Beagle Behavior by Age (What Changes to Expect)

You might have seen beagles who are very calm and gentle, and obedient. On the other hand, your beagle puppy is naughty and mischievous.

Well, there’s nothing to worry about. The behavior of beagles changes by their age. You can expect different behavior at different stages of their life:

Beagles are super energetic and playful in their puppyhood. Between their adolescent age of 6 to 12 months, their behavior can be unpredictable and less obedient. They are relatively calm in their adult age, and they become slow and lazy in their senior years. 

Further, we will have a deeper understanding of the behavior changes of Beagles as per their age.

Beagle Behavior at 0-2 Weeks

Beagles at this age are a newborn. They won’t be doing much apart from sleeping and eating.

The eyes of the newborns remain closed in the first two weeks. They won’t be able to see anything. Apart from that, at this age, they are deaf too. They will hardly react to anything.

Beagle Behavior at 2-4 Weeks

They will finally open their eyes, and over the weeks, their vision will become clearer. They will also be able to hear you now.

They will stick around their mother and still spend most of their time sleeping. By the 4th week, they may crawl and try to explore their environment.

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Beagle Behavior at 4-8 weeks

Over these weeks, all their senses of hearing, smelling, and seeing will develop. But make sure not to expose them to strong light and loud noises just yet.

They will be even more curious. They would want to explore their surroundings, smell things and listen to different sounds.

They will still spend most of the time sleeping. But while awake, expect them to be playful and mischievous with their siblings and mother.

The latter part of this stage is very important. This is the time when they will learn basic socialization skills from their mother and siblings. So make sure not to separate your pup from its family.

Beagle Behavior at 8-12 weeks

Beagle 8 to 12 weeks old

At this stage, beagle puppies are ready to go to their new home with their new family.

They will have a better sense of hearing and will be able to understand few commands. However, they are still fearful at this age, so do not expose them to loud music or sounds.

They will be much more curious to explore their new home. They may go to different rooms and smell things around the house.

They will sleep for more than 18 hours a day, but they will be curious and playful when they are awake.

Beagle Behavior at 3-6 months old

3 to 6 months old beagle biting

At this age, you will get to see your puppy’s true energy level. They will be running around all over the house, chewing on things, and even biting you.

They will test their boundaries to see how far they can push you. For instance, they may bark for a longer period until they get something. They may even bite you when things don’t go their way.

When Groot was at this stage, I almost thought my beagle is aggressive and totally out of control. But, the Groot(2 years old) that we know now is a very well-behaved, gentle, and obedient dog.

This is the right time to start with your beagle’s obedient training. Consistent training using positive reinforcement will help you shape your beagle into a perfect companion.

Later in this stage, they may also attempt to dominate you and become alpha themselves. So make sure to teach them the proper hierarchy of your family. They need to understand that they are a part of your family, but they are at the bottom of the hierarchy.

Beagle Behavior at 6 to 12 months old

6 months old beagle puppy humping

It’s all uphill from here. Your beagle will start becoming calmer with every passing day. All their bad behaviors will start fading down. With consistent training and positive reinforcements, the pup will be much more obedient.

Your beagle will still try to test their boundaries now and then. You will often find them chewing on furniture or notice other destructive behaviors.

So it is crucial to train them regularly and correct their behaviors using positive reinforcements.

Nevertheless, they will still be hyperactive and equally curious about everything. They will still have a strong urge to explore new places and smell different scents.

Male beagles may get into a habit of humping things or even people. You can read more about why do beagle puppies hump here.

Beagle Behavior at 1-2 years old

1 year old beagle puppy love and affectionate

Your beagle is no more a puppy now, he or she has become an adult. Their growth rate will slow down, but they will continue to grow until 18 months old.

They will be less curious and more mature at this age. At this stage, you will get to know the true personality of your beagle. You will be able to see their love and affection for you.

They will have slightly better control over their impulses and excitement. You will notice that your training has finally paid off.

Your beagle will be much more disciplined and well-behaved. However, you must continue with their training.

They may show destructive behavior if you don’t provide them enough exercise. So take them out on long walks daily and play with them.

Beagle Behavior at 2-9 years old

2 year old beagle happy and active

Your beagle will become much calmer and obedient when they turn 2. They will be in the best form of their life.

You will get to see a totally different side of your dog, and you will love it.

There will be a deep connection between you two. You both will have a better understanding of each other.

Beagle Behavior at 9 – 15 years old

senior beagle puppy love and affectionate

At this age, the senior years of your beagle start. They will still be loving and affectionate towards you and other family members. But they will be a lot calmer and inactive.

There will be a notable difference in their behavior too. They will act ‘OLD.’

They won’t run around the house or jump on you to get your food anymore. They will be a lot more inactive and lazy. They will spend most of their time sleeping and lying in their bed.

Beagle Behavior by Age Chart

Beagle AgeBehavior
0-2 weeksThey won’t be able to see anything and sleep most of the time.
2-4 weeksThey will be able to see and crawl.
4-8 weeksTheir sense develops, and they become more curious.
8-12 weeksThey are ready to join their new family. They will be a lot more curious but fearful.
3-6 months oldThe toughest time for beagle owners. They may chew, bite and show destructive behavior.
6 to 12 months oldThey start to calm down but still have some bad behaviors.
1-2 years oldThey are much calmer. But can show destructive behavior now and then.
2-9 years oldThey are energetic, playful but yet well-behaved, obedient, and affectionate.
9-15 years oldLoving and affectionate but inactive.