How To Get Your Beagle Puppy To Sleep Through The Night

Firstly, we would like to congratulate you on behalf of all the beagle lovers for making an excellent choice! Like all pet lovers, you must be really excited to begin your journey with this beautiful creature in your house. So it has been a couple of days, and you have had a fantastic time playing with your beagle puppy in the daytime. But your pup just won’t stop howling at night. You just want your beagle pup to stop howling and sleep during the night time, don’t you?

Beagle puppies are used to living and sleeping with their mother and siblings. Night at a different place without the puppy’s sibling and mother can be tough. To make a beagle puppy stop howling and sleep through the night, it must feel comfortable. Consider sitting next to the puppy. If possible, even sleep next to it for a couple of nights.

If your puppy continues to not sleep during nighttime, then you will have to train your puppy’s sleeping habits. Let’s explore some techniques you can use to change a beagle puppy’s sleeping pattern.

Why your Beagle Puppy won’t sleep at night?

Firstly, you must know that a young Beagle puppy is exactly like a small baby, the one always seeking attention and putting tantrums on you. As said, one of these tantrums also includes irregular sleeping patterns. Why is it uncommon? It is because these puppies do not like to sleep at night. Instead, they consider night hours as their playing time and spend the day hours sleeping. To overcome this problem, you need to make an extra effort in training your Beagle puppies to sleep at night. The training includes various activities and gestures you need to bring into action so that your Beagle can sleep calmly without creating any chaos in the house. The primary purpose of their training is to create a schedule that would motivate on-time sleeping habits.

How to train a Beagle puppy to sleep during the nighttime?

Firstly, you must know that Beagles are intelligent creatures that make your training task quite simpler. Before designing your training plan, you have to understand their routine. As they are playful and fun-loving animals, it is evident that Beagles love to do exercise and seek a lot of attention, especially when they are young. Also, Beagle puppies must get adequate sleep as it helps in supporting their growth. Several activities can motivate sleep patterns. I have listed a few things that can help you train your little pal.

Drain your puppy’s energy

Beagles have a fantastic amount of energy in themselves, which they usually present by jumping, running, and playing around you. Nothing would be better if this energy is consumed during day time. You must take them for a nice walk around your house or in a lively area. Just throw a frisbee or a ball and let them bring it for you. Even you must enjoy some time doing exercises with them. It will make you fit and energetic. If your beagle puppy spends enough time exercising, then he will certainly get tired and will have great sleep at night.

Create a Bedtime Routine

Like other pets, Beagles also seek affection and homeliness. You must create a nice comfy bed for your beagle. The bed plays an important role, as Beagles love to rest in a soothing space. It would make it easier for your puppy to embrace the softness of his crate.

Dim the lights whenever it’s time for your puppy to sleep. You can even plug some low classical music in the background.

Beagle puppies always want you around. Hence it’s an excellent idea to leave one of your clothing in his crate so that your puppy would feel your presence around him. You can leave some toys near your Beagle puppy and let him enjoy his adventurous dreams. Just to let you know, beagles dream a lot; they would shake their paws and even their bodies while dreaming.

Make the puppy a part of your FamilyBeagle cuddling

Interaction with your Beagle puppy will make him happier and more connected. You might get surprised, but a simple Hello, Good Morning, and Goodnight wishes will make your pupper assured. It will undoubtedly take him into the most relaxing and comfortable sleep. Love and care are the most essential factors that develop a healthy relationship with your pet.

Chewing should continue

Well, chewing is one of those practices that makes your puppy calm. If you have bought home a young Beagle puppy, then it’s essential to take care of him while he is teething. Giving them something to chew will soothe the irritation as well as engage them. You can give some bones, biscuits (the dog ones) and a toy. Get a squeaker-free toy and put it inside his crate. These chewing items must be given to him at bedtime so that along with chewing, your puppy can slowly-slowly move into his dream world. Even if he wakes up early in the morning, having a toy beside him will engage him, and eventually, your sleep won’t get disturbed.

Sleeping Aura

A great deal of work is selecting an appropriate space for your puppy to sleep. Space should be near you, and of course, it must be cozy. For a beagle puppy, buy a soft, comfortable crate that is filled with cushions and a snugging blanket. Such a setup will save you from getting into the trap of a cute puppy face they make when they want to sleep with you on your bed.

Take them to Midnight Poop Breaks.

Usually, when puppies sleep in crates, you must take them for a midnight potty break. Being young, puppies likely poop within every few hours. Their bodies are physically not meant to hold poop. Also, they feel irritated when they are forced to sleep in a dirty environment.

So it’s quite essential to take them on a midnight walk. The exciting thing is that puppies can hold their poop according to their age. For instance, a 2-month-old puppy can hold it up for 2 hours and likewise. They might hold a little longer during night hours, although they won’t last till sunrise. On their midnight potty break, you need to be calm and patient.

NOTE: No exercise, snuggles, and playing should happen during the midnight breaks. You need to make it clear to your pup that midnight breaks are for poops only. 

Make your puppy’s crate puppy-friendly

A soothing sleep is only possible when you create a soothing bed. Bring one of the softest blankets available on the market. And ensure it has an engaging picture on it, like a dog family or a cartoon character. You must consider the seasons before having a bed. Add some amazing toys, cushions, and blankets in his crate to give a cozy feel. It will also make him sleep in very little time.

Feed your puppy on a schedule.

You must schedule the meals of your pet and ensure that it is being followed. A proper schedule of food will serve to the automatic scheduling of resting hours. A domestic pet needs to follow a routine so that both of your routines are compatible.

Create an appropriate diet plan for your puppy, which will lead a healthy life for them. Even you must ensure that your pup doesn’t overeat so that his resting hours in a day don’t hike.

Your Pup Just Want Attention

Beagle puppies are the biggest attention seekers. Your 15- 20 mins of attention and playing will enliven them for the entire day. Even your playing time with them will tire them, developing a need for sleep. You must play various games with them like tug of war, fetch and flirt pole. These games will help you train your dogs with their impulsive behavior.

Trick their Greed

The most amazing thing you can do for your pet to get into bed is that place a treat on their bed. Beagles enjoy tasty treats. They can’t if they find something delectable. A simple piece of their favorite food will ease your task of bringing them to bed. Even if they have some favorite toys and bones around, you can place them in their crate to tempt them.

Beagles are fun pets to have in your home. They love attention, and care and are playful. Being quite intelligent, your Beagle puppy would undoubtedly look up to you for appreciation. You must praise them when they do something good, like following their routine. Also, give him a nice share of appreciation in the morning to rejuvenate his entire day. Apart from their inappropriate sleep patterns, these dogs usually put occasional tantrums with their owners, which also represents them much like small babies. You would love to cuddle and play with them. If you have Beagle puppies in your house, then there is no space for sadness or loneliness.


Unlike younger babies, your adorable little pet won’t make your night sleeps horrified. You can quickly get them to sleep. These gentle-tempered cute little creatures are all you want to meet the expectations of pet goals. You might get surprised, but despite their irregular sleeping patterns, they won’t put tantrums on while you sleep. Instead, they keep wandering around the furniture and stairs of your house the whole night.