Are Beagles Better in Pairs?

Beagles are loving and social dogs. This makes them prone to separation anxiety. Apart from that, they are quite energetic, and they have high exercise requirements. This may give rise to the question, are Beagles better in pairs?

Beagles are energetic, loving, and social animals. They definitely do better in pairs than being a single dog in the household. A second Beagle can offer a welcoming company to the first one and ease the separation anxiety. The pair will keep each other exercised and entertained throughout the day.

Of course, there are more pros and some cons to having two beagles. Let’s put a light on them.

Do Beagles Need Another Dog?

Beagles need companionship. They were bred to work in packs and don’t do well if left alone.

Having a second beagle makes it much easier. A pair of Beagles can easily live together and enjoy each other’s company.

Beagles have an active lifestyle and boundless energy. They require daily exercise and playtime. However, if you are a working dog parent or don’t have enough time, it can raise many problems.

If the human family fails to provide companionship as a pack, they can get bored and frustrated. Signs like howling, barking, chewing on things, and change in appetite are some of them.

If your canine is showing these signs, then getting a second Beagle is a good option. A second Beagle will be an additional member of the pack. They generally distract each other when one of them is feeling lonely. They will be good company for each other.

Why should you get Two Beagles?

Two beagles

So I talked with various people who own two beagles, and they shared some of the advantages and disadvantages of having a multi-beagle family. Let’s start with why getting another beagle is a good idea.

They’ll keep each other exercised

Beagles have boundless energy and love physical activities. You would know a bored dog is a naughty one. Your new pooch will accompany your first Beagle when you are not around.

This way, both your canines will be motivated to exercise, and this one would help them for their development.

Here are various ways to exercise your beagle.

Helps in separation anxiety

Beagles love to be in a pack. They enjoy the company of both humans and dogs. They crave attention and can get frustrated if left alone.

One way to reduce your pooch’s separation anxiety is by bringing a companion dog for your beagle into the family. They will give each other company when you are not around.

Beagles in pairs give each other attention and emotional support, which helps them to stay calm. They will have a new playmate all the time.

Training becomes easier

Your first pooch can teach some new tricks to your second Beagle. This also applies to the rules in the house too. Beagles tend to understand much better when they find their pack leader. In this case, your first Beagle will lead your second pooch.

For instance, potty training your second Beagle won’t be a headache the second time.

And if you are planning to get both the beagles together in pair, then you can train them together at the same time. A little competitiveness will surely motivate them to follow your commands.

You save a second life

Adopting a pair of beagles is the best thing you can do. According to the sources, 3.9 million dogs are sent to animal shelters every year. 1.2 million dogs are euthanized. As a dog parent, you are saving a life and giving them a happy, safe home to survive.

They learn to share

A single beagle can be a little selfish. It can be embarrassing when you take your pet to places and they start becoming protective of their toys.

Having a pair of beagles teaches them both to share things and not be protective.

Double the love

Your first Beagle has brought so much love and a merry environment making it a lively house. Coming home to two cute and loving pets is the best thing after a long tiring day. Adding a second Beagle will double the love.

Why you should NOT get Two Beagles?

two beagles playing

Well, there are some seniors in which it may not be a good idea to get two beagles, here are a few:

Not a good idea if your first beagle has health issues

If your first pooch is suffering from a long-term illness then it may not be a good idea to get a second Beagle. You need to provide proper care and time to taking care of your sick canine. This may leave you with no time for your new pooch.

Here are some common health problems in beagles and how you can avoid them.

Are you financially ready?

As a dog parent, you would be aware of the finances of your first Beagle. Having a second pooch increases the expenses on food, vet visits, extra supplies, and other miscellaneous costs.

Getting a new Beagle can put a serious dent in your finances if you have a tight budget. Take a look at your budget and see if you can spend extra for a second pet.

Your first pooch misbehaves

Training your Beagle is important. If your first pooch is misbehaving then getting a second Beagle can be a little problematic. Your second pet will start copying your first Beagle’s disobedient behavior.

This can be escalated pretty quickly and things can go out of hand. Untrained Beagle is a real problem and at the end of the day you would end up with two mischievous Beagles.

Your first Beagle is aggressive

Although beagles are not aggressive in nature, some past experiences or bad training can lead to this problem. If your beagle is aggressive or shows any sign of aggression, then getting a second beagle may not be a good idea.

If you are facing this behavior issue, you must read how to stop aggressive behavior of the beagle.

You are not in the house

Beagles love to be around their loved ones all the time. Your new pooch will need continuous attention, love, and extra time. Don’t add a second pet only because you want your first Beagle to have a company. This won’t work out the way you think. Two frustrated Beagles can be destructive.

While you are sure about adding a new pooch to your home, try and talk to your family about this. Adding a second Beagle in the human pack needs sheer commitment and support. Every member of the family should be on the same page.

Final Thoughts

Pair of Beagles is the best choice. They will be a smart companion you can ever have. They are friendly and can guard your home. They are very observant and learn from what they see.

They both can entertain each other when you are not around. Getting Beagles in pairs is a great idea when you are already aware of their temperaments.

If you are getting a beagle as a substitute for a loving family or just to accompany your first pooch then it may create some problems. Don’t bring in a second Beagle to fill in long gaps. You may end up with two unhappy and sad Beagles.

Think about your motives and make a decision that would be beneficial to everyone. Analyze your Beagle, understand, and evaluate would getting a second pooch to enhance their life.