When do Beagles go into Heat: 7 Signs to Look for

Like all dogs, Beagles go into heat at certain points in their lives. This is the time when they are fertile. But when do beagles go into Heat?

Most Beagles go into heat for the first time when they are 6 to 9 months old. After this, your female beagle will go into heat every 6 months, although the intervals may vary in some dogs.

Further in this article we will look into various stages of the Female Beagle’s Heat cycle and go through some signs to look for.

Different stages of Beagle’s Heat Cycle

A female beagle goes through four different phases during her heat cycle. They are commonly known as Proestrus, Estrus, Diestrus, and Anestrus.

Phase 1: Proestrus

It is the time when a dog’s body starts preparing to mate, indicating the beginning of her heat period.

She can undergo swollen vulva, excessive licking, clingy behavior, and aggression towards male dogs. The hormone estrogens start to increase, and your Beagle will tend to hold her tail close to her body.

Phase 2: Estrus

Estrus is the mating phase. Your female Beagle becomes receptive to male dogs. The level of estrogens in her body is at a peak. It is the time when she will ovulate and exhibit signs of frequent urination.

Phase 3: Diestrus

The stage that comes right after the ‘in heat’ stage is Diestrus. During this phase, your female Beagle will no longer be capable of becoming pregnant. The estrogen level drops, and the progesterone level increases. Her vulva returns to normal size.

Phase 4: Anestrus

The inactive phase or the Anestrus phase is when your female Beagle shows zero signs of sexual or hormonal behaviors.

Signs your Beagle is in Heat

beagle in heat sleeping

Depending on the heat cycle, a female beagle undergoes numerous physical and behavioral changes in her body. It is essential to look for these signs when she is in heat.

1. Swollen vulva

A swollen vulva is one of the most common signs that become noticeable. The swollen degree can be minor to moderate. The cells of her uterine wall expand during her Proestrus period.

It is advisable to observe her vulva area when she is not in the heat so that you might know when it starts to swell during her “in heat” stages.

2. Color of the discharge from her vulva

The color of the discharge from her vulva is another factor to determine if she is in heat. The red discharge is also known as spotting.

The color of the discharge can vary from light pink to a dark red color. The color can also change throughout the heat cycle. It happens because the blood mixes with other fluids.

Female beagles tend to discharge enough that accumulates onto bedding, flooring, or other surfaces. Many beagle parents opt to choose a canine panty or doggie diaper during these times.

3. Your female dog becomes receptive to male dogs

During her heat cycle, you might notice stray dogs coming over to roam in front of your house. Male dogs often detect your dog’s heat cycle within the 3-mile radius range.

It is essential to take your beagle along with you whenever you’re stepping out and not leave her alone.

4. An increase in mounting behavior

If you notice some changes like mounting on her toys, you need to understand that she is in her Estrus phase.

5. Change in Appetite

Their body craves additional energy, and thus the appetite increases. Some beagles may become less active during their ‘in heat’ phase. In such scenarios, your Beagle can also have a decreased appetite.

6. Excessive licking in her genital areas

It is another essential factor that becomes noticeable. The reason behind licking her genital areas could be to clean any discharge emitting from her vulva.

7. Excessive urination

Frequently urinating is her way of marking her territory with pheromones. She tries to indicate or alert the male dogs that she is in heat.

Excessive urination can lead to dehydration. Vets suggest keeping your dog hydrated during these times.

Other Signs

  • Other symptoms, such as showing signs of discomfort, can also hint that your Beagle is in heat.
  • She may curls up or ends up sleeping for more hours.
  • She can also become more energetic and excited.
  • It is essential to pay notice to their walking schedule.

What to do if your Beagle is in the heat?

female beagle care

There are various precautions that you must take into consideration when your beagle is in heat.

  • Whenever you’re taking her out during this period, do not let her off the leash. She can start searching for a male mate.
  • Other male dogs may try to hump her while you are out walking, so be cautious.
  • If you notice any signs of illness such as thickening of the uterine lining or more fluid discharge during her heat cycle, immediately consult your veterinarian. If you ignore these signs, the chances are that your dog might get a uterine infection or life-threatening pyometra.
  • When your beagle is in her heat cycle, she will leave blood spots on her bedding or the floor. You can also buy dog diapers.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that an ovulating female beagle seeks attention and sleep. Try to fulfill her needs and attend to her whenever she requires you. Heat cycles last between 2 and 3 weeks.

Av average age of a female Beagles to have her first heat cycle is six months old. However, it can occur as early as four months or as late as 16 months.

On average, a beagle can have two heat cycles per year. Both the heat cycles have a difference of six months.