A pair of beagles

Are Beagles Better in Pairs?

Beagles are loving and social dogs. This makes them prone to separation anxiety. Apart from that, they are quite energetic, and they have high exercise requirements. This may give rise to the question, are Beagles …


Beagle standing next to water

Do Beagles Like Water?

You might have heard that dogs love playing in the water and getting wet. But your beagle starts running away from you whenever it’s time for his bath. Why is that, do beagles like water? …


beagle vs harrier

Beagle vs Harrier- A Detailed Comparison

Beagle and Harrier both belong to the hound group, and they both look quite similar too. However, there are notable differences between the two breeds. So let’s compare them and find out which breed is …