Do Beagles Need a Lot of Attention?

There are numerous factors that you must consider before selecting a dog breed. One of which is the amount of time and attention the breed requires. Different breeds require different amounts of attention. If you are planning to get a beagle, then you might be wondering, do beagles need a lot of attention?

Beagles need a lot of attention compared to other dog breeds. They are energetic and require plentiful exercise daily. They were bred to be companion dogs and lived in packs. They don’t do well when left alone for a longer period.

Beagles’ Attention Requirments

Beagle puppy getting a hand shake

Beagles were bred to be hunting companions. They have a high energy level. If you decide to get a beagle, you will have to take them for long walks at least once a day. Apart from that, you will have to give them short, intense exercises like running or jumping to stimulate them. If you failed to do so, it could negatively affect their behavior. They are also prone to obesity, so without exercise, they can easily become overweight.

They have a playful personality and love playing with humans. You will need to spend some time daily playing with them. And when you avoid it, they may bark to gain your attention.

Beagles used to live in packs, and that’s why they don’t do well when left alone. They are prone to separation anxiety. If left alone for a more extended period, beagles can start barking excessively and depict destructive behavior like chewing furniture.

Beagles have high attention requirements, but this doesn’t mean that you need to give your 24 hours of undivided attention to them. Two significant things you need to do is

  1. Drain their energy, because exhausted beagle is a happy beagle.
  2. Train them to deal with separation anxiety.

Ways to Provide Attention to your Beagle

There are quite a few ways to provide the necessary attention to a beagle. Below are a few activities that I do regularly for stimulating my beagle.

Daily Walks

Walking is the most critical activity for any dog breed. It is an integral part of a beagle’s life. If you are planning to get a beagle, make sure you have enough time to take him on walks daily.

The length of the walk depends on the age of the beagle and its energy level. I have a very energetic beagle who is one year old, so I walk him for 1 hour twice a day. However, usually, an hour of walk daily is enough for a beagle.

Beagles love to walk. Seeing different things and smelling different scents makes them happy. It also allows them to socialize will other dogs and people.

Apart from that, taking your pooch on daily walks will be healthy for you too. A few years back, I used to be very inactive and had a lung capacity of 5 years old. Now I walk for 2 hours every day and go on runs with my two beagles. I enjoy it so much that I am planning to start a blog on walking and running, lol.


Beagles need a short but intense exercise too. Jogging provides numerous physical as well as mental benefits to both you and your beagle. Studies show that regular jogging sessions can help reduce anxiety and stress in dogs.

Jogging stretches different muscles of a beagle and burns a lot of calories. Other benefits include a healthy heart and lungs. Regular jogging or running will keep you and your beagle’s weight under control. Active and stimulated beagles are happier and live longer.

Once your beagle matures and completes his growth, you can take him with you for jogging sessions. I usually have a 15 minutes jogging session with my beagles every day.

Play Fetch

No, labradors are not the only dogs who can play fetch. You can teach your beagle to play fetch too. If you are feeling a little lazy one day, you can just sit on a bench, throw a stick, and let your beagle go crazy to retrieve it.

Apart from being a great exercise, fetch satisfies their instinct to chase something. We play this every Sunday, and both of my beagles love it.

Fetch or running is not the only option. Here is a list of 12 activities you can do to exercise your beagle.

Teach Tricks

Teaching a trick to your beagle is a great way to provide him attention. Teaching tricks regularly can help build focus and concentration. It can be a perfect way to strengthen the bond between you and your pooch. Here is a list of 12 crazy cool tricks to teach a beagle.

You can also spend time teaching your beagle various commands that can make him more disciplined and obedient.

I set a specific time of 15 minutes every day, to teach or revise tricks to my beagle.

Teach swimming

An excellent exercise, as well as a bonding session, is to teach your beagle to swim. Well, beagles usually hate water and are not great swimmers. But once they learn it, they start enjoying this.

Groom your Beagle

I don’t know why beagle owners spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on professional grooming every year. You can groom your beagle yourself for much cheaper and still provide better care. Grooming is an excellent way to give attention to your pooch.

Grooming can prevent numerous health complications. Here is a guide for grooming your beagle.

Lack of Attention

Beagle resting

If failed to provide enough attention to a beagle, it can cause him stress and anxiety. Lack of attention and care will negatively affect his behavior. He may start barking excessively and become destructive around the house. In the worst case, he starts becoming aggressive towards others.

A lonely beagle will spend most of his time sleeping and being inactive. It can affect his health too. Inactivity can cause him to become obese.

Final Thoughts

All this may seem like a lot, maybe it is, but its all worth it. Once you get the hang of this, you will start enjoying taking care of your beagle and spending time with him. However, get a beagle only if you can take proper care and provide essential attention to him. You can go through Beagle as a Pet to know more about beagles’ personality, expenses, pros and cons.