Why do Beagles like to cuddle?

All the Beagle owners- raise your hands! Kudos to you all for being such great parents. We all know how much these little guys love our company. They like to sniff, play, goof, and stick to us all the time.

One other thing that they like to do is- Cuddling. Yes, you would be aware of these guys trying to gain your attention for pats and snuggles. Well, it’s true, Beagles do like to be held and cuddled with (except for maybe a few who are more unique and equally lovable). While it’s normal for dogs to want their own space (like adolescent kids), why do beagles like to cuddle humans so much?

Due to their instinctive nature, beagles feel safe and secure in confined spaces. Apart from that, they have a very affectionate and social personalities. That’s why beagles love to snuggle in the arms of their human companion and cuddle them all day long.

These pooches love their owners and their company. It’s normal to find your beagle in your bed snuggling you in the morning. Further in this article, we will look into the various reason why they are so cuddly and also look into some of their benefits.

Why do Beagles cuddle?

In dictionaries, the meaning of ‘cuddle’ is an act of hugging and keeping someone close. At the start of this domesticating process, which was years ago, dogs were kept simply for protection and safeguarding the human race.

In the past, dogs and humans used to live in open forests together. They slept next to each other in winter to share their body heat and the rest of the time to feel safe. And now this has become a dog-thing.

You might have seen a group of puppies cuddling together. Apart from being cute and adorable, it is the outcome of evolution. Beagles, being hunting dogs, have learned their survival skills and have it in their blood. They have hunted and lived; they have made it through by being together.

Humans have developed into intelligent beings; they can cover themselves with a blanket to prevent cold. On the contrary, dogs still prefer us as their source of warmth.

Why should you Cuddle back your Beagle?


Well, fellow dog masters, it isn’t just about warmth. If it comes down to cuddling, it is not just about providing a blanket for the cold. It is about the love and endearment that the beagle has for humans. Cuddling back and being close to your beagle makes your bond stronger and strengthens their trust in you. Apology to all the cat lovers, but bonding with a dog is much stronger than with any other pet animal.

The long past of hounds and mankind has led to what they are today. Bonding with a dog should be from both sides, and it can effectively achieve by showcasing your fondness towards your mutts, which involves lots of cuddling and spending time with your little pal.

Various researches show that when you interact with your dog, there is an increase of Oxytocin in the blood. Another name for Oxytocin is Cuddle Hormone or Love Hormone. Some studies also suggest that cuddling your dog can help to lower depression.

Benefits of cuddling for Humans

Not just your dog but you are benefitted from this ‘cuddling policy.’ Beagles are very clever dogs; credit to the hound side. They can sense the environment and read the mood of their owners better than any other dog. They act to make you feel better. Interacting with them can help you in many ways.

Beagles are Stress Reliving Cuddle Balls that can fight human depression, stress, and anxiety and take away all the negativity. It is great for getting rid of nervousness and tension wherever you need it. Another benefit could be triggered release of Insulin by Oxytocin, curing obesity and diabetes.

These furry friends can help you overcome extreme stress and similar situations. Petting and conversing with a dog for a few moments indicate a higher Oxytocin amount in both beings.

Benefits of cuddling for Beagles

Engaging in fun and calm activities with your canines has the same effect as a mother having interaction with her infant. Since the Cortisol hormone is released in hostile surroundings for protection and alertness, cuddling drops the level of negativeness. Other than a mood improver it also normalizes the heart rate of the person. It gives time to unwind and lay back.

No owner likes to see their little buddies in pain, be it after a hospital visit or due to some exhibition of overexcited behavior that caused an injury. Well, cuddling with your dog can help ease their pain. They like to be held and cuddled to forget the pain and agony. Besides, even we don’t like to see those sad eyes and small whines.

Cuddling and holding can help reduce the pain emotionally; it is nature’s way of providing care and cure. From all types of aches to injuries, your beagle needs the cuddles more than you think. The Oxytocin formula works here, too; it provides mental calmness and satisfaction.

Why should you let them Cuddle you?

Because they are irresistible. There would have been gazillion times when you would have found your beagles acting as if they were made by the Gods only for one purpose: cuddling you. How can someone ignore that innocent puppy face and not cuddle? How can any dog-lover in the right mind overlook that?

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Don’t worry if your Beagle doesn’t like to cuddle!

Even though cuddling and sticking together can be put up into the things that dogs love, it is also important to see the type of Beagle you own. Chances are that your beagle might have inherited the DNA of a pack leader and hence does not like to mix up a lot. In such cases, you cannot force it on them. Compelling might affect the type of relationship you have with your dog.

How to know if your beagle wants to cuddle you?

Also, it is obvious to spot whether your beagle is ready for your hold or not. There are various signs that a dog gives when they want to be held by the owner. They constantly follow you around, do stuff to gain your attention and last but the most important- claim your bed. Every dog owner knows that feeling.

Who will your dog select to cuddle?

If we go deep in science, then dogs choose the person they wish to hold by. If they have seen the human face from their birth to 6 months age, chances of finding them inviting you for a cuddle party are high. But this happens only when they are born and brought up under your watch.

Note: If you have adopted the little beagle, give him time to socialize, interact, and get to know you. Maybe then there might come a day when you post and share a picture of your beagle napping in your arms.