How often should you Bathe your Beagle

We shower every day, well almost, but what about our cuddle monsters? How often should you Bathe a Beagle?

Beagles should get a bath every 4 to 6 weeks to keep their coat clean and remove the odor. Bathing them more than that can cause dry skin and damaged their fur.

Beagle puppies can get a bath every 4 to 6 weeks once they are older than ten weeks. Make sure to use a puppy shampoo and dry them properly with a hairdryer.

We will further look into factors due to which you may need to change the frequency of baths and see how you can bath your beagle in 6 easy steps.

Why regular Bathing is important

beagle bathing

Beagles have short and thick fur, which has excellent outer resistance to dirt. They can play in the mud all day long and still look clean.

However, dirt and debris pile up over time. The body oil accumulates and makes the coat stink.

Bathing them regularly with dog shampoo helps remove dirt, dead hair, and accumulated body oil and makes the coat clean and shiny.

Usually, bathing your beagle once a month is enough. It will keep the coat healthy without causing dry skin.

Important Factors to Consider

Sometimes, you may have to give a bath more or less frequently. There are some factors you must consider before deciding how often you must bathe your dog.

Underlying allergies or skin rashes

Allergies are common not just among humans but also in dogs. Most times, the impact of these allergies is seen in the dog’s skin, and when this happens, your beagle’s bathing schedule changes.

For example, if your dog’s skin has rashes, the vet may require you to give a bath with a medicated shampoo every week for the next couple of months. Here are some common allergies in beagles.

Playing in the dirt and mud

You may want to consider bathing your beagle more often if your pooch is more exposed to outdoor activities.

Coat type

Coats of some beagles are more prone to dry skin and irritation. In such cases, you may want to bathe them once every 3 to 6 months.

Health issues

The last aspect to consider is the health of your dog. If the dog has any health issues or has any concerns, please alter the bathing frequency. Check with your vet for advice.

Bathing your Beagle in 6 Simple Steps

beagle bathing in 6 steps

Usually, the bathtub is an ideal place for bathing your beagle. Use shower or water spray instead of filling up the tub. You can even use a sink if your beagle is a puppy.

1. Get all the necessary supplies

Gather all the supplies beforehand and keep them at your hand’s reach. Necessary bathing supplies include:

  • Dog Shampoo or Puppy Shampoo. Select a good quality canine shampoo that is not harsh. You can go with shampoos with natural ingredients. Here are some of the best shampoos for beagles.
  • A Dog Conditioner moisturizes the coat and makes it smooth.
  • Bath brush to spread the shampoo in the inner layers of the coat.
  • Soft washcloths to clean the face and genital area.
  • A clean towel.

2. Wet the Beagle’s Coat

Set the water to a lukewarm temperature. Make sure it’s not hot. It will not only burn the dog but also traumatize bathing for them.

Use shower or water spray to wet the beagle. Also, make sure that the intensity of the shower is low.

3. Apply Shampoo

Take ample shampoo and spread it all over the coat. Massage the coat with your fingers. Use a Bath brush to evenly spread the shampoo on both the coats of your pooch.

Use a washcloth to clean the forehead, face, and neck while avoiding eyes and nose. Use another washcloth to cleanse the genitals.

4. Rinse Thoroughly

You need to take off all the shampoo out of your beagle’s thick coat. Failing to do so could later cause dryness and irritation. So make sure you rinse your pooch thoroughly with lukewarm water.

5. Apply conditioner and rinse

Well, conditioning is optional, but it makes the coat even better and prevents dry skin and dandruff.

Apply a generous amount of conditioner to all areas except his face. Massage his fur with the conditioner for 3 to 5 minutes before rinsing it.

6. Dry it up

Once you are done, let him shake his body and then dry him off with a clean towel. Make sure you dry all the parts of his body. Run the towel gently through his body.

If he is a puppy and there’s cold outside, you can use a hairdryer. Set the hairdryer at its lowest setting and keep it at a reasonable distance to prevent skin burns.

You can read this article to know more about Beagle Grooming.

Some Useful Tips for Bathing

beagle in a shower

Here are some tips that can make the bathing ritual fun for both you and your beagle.

  • Before you open the tap or shower, do a thorough brushing to get rid of excess hair, dust particles, and hair knots. This can ease the bathing process.
  • Rinse the coat well without scrubbing too hard. Overall, ensure that the bath doesn’t hurt the dog in any way.
  • Gently dry your beagle with soft towels because their skin tends to be sensitive when wet.
  • Never get angry or frustrated if your beagle doesn’t cooperate. After all, you have no idea about what is bothering the dog and why it doesn’t want to take a bath. Be considerate and gently coax the dog into taking a bath.
  • While giving a bath, look for any lumps or rashes on the dog’s skin. Mainly, check the hidden areas such as places behind the ears, near the tail, below the haws, and the underbelly. If you notice something, make sure to check out the cause immediately with your vet.
  • If your beagle is getting anxious before bath time, get into a routine to calm your baby down. You can give it a treat or a hug or just about anything else to calm down the nerves, so giving a bath can be a stress-free experience for both of you.

Final Thoughts

Dogs, including beagles, do not need baths unless they have any skin problems. However, bathing is necessary to keep them clean and smell good.