Beagle as a Pet – Expense, Personality, Intelligence, Pros & Cons

If you are seriously planning to get a beagle as a pet, then let me tell you one thing, ‘You won’t regret it.’ Beagles are adorable little cuddle-monsters perfect for most of the family. Before getting any dog, it is essential to do proper research about the breed’s monthly expense, temperament, personality, maintenance, and many more aspects.

In this article, we will look into every advantage and drawback of having a beagle as a pet. I am sure this will make it easier for you to decide whether or not a beagle is suitable for you and your family’s lifestyle.

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Temperament of Beagles

Happy beagle

Beagles are interesting beings. On the one hand, they are lovable, friendly, and loyal, whereas, on the other, they are notorious and mischievous. Their playful and adorable nature makes them a perfect breed for families with kids.

Beagles are loyal, but they have an independent and curious mind that loves to wander new places. This makes it a little more challenging to walk with them without the leash. Their curious mind makes them a pro escape artists, so keeping your beagle in an open yard might not be a good idea.

Beagles have a fantastic sense of smell, and having a seed of curiosity inside them can make this super-quality a curse. Beagles are known for running away from their owners just to chase a new scent and find its source. It’s highly recommended to always keep your beagle on a leash when outside.

Beagles were used for hunting small animals back in the 1800s. They have inherited the instinct to chase. So if you keep your beagle off the leash and he sees a squirrel or a rabbit, he will go chasing behind them. Their history of hunting doesn’t make them aggressive. Beagles are one of the most friendly and least aggressive dog breeds.

Beagles have always been a pack animal. They like being around people and don’t do well when left alone. If left unattained for an extended period, a beagle may get anxious. They are prone to separation anxiety, which can cause excessive barking and destructive behavior.

Their friendly nature makes them a perfect breed for a family. Beagles can be very loyal to more than one family member. They are energetic and playful and do well with kids and other dogs(we will look more into it below).


beagle in an apartment

I will give 4 out of 5 stars when it comes to beagles’ adaptability. They are suitable for most human lifestyles and surroundings.

Can a beagle live in Apartments?

A big yes. Beagles are apartment-friendly. But being an energetic and playful breed, you will need to provide proper exercise and take them on walks daily.

There are a few things that you will have to make a check before getting a beagle.

  1. Check if your complex allows a dog. Complexes have their own set of rules, and quite a few of them don’t allow any pets. So make sure to confirm with the owners, landlords, or the front desk before bringing a dog.
  2. Check if your neighbors are okay with occasional barking. Beagles are expressive, and they bark sometimes, so just make sure your neighbors are okay with occasional barking.
  3. You or one of your family member should have enough time to take them for daily walks. Depending on the energy level of your beagle, he will need anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes of walk daily.
  4. Can you make your room dog-friendly? Ask this question to yourself. Beagle puppy will start eating anything he sees. So just see to it that you can dog-proof your house or at least one room.

Can beagles live in a house with a backyard?

Yes. A house with a backyard is the most suitable place to raise a beagle. They love to run around and play in open spaces. But beagles have a curious mind, which makes them pro-escape artists. Beagles are capable of finding their way out of backyards. So it’s better not to leave them unattained unless and until you are 100% sure about the safety.

Can a beagle live outside in the backyard?

Even though your backyard is 100% safe, you cannot make your beagle live there. Beagles are indoor dogs. They do love their time outside, but they cannot live there. Here are a few reasons why leaving a beagle out is not a good idea:

  • Beagles can adapt to normal rise or drop in temperature. But they cannot tolerate extreme weather. Outside, they are always at risk of heatstroke (during summer) and hypothermia (during winter).
  • Beagles can eat toxic plants or swallow harmful objects present in the yard.
  • There’s always a risk of wild animals attacking your beagle.
  • They can catch mites, fleas, and infection.
  • Moreover, they can escape a backyard and take off.

So it’s not at all a good idea to allow them to live in your backyard. Keep them home and let them cuddle you (yeah, beagles love to cuddle us). And let them play outside only under your supervision.

Weather Tolerance of Beagles

beagle weather tolerance

Beagles are best at room temperature. They don’t do well in extreme heat or cold.

Beagles in winter

A beagle will enjoy a pleasant winter walk. But they don’t do well at shallow temperatures. Beagles have a medium-sized fur coat that does not provide much cold-resistance. A safe winter temperature for your beagle to enjoy outside is 30 degrees Fahrenheit, anything below that can be dangerous.

A short playtime in the snow in the afternoon is okay, but anything more than that will just increase the risk of hypothermia and frostbite. A safe time for which a beagle can be outside in freezing temperature will be 15 minutes.

However, this does not mean that you cannot get a beagle if you have cold winters. You will just have to take extra care of your beagle during winters. Here are few winter care tips for a beagle:

  • Don’t allow your beagle outside in the snow for more than 15 minutes.
  • Exercise him indoors at room temperature.
  • Get a dog sweater for your beagle.
  • Air becomes much drier in winter, so you will have to apply wax on your beagle’s paws and nose to avoid cracks on them.
  • Keep your pooch hydrated.
  • Consult a vet for proper and well-detailed winter care guide for a beagle.

Beagles in Summer

Summers are perfect for active dog breeds like beagles. You get to take your beagle in parks, go on hikes, you even get to swim with him. You can do all sorts of fun things with your four-legged pal outside in summers.

Beagles have a good tolerance for heat. A safe summer temperature for a beagle to enjoy outside is 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything more than that can affect your beagle’s health.

Here are a few summer care tips for your little pooch:

  • Keep your beagle hydrated all the time. Give him filtered or boiled water.
  • Prefer going on walks early in the morning or in the evening when the temperature is not that hot. Avoid taking your beagle outside in the afternoon.
  • Give some fruits to your beagle to keep his body-temperature cool. Fruits such as watermelon, raspberries, and blueberries are great options.
  • Apply canine sunblock before taking your pooch outside in direct sunlight.


beagle friendliness

Beagles are quite friendly in nature. They are so friendly that you cannot trust them to guard your house. A beagle may bark at an intruder, but it is less likely that he will confront him. If the intruder is a dog person and knows how to be with a dog, the beagle might even start cuddling him after some time.

Are beagles Family-friendly?

A big YES. Beagles love people. More the people, happier the beagle will be. This makes them an incredible pet for a family. You will have to make sure your beagle socializes with each of the family members.

Ask everyone in your family to feed your beagle once in a while, tell them to teach him tricks and commands, and play with him. In this way, the beagle can bond with all the family members.

Are beagles good with kids?

Yes, beagles do amazing well with kids. Beagles are playful, yet calm in nature, making them a great companion for kids older than eight years old.

I know a family in which a beagle bonded so well with the child that it became his guardian. Now the dog follows the kid everywhere like a shadow.

Are beagles good with an infant?

Beagles are expressive. A beagle will bark, whine, and even bay. It will disrupt your baby’s sleep.

Beagles are very lovable and not at all aggressive. However, you will have to keep your baby and the beagle in a different room (not just beagle but any dog). You can allow them to play with each other, only under your supervision.

Are beagles friendly with other dogs?

Beagles are pack dogs and do not have an aggressive personality. They are social creatures and tag along well with other dog breeds too. So you do not have to worry if you already have a dog at your house.

Are beagles friendly with other pets?

Beagles usually get along with cats too. Whereas other pets like rabbits, hamsters, mice can hit a beagle’s instinct to hunt small animals, and he will start bothering them. If you already have a rodent pet and you are getting a beagle puppy, then you can train him to tolerate its presence. But getting a rodent after the beagle has matured might not be a good idea.


Brushing a beagle

Trust me, beagles are low-maintenance. But this doesn’t mean that they don’t need grooming at all. Regular grooming is essential for a beagle’s health and well-being. Their medium size and playful nature make it easy to groom a beagle. You don’t even need to take your beagle to a groomer and spend 100s of dollars. You can completely groom your beagle in your house.

Here are things you need to do to groom a beagle:

  • Cut nails: You will have to cut your beagle’s nails once or twice every two weeks. It hardly takes 10 minutes.
  • Baths: Beagles have short and thick fur which don’t get dirty easily. Bathing them once a month is enough. This can be a good bonding exercise for you two.
  • Dental care: Brushing your beagle’s teeth at least thrice a week will keep their gums healthy and avoid tar buildup.
  • Brushing the coat: Brushing a dog’s coat will remove debris and dirt. This is something you will have to do every week.
  • Cleaning the ears: Their long, floppy, and adorable ears create a moist environment inside it. You will need to clean their ears with a cotton ball every week to avoid infection.
  • Paw and nose care: Winter can cause dryness on their paws and nose. During winter, you will have to apply balm/wax to avoid dryness and cracks on them.

Apart from keeping your beagle healthy, regular grooming sessions can strengthen the bond between you and your little pooch.

Amount of shedding

Every dog shed, its natural. It’s more about how much and how long do they shed. Some breeds shed seasonally, and some shed throughout the year. The coat of a beagle will adjust its density as per the temperature. During winter, thick hair starts growing. And when the temperature increases in summer, they start shedding excess hair on their fur. The amount of shedding depends on the country and its weather conditions.

You may notice a light shedding throughout the year. Beagles have a short coat making it less noticeable in the house.

The best way to deal with shedding is by brushing a beagle’s coat regularly.

Do beagles drool?

First of all, drooling is just saliva coming out of a dog’s mouth, and it’s not something to worry about. Beagles do not drool much. However, you might notice a little drooling when before giving them food.


Purebred beagle puppy

Beagle is known to be a healthy breed. Beagles are less prone to most canine diseases, which are more common in other breeds.

However, there are a few conditions that beagles are prone to. According to Petmd, beagles can be prone to patellar luxation, glaucoma, epilepsy, central progressive retinal atrophy, hypothyroidism.

Few health conditions beagle can be prone to

NOTE: We do not constitute any pet medical advice, kindly consult a licensed veterinarian for pet medical advice.

Irritable bowel syndrome: This is an intestinal disease that can cause long term diarrhea and loose motions. However, switching to nutritional dog food and following medication may resolve this issue.

Glaucoma is another common problem in beagles. It is an eye problem that is caused due to pressure on the inner eye. In most cases, it can be treated with eye drops and other medications. In rare severe cases, surgery will be required.

Epilepsy: Epilepsy is a disorder that causes seizers in dogs. The most common cause of epilepsy is genetics.

Hip Dysplasia is another condition caused by genetics.

Here is a list of common beagle health problems and how to avoid them.

Before getting a beagle

A beagle’s health vastly depends on the bloodline he is coming from. Some diseases are passed on by genetic. That’s why it is essential to get a healthy puppy. You can go through our guide on how to identify Pure-bred and Healthy Beagle puppy.

Find a good breeder and ask for Health clearance for both the puppy’s parents. Health clearance is provided by Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), and it proves that the dog has been checked and cleared for conditions like hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, etc. Make sure to confirm it by checking on the OFA’s official website.



Few websites have made beagles infamous for excessive barking. Being a parent of two beagles, I can say that it’s not how it seems. Yes, they may bark sometimes, I won’t deny that. But beagles are not excessive barkers. Some breeds just won’t stop barking no matter what you do. Whereas, beagles bark to express themself. For e.g., my younger beagle will bark every time he comes into my room to let me know that he has arrived. Whereas, the elder beagle will bark when he wants to pee.

As I said, in the 1800s, beagles were used for hunting. Back then, they were trained to bark and alert hunters that they have picked up a scent, and they are chasing it.

When I said, beagles are expressive, I was not talking about just barking. Beagles make various noises to express different things.

  • Alert Bark: This is for times when someone arrives at the door or if they spot something unusual.
  • Whining: Beagles whine if they want something. And when you hear it, you will just want to give your entire world to them. Trust me, it melts you down.
  • Howling: They use this to call you or other fellow dogs in the house.

Beagles are anything but excessive barkers. They bark as much as most of the other breeds do.

Personal Story: Even I was concerned before getting my first beagle, as I live in an apartment and have the worst neighbors. But it turns out, that beagles whine a lot more than they bark and fortunately, their whines are low pitched.


beagle listening to NO command

Training is essential for every dog to make him obedient and a happy companion to live with. But the question is, How easy is it to Train a Beagle?

Being frank, beagles are a little more challenging to train. This is not because they are dumb or stupid. Its because they are too intelligent to get trained. They have an independent mind, which thinks before following a command, “What will I get if I do that?”

This doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. You will need to spend a little more time to training and teaching commands and tricks to your beagle, that’s it.

Exercise Needs

Hiking with Beagles

As I said before, beagles are an energetic breed, and daily exercise is necessary for them. Daily exercise has a significant impact on your beagle’s health. Exercise can even prolong a beagle’s life expectancy.

Beagles are a powerhouse of energy, and they need to release it. Your beagle will need two types of exercise daily:

  • Gentle Exercise: Taking your beagle for walks for 20 to 40 minutes every day.
  • Intense exercise like running, swimming, etc. One session of intense exercise should be conducted every day.

Just remember one thing, tired beagle equals happy beagle. So no matter how lazy you are feeling or busy you are, you will have to take exercise your beagle. Here is a list of 12 superfan ways to exercise your beagle.


Well, beagles are intelligent beings. Intelligent enough to learn and understand more than 150 words, finger out a few devices, and even process simple maths. To know you can go through this article of the beagle’s intelligence.

Pros and Cons of owning a beagle

owning a beagle

Now that you are familiar with this breed let’s look into the pros and cons of owning a beagle.


  • Beagles are very social. They do well with families, kids, other beagles, other dogs, and even cats.
  • Beagles love to cuddle. A beagle will snuggle in your blanket and sleep in your arms if that’s what you want.
  • They are not at all picky when it comes to food. They love to eat.
  • They have low grooming needs. Their short and thick coat makes it so much easier to groom them.
  • Beagles are medium-sized breeds, making them a perfect choice for apartments and small houses.
  • Beagles are low maintenance. They are medium-sized dogs who are easy to groom. Well, this quite explains why they are low maintenance.
  • Beagles are adorable. With their floppy ears and innocent eyes, they will convince you to do anything. And the things they do are so stupid and funny, and you will want just to stare at them for hours.
  • They are always up for playing. They are energetic and never say no to playtime. You can spend hours playing with them.
  • They are quite intelligent. I cannot explain this, but don’t underestimate them. They are smarter than you have ever imagined.

Cons of owning a beagle

  • Beagles are quite vocal about their feeling. They are expressive. Expect occasional barking, whining and howling every now and then.
  • Beagles are a little hard to train. They are stubborn and independent thinkers. House training will take a little bit longer to teach a beagle.
  • Separation anxiety is more common in beagles. Once they get attached to someone, they don’t do well, leaving them. Beagles are pack animals, and they don’t handle loneliness well.
  • They are mischievous but in a fun way.
  • They have a curious mind. You cannot trust outside with a leash. They will most probably catch a scent and take off chasing it.
  • They love food. Beagles are known for getting themself in trouble by eating something they are not supposed to. So you will have to be extra careful with keeping away all the food away from your beagle.

Expenses of raising a beagle

Beagle wearing a harness

Before selecting any dog, it is necessary to know their expenses. As I have mentioned before, beagles are quite low maintenance when compared to other dogs. The following costs are near-about amount for someone living in the United States of America (the USA), and they could be different depending on your country.

Initial Price

You can get a beagle puppy from a reputed breeder for about $400 to $1000. The price highly depends on the area where you are getting it from.

There are premium beagle puppies whos parents are of show quality or exceptional breed lines, which you can get for around $1500 to $5000.

Someone I know bought one of such premium beagle pups for $1900. Honestly, I cannot tell the difference. Mine are normal beagles, and I have adopted both of them, and they are as adorable as his premium pup.

I promote adopting a dog. You can adopt a beagle for around $300 to $600, including the charge of registration and vaccinations.

Cost of Feeding

The cost of feeding a beagle depends on the quality of food you decide to select. Various commercial brands claim they are best when most of the time, it not true. It is necessary to provide high-quality food, which has all the essential nutrients for proper growth. Your beagle’s health, as well as behavior, highly depends on the type of food you give him.

The monthly expense of feeding an adult beagle would be no more than $60, and I am talking about premium quality food + treats.

You can go through beagle feeding guide to know more about the beagle’s food, their diet, and more.

Vet Expenses

An average healthy beagle will have to go to the vet for regular checkups and minor irregular issues, which will cost around $100 to $200 every year.

Grooming Expenses

If you decide to take your beagle to a professional groomer every month, then it may cost around $60 to $100 every month and $720 to $1200 a year.

However, I highly recommend grooming your beagle at home. It’s not at all difficult. And it’s a great activity to bond with your pooch. Moreover, it’s way cheaper than going to a professional groomer. You will have to buy all the grooming accessories like shampoo, fur brush, toothbrush, nail cutter, etc. If you opt to groom your beagle yourself, then it will cost just around $100 to $200 a year, this includes purchasing all good quality accessories required for grooming.

Cost of Vaccinations

The cost of all the vaccinations for your beagle may cost around $200 to $500. The cost of vaccinations depends on various factors like the place, manufacturer of vaccinations, and vet.

Health Care

Count in another $100 per year for necessary vitamins, medicines, and supplements.

Spay or Neuter Costs

If you do not wish to breed your beagle, then it is better to spay or neuter your beagle to avoid common health and behavioral issues. This can cost around $200 to $500, depending on the area you live in.

Other costs

You will have to buy a few other things for your beagle like a crate, toys, dog bed, food bowl, collar, leash, etc. All of this will cost around $500.

Expenses of a beagle

Final Thoughts

Getting a dog is a long term commitment, so make sure you make the right decision when choosing a breed of the dog. If a beagle suits your lifestyle, then let me tell you one thing, you won’t regret this decision.

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