s well-being. The foremost decision you would have to make is; whether or not to get your beagle neutered/spay.

Neutering and spaying are cost-friendly surgeries. They offer numerous health benefits. And believe it or not, these medical surgeries can extend your pal’s life span as well. So let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should Neuter or Spay your Beagle.

1. Spaying prevents various diseases in female beagles

Studies suggest that about a quarter of unspayed female dogs are prone to developing mammary tumors, among other diseases.

Spaying also prevents breast cancer, uterine cancer, and further urinary infections from occurring in a female beagle.

Due to the rising importance of having female beagles spayed, the surgery cost has dropped down manifold, making it an affordable medical procedure. You could save your beagle from enduring enormous pain once you get it spayed.

2. Neutering Reduces certain Health Risks

Getting a male beagle neutered will halt the development of testicular and prostate cancer, allowing your canine to live a healthy and happy life.

Once a dog undergoes this surgery, they develop immunity against contagious diseases that are common among stray dogs, such as feline AIDS and feline leukemia.

3. Behavioral Benefits

The surgery makes them less moody and aggressive. Aggressive beagles, at times, could show mild hostility towards other dogs and guests. Neutering diminishes the possibility of aggression or the exhibition of negative behavior.

4. A Spayed beagle will not enter her Heat Cycle

The heat cycle or Estrus, if scientific terminology is to be followed, is an important stage in the life of a female beagle. It is a period when your eggs are released and the dog becomes mature for breeding. Unspayed beagles are likely to enter the stage twice a year, after every 6 months.

During the heat period, your beagle will show signs of agitation, in search of a mating partner. She will howl, become hysterical or can even urinate around the house. Such behavior poses a major problem for pet owners. To prevent your beagle from howling for a mate, the easiest and permanent solution is to get her spayed.

Spaying will ensure that your beagle remains calm even during the breeding season, and littering around the house is minimized.

5. Tendency to escape will be Minimized

Well, if it’s their mating time, your unneutered beagle would do just about anything to find himself a partner. He could claw his way out of the house, if need be and may even bite a few family members along the way. That may be a little exaggerated, but they tend to become aggressive and territorial.

Taming your beagle will soon become increasingly challenging if the necessary steps are not undertaken. Getting your male beagle neutered is the best decision you could make to keep his behavior in check!

6. They behave better after Neutering

Some beagles can have a strong urge to mark their territory. They may urinate at different parts of the house to mark their area. If that’s the case, then it’s very much likely that your beagle needs to be neutered.

Once your pal undergoes this medical surgery, it will minimize this behavior. They won’t have this urge to mark territory as much as before.

7. It can save the lives of countless other Beagles

Each year, countless beagle puppies are euthanized because they cannot find a proper owner. People who let their beagles give birth to puppies and then donate them to an adoption center are not helping either.

In fact, they are the cause of the problem. You could save puppies from being euthanized if you get your beagles spayed and neutered.

8. It’s a Cost-friendly procedure

Although the surgery time can last for an hour and the recovery time can be a few weeks long, the costs are fairly inexpensive. If you are holding back on the surgery because of your tight budget, then there are quite a few low-cost clinics all around the country. You can even search for NGOs who provide this service for cheap.

9. Your beagle will live a long and happy life

Spaying and neutering will prevent various deadly diseases from contaminating your little beagle. This will augment their life span and allow them to live a long and happy life.


While we may go to excessive lengths to make our beagles happy, looking after their medical well-being is equally important.

Once you begin to nurture a beagle, the question of whether or not to neuter your dog will arise time and time again. You may hear countless myths about spaying and neutering’s adverse consequences, all of which are false. Spaying allows your puppy only adds to their betterment of health and they will thank you for it!