Beagle getting lot of attention from two people

Do Beagles Need a Lot of Attention?

There are numerous factors that you must consider before selecting a dog breed. One of which is the amount of time and attention the breed requires. Different breeds require different …


Beagle barking

Do Beagles Bark a Lot?

Seeing a bond between me and my two beagles, one of my friends decided to get a beagle too. But she lives in an apartment with cranky neighbors, so before …


Do Beagles Change Color

Do Beagles Change Color?

You might have seen an old photo of your beagle in which he looks completely different. Apart from his size, he has an entirely different color and spots now. So …


Do Beagles bite

Do Beagles Bite?

Well, beagles are an extremely lovable and affectionate breed. They are known for their gentle and even-tempered personality. But they are still dogs. So do beagles bite? Just like every …


are beagles stubborn

Are Beagles Stubborn?

The boisterous beagle has a very big reputation for being naughty and stubborn. As one of the most popular and well-known breeds on the planet, it’s a friend to all …


Do beagles drool

Do Beagles Drool?

Dogs are famous for drooling saliva from their mouth. Breeds like a bulldog and bloodhound drool a lot, whereas breeds like chihuahua and dachshund hardly drool. But what about beagles, …